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Ubimax turns Science-Fiction into Reality

It sounds like a scene from a science-fiction movie: A man puts on his glasses and sees significantly more than a person wearing prescription glasses usually would see. Instead of vision correction the glasses show relevant graphical information in the man’s field of view. The fact that science-fiction movies normally do not show people while order picking leads us to one conclusion: The event described above is reality today.


   Science-Fiction today: The view of Augmented Reality

Without producer there is no Science-Fiction Movie…

At Ubimax we have turned this science-fiction-scenario into reality and we eagerly are working to shape the future of Wearable Computing technology. First we should introduce ourselves as producer of science-fiction movies are properly introduced at the beginning of the movies. Ubimax is a leading supplier for industrial Wearable Computing solutions and enterprise wearable apps. We seamlessly integrate our solutions on any enterprise backend system and as a matter of course our solutions can also be deployed on the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and SAP mobile platform.

Our team has got more than ten years of experience in the field of wearable computing and augmented reality (AR). In addition we are experts in a broad range of disciplines including embedded systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer vision, human factors, user interface and usability design. We have established close partnerships with all major Wearables Computing manufacturers around the world including Vuzix, Samsung, Epson, Sony and Motorola and are the first and unique official German Partner for Google Glass. Together with our partners we are pushing the development of Wearable Computing technology to the next level.


   xPick speeds up order picking and reduces the number of picking errors.

Without actors there is no Science-Fiction Movie…

We now should introduce our protagonists: Wearable Computing devices and Smart Glasses in particular are forward-looking and are leading into a new era of technologies for enterprises and organizations. Smart Glasses offer with its various features and functionalities like camera, speakers, microphone and GPS numerous opportunities to develop applications which improve business processes along the entire industry value chain. Our proven solutions for Google Glass and other smart glasses are applicable across industries and for various business processes. Our international customers such as Samsung, Volkswagen or Daimler benefit today from speed, accuracy and flexibility improvements. Our flexibility in developing state-of-the-art applications is therefore as high as the flexibility of the Weser river flowing right next to our headquarters in Bremen, Germany.


   xAssist provides expert know-how fast where it is needed

Introducing the characters of our Science-Fiction Movie…

Protagonists need character and so we developed the Pick-by-Vision solution “xPick”. “xPick” can be used for manual order picking, for incoming and outcoming goods, for sorting of goods as well as for inventory and deficiencies management. “xPick” improves picking speed and reduces picking errors at the same time. It guides the worker through the picking process with all relevant information directly in the field of view. It shows the goods the worker has to pick, where to find and where to bring them. With the integrated barcode scanner the worker is able to confirm the goods without being restricted by handheld scanners and can use both hands for his primary task. Furthermore wearing smart glasses is comfortable and the small display does not restrict the worker’s view. With “xPick” our customers achieve performance improvements of up to 30 percent. DHL tested our innovative Pick-by-Vision solution in a pilot project in Netherlands and could improve the picking process by 25 percent from a standing position! Other satisfied customers are Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Schnellecke Logistics, WS Kunststoff-Service and more.

Another remarkable character in our movie is our remote assistance application “xAssist”. Through a 2-way video and audio stream remote experts are able to advise worker on-site. The person on-site is wearