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FAQ: SAP BW & Operational Data Provisioning Framework (ODP)

The Operational Data Provisioning FAQ has moved! Please have a look at:

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  • Hello Marc,

    We are planning to leverage BW reporting out of SAP GRC system. Does ODP be applicable in this use case. since we don't have seperate BW system, we are trying to understand if it benefits to go with ODP or with out ODP. Please suggest.


  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the detailed Blod, the is very nice document on ODP, I have few questions Reg..this.

    I am new to this ODP Concept, in our company we have ECC6, BW on HANA, SLT connected to HANA & BODS.

    1. 1. Do I need separate installation for ODP? We have PI_BASIS--- 731 SP5
      1. 2. Is there any separate configuration required for ODP?
      2. 3. As you know we have BODS & SLT, which one we have to use for data load?
      3. 4. I can replicate from SAP, when why we have to go for other option? Only for live data.
      4. 5. For live data I can do native HANA modeling right?

    Please share me detail steps to implement the ODP extraction from SAP, SLT, BODS.


    • Please find my answers according to you questions:

      1. See above I updated the prerequisites according the used release
      2. You don't have to use any of both, but you can  There are slight differences: SLT is writing into ODP, DataServices is reading out of it. So from this perspecitve you can’t compare them with each other. I would rather than think about my requirements: do I need replication and delta creation (SLT) or do I need ETL with transform functions (DataServices)....
      3. Different requirements - different tools and approaches. Replication is not always required..
      4. HANA modelling is a option for SQL centric modelling and an again an option depending on requirements



      •   Dear MARC,


        We are running on BW on HANA
        Project, as part of that we are implementing ODP enabled extractors.

          You would like to use the ODP
        data replication API for the below datasource to replicate Data from ERP System
        using ODP - SAP (Extractors).


        The below extractors are not yet
        released for ODP, please advise us how we can leverage the ODP functionality
        for the below SAP standard Data sources.



































        • Hi Shaik Jameel Ahmed,

          all the data sources mentioned by you are already released for extraction in the ODP context.

          Just follow SAP Note 2232584 mentioned in bullet point 'How can I enable standard or generic extractors using ODP?' in Marc's blog post above.

          Best regards,


  • Hi Marc,

    Can you please review the SAP Note given for the following question:

    • How can I enable standard or generic extractors using ODP?
      • See SAP Note 2235284 for more information

    The SAP Note refers to EHS and I think you meant a different one.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Marc,

    Thanks for an informative Blog. I have a QQ in my scenario I need to know the last Delta pointer of a Delta Queue for ODQ. My scenario :

    i) <Generic Timestamp Data Source ECC > --> ODP based extraction into BW cube w/o   PSA (Target 1)

    ii) <Same Data source as i) in ECC > --> ODP based extraction to Virtual Provider in BW but with a filter of data only upto the Timestamp extracted in process i) Target 2.

    appreciate your help.



  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the updates. Apart from performance of loading,

    1.what is the main difference between loading from the Operational Delta Queue (TA ODQMON) in the source system via DTP into a DSO compared to loading from BW Service API Delta Queue (TA RSA7) via InfoPackage into a PSA and then via DTP into a DSO.

    2.Can we make ODP frame work for extractors realtime without SLT.?



    • Hi Joseph,

      regarding your questions:

      1) the data transfer, data storage (compressed) and the options to easily subscribe with many targets to the same source by receiving delta independently. Last but not least ODP is our strategic interface and with the services of ODQ in source we don't need a PSA table per default 🙂

      2) ODP supports all the existing extractor capabilities, also regards RDA enablement. However it is not enabling more extractors real-time (without SLT).



      • Hi Marc,

        Can you please let me know your recommendation.

        we are going to start NEW BW implementation, do you recommend use Source system

        " ODP - SAP (Extractors) " ? Rather Classical SAP API  ?

        if you have Step by Step for one Flow , please share us.

        Thanks for your help.


        • Yes I would absolutely recommend ODP from scratch.

          There is no difference for implementation, beside you just use another type of source system and enable once the extractors for ODP usage. This is documented in my blog and in sap help.



          • Hi Mark,

            Can you please clarify, when you are saying "

            Yes I would absolutely recommend ODP from scratch.

            There is no difference for implementation


            do you consider that the implementation of ODP requires to have SLT server int system landscape, but with Classical SAP API SLT server is not required?

            or I missing something in the concept?


            Best, Igor

          • Hi Igor,

            there are multiple use cases for ODP usage, which we should not mix up together:

            • ODP is a general interface for data transfer for many use cases (ERP->BW, SLT->BW, BW->BW)
            • SLT is using ODP to replicate data into BW as additional option to bring data into BW (to use ODP, SLT is not required)

            I would recommend to use ODP for transfer between ERP to BW in every new data flow. SLT could be an additional tool to replicate data in real-time by also using ODP as framework.



          • Hi Marc,

            can i replicate real-time data from ERP to BW by ODP-SAP(Extractors) source system?

            can i use sap standard extractor in ODP-SLT source system? SLT support only DB tables and Views?

  • Hi Marc,

    Interesting information 🙂 I have a question regarding the scenario where ODP is used in between 2 BW systems.

    How should we proceed in this case? My initial idea was:

    • to generate en Export DataSource for example on an InfoCube in the source BW.
    • Expose that DS to ODP using RODPS_OS_EXPOSE
    • replicate it in the target BW under the ODP - BW Source Systems node

    However, I found out that:

    • An Export DataSource is always generated as a 3.X DataSource
    • A 3.X datasource is not visible in RODPS_OS_EXPOSE
    • A 3.X DataSource cannot be migrated to a 7.X DataSource

    So I wonder now what the preferred method of transferring data between 2 BW systems using ODP is?

    Thanks far any clarification!

    Kind regards,

    Christophe Posson

    • No worries,

      Answer found thanks to

      As of BW 7.4 SP5 most of the InfoProviders are by default available as datamart interface for ODP in the BW to BW scenario.

      InfoCube TEST123 for example would represent itself as TEST123$F in the ODP datasource tree in the target BW.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi Marc,

    We have an ERP1->ERP2 scenario in which I have to transfer daily GL data (with some ETL) from one ECC6 system to another.

    We would like to leverage the powerful delta queue features of ODQMON but we do not have the use of DataServices.

    Is it possible for the receiving ERP2 system to be the consumer of the delta queue in ERP1? What mechanism/s could be used to achieve this?

    Thanks and regards,

    Dieter Zimmermann

  • Hi Marc,

    For the point,

    • If the extractor logic is the ‘bottle neck’ the throughput won’t change

    I am trying to understand the scenario where ODP queue will help in improving the issue with extractor run time for data loads that are performed daily during night by filling the ODP queue frequently, ex. more than once in a day.

    In a regular flow using RSA7 the data has to be loaded to PSA multiple times a day. Can you please comment?

  • Hi Marc,

    It would be nice if there is a scenario / how to what to do if release / EHP in source system is changing. For the old RSA7 way there are several guide which basically say clear delta queue (which means 0 in RSA7) and then proceed which release change.


    But there are some DS which have safety intervalls of e.g. 2hours. That means in RSA7 you can check if there are really no records anymore. Then you have the approval that it's safe to continue. I'm not sure how this should work in ODQMON because I don't see records which are not extracted to BW in this monitoring transaction, do I? Second thing is that the records are kept for a customizable time period. Does this data has to be cleared before release change / EHP because structures could be changed?

    Furthermore it is difficult to activate content from BW because some DS are not available with ODP. That bascally means that content has to be activated for two source systems in parallel for ODP and old way to get the ones where no ODP is available at the moment. Or maybe something like prefer ODP but if this is not available use the old way. It would be nice if a total switch from RSA7 to ODP / ODQMON would be possible.



  • Hi All,

    We were performing Inventory data loading to BW PRD (BI 7.4 SP15) system from ECC 6.0 and

    using ODP enabled data sources as below

    • 2LIS_03_BX (Stock Initialization for Inventory Management)
    • 2LIS_03_BF (Goods Movements from Inventory Management)
    • 2LIS_03_UM (Revaluations) - captures revaluation data.

    we are using the LSA++ Architecture.

    ODP DataSource --> W/Optimiz ADSO --> Standard DSO (ADSO).

    Please advice me how to implement the Inventory model in BW, since this is compleatly different from classic approach.

    I have gone through the SAP Help document, it is not updated one.

    Inventory Management (SAP HANA-Optimized) - Supply Chain Management (SAP HANA-Optimized) - SAP Library

    if any one implemented with LSA++ & ODP based extraction, please help me.


    • Hi Jameel,

      the procedure when extracting inventory data via ODP is actually pretty much the same as described in the online documentation, especially on page Perform Setup: Inventory Management (SAP ERP).

      Problem might be that you could not find the option 'Initial Non-Cumulative for Non-Cumulative Values' in the DTP for your ODP data source 2LIS_03_BX. But this is a bug and can be fixed by implementing SAP Note 2353421 '740SP16: Minor problems in ODP DataSources'.

      Hope this helps...

      All the best,


      • Hi Andreas,


        Mentioned note does not solve the issue. There is still no possibility to load ‘Initial status’ and update with 'non cumm...' for 2LIS_03_BX without PSA after note implementation. (BW 7.4 SP 14)


        Kind regards,


  • This blog is from Nov. 2015 and by that time the standard LO extractors like 2LIS_03_BF were not released for ODP and you said on the blog that we should NOT change to ODP based extraction FOR existing extractors BUT to consider ODP for all future implementations.

