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We have introduced a new feature called “Bookmarks” in release 1.29 of SAP Lumira, server for teams (LS4T) and SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform (LS4BIP). The feature is similar in both the server versions. I will be describing it for LS4BIP in this blog.

SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform provides users with an option to make certain changes to the stories in a Lumira document in the story viewer mode and store this state of the document as a Bookmark. These changes could be addition/modification of filter (input control) values or drill actions stories in a document in the story viewer mode.

Note: Bookmarks are not available for creation and consumption once the user moves from Story viewer to Edit mode.

Consider a document containing revenue and margin information for the different countries that an organization operates in.  The organization is based in the US with subsidiaries in these different geographies.

There are sales managers responsible for sales in these different geographies. These sales managers are interested in viewing the revenue and margin information for their regions (set of countries) on a daily basis. Occasionally, they want to view this information for the United States (where the company is head-quartered).

The Lumira document containing this information, in story viewer mode, is shown below. From release 1.29, users will see an additional dropdown, called the “Bookmarks Dropdown”, to the left of the stories dropdown. The bookmarks dropdown, as shown below, is in the Document View state, i.e. it shows the base document in the story viewer mode.

There can be two kinds of Bookmarks that a user can create:

  1. Personal Bookmarks – These are accessible only to the user who created them
  2. Global Bookmarks – Any user who creates them or has access to the document containing these can View/Edit global bookmarks (based on his rights on the document)

Base screen_Bookmarks_1.png

Now, consider that the sales manager for Europe wants to filter the data to information for only the European countries. He chooses these countries in the input control and subsequently saves this as a Bookmark. The Bookmark button on the right-top allows users to save Bookmarks. There is additionally an option of creating a Bookmark from another Bookmark (Save As).

In the screenshot below, the sales manager saves this state of the document as a “Personal Bookmark” and calls it as Europe. Once saved, the Bookmark will be available in the Bookmarks dropdown under the “Personal Bookmark” category.


In another case, the sales manager for Latin America wants to filter the data to information only for the countries that he is responsible for. He chooses these countries in the input control and subsequently saves this as a Bookmark called “Latin America” in the “Personal Bookmark” category.


The above two Bookmarks (Europe & Latin America) and document states corresponding to them would be visible only to the sales managers who created these.

As mentioned earlier, most managers are interested in viewing the information related to sales and margins pertaining to the US region besides their own regions.

For this purpose one of the users can filter data (using the input control) with Country as USA and set it as Global Bookmark. Refer the below screenshot.


The Bookmarks dropdown will show the information as shown in the next screenshot at this point in time, with these three Bookmarks listed under their respective categories.


Users can also set a particular Bookmark as default. Once a Bookmark has been set as default, every time that the document is opened by that user, it opens to the state of the document defined with the default Bookmark.

The Bookmark default is user-specific, i.e. each user can define his default Bookmark for a document.

Note: The option to Save the document (or perform a Save As) is disabled when a user is on a Bookmark. Saving a document is permitted only if the user is in the Document View, in the story viewer mode, or in the document Edit mode.

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