    My question is, considering that the standard extractors like 2LIS_03_BF are NOW released for ODP:

    -Why would we not be able or rather, not want to replace existing classical extractor for 2LIS_03_BF with ODP based extraction if we want to use it with SLT and take advantage of real-time inventory data? Is this still a limitation even though the extractor is now released for ODP? Can we not go ahead with this approach?

  • Hi Marc,

    Would you please help me understanding how ODP compression works. I thought it's going to suppress the number of rows by adding the KF for same key elements. But I see the same number of records in RSA7 and ODQ. And it still shows that data is 90% compressed. How does it actually compress?




    Hi Marc,

    as the extractors are supposed to not change their behaviour will this also apply to any extensions made particularly when existing Business exits are used? That is, all RSUP_SAPI_BAPI implementation will still be accessible?

    As I read the archticture (see Standard documention) the extractors as such are all processed before ODP Comes into Play. Hence, I'd assume we can still leverage investigations made.

    Will you kindly comment?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

  • Hi Marc,

    I can you help to clarify following questions

    1. We are going to implement new BW4HANA where source is still ECC in RDBMS, As this is a kind of landscape transformation we also want to keep live the old BW system as a keep the lights on. The question is as our source is same ECC in RDBMS for old BW system and also going to be the new BW4 system
    1. How to use the ODP Data source (BW4 hana optimizes) in old BW system where we are flowing ETL?
    2. Will there be option to have 2 version of data source one HANA optimized and other old extractor ?
    3. If need to use the same ODP extractor for old BW which is using the RSA7 delta Q how that going to work in BW4 which is more based on ODQ ?
    4. If I do any enhancement in the extractor how that going to reflect?


  • Hello Marc,

    We are in BW 7.5 SP3 and using  ODP as the connector for Industry text and Distribution channel text, in BW while replicating the datasource getting the below error.
    Error while saving DataSource 0INDUSTRY_TEXT_0001 xxxCLNT060
    No fields were supplied

    Source system xxxCLNT060: metadata upload with errors
    Message no. RSDS554
    Any thoughts ???


  • Hi All,

    Actually, one of our Customer is implementing Microsoft BI, and for that we would like to extract data from SAP ECC. We have been exploring various ways and means for this purpose.

    I Just wanted to confirm, can we use ODP  for this purpose (without using SAP BW) ? If yes, I would like to humbly request you to guide us with detail procedure.

  • Hello Marc and others,

    Can anyone help me on below questions:

    1- What is the ECC version pre-requisite for enabling SLT-ODP to transfer data to BW4HANA? I couldn't find anything specific on ECC versions whereas everwhere it says DMIS version add-on.

    2- I have to implement FI_GL_4 and UC_SALES_STATS utility extractor in BW4HANA but we have existing BW version as well where currently delta queue is through RSA7. I found the blogs where it says both extractors will have problem while sending delta to 2 diff BW systems. Can anyone throw light on this?




  • Hello Everyone,

    We are facing issues with creation of Source system under  ODP - SAP (extratores) ( SAPI ) , got this error message

    Source system ECDCLNT300 already exists.

    How can i create the source system or  how can i replicate the DS in Source to Netweaver system ?



  • Thanks Nice Detailed Article..

    Can you share the methods to extract data from any of SLT / ODP / ODQ by Non-SAP environment. May be with ODBC or any other NON SAP Tool.

    I understand Dataservice can connect with ODP (ODQ) and read data but it there is latency..

    How can we have it more real time Change Data Capture data extraction from SLT / ODP / ODQ from any tool (Non SAP) to extract data outside SAP stack..


  • Hi Marc,

    We are in BW version is 7.5 SP08 and we are converting objects to move to B4H.

    Looks like the DataSource must be switched to BW-ODP to switch to BWH mode - the error message says "Use transfer tool in data mart".

    Could you please tell me how to consume the transfer tool?





    We have an ETL tool which uses the RFC NetWeaver SDK 7.21 for data extraction from SAP System.

    However we need to support the SAP BW Standard Extractors ( SAP ODP Extractors ) for data extraction from our Application.

    We would like to use RFC function modules from SAP ODP API’s 2.0.

    Below are the function modules which can be used for data extraction from ODP Extractors.


    We might need to use some more functions as well.

    From the SAP Note 1931427 – ODP Data Replication API 2.0. Those RFC function modules can be used for RFC Client applications.


    However from one of the SAP ODP FAQ documents says that SAP ODP API’s is restricted to SAP Applications and not used by 3rd party party ETL Tools.

    Can we use those RFC Function modules for RFC Client application ( ETL Tool) ? If this is not way the correct way then which approach we should use for data extraction from SAP ODP Extractors ?


    Thank you in advance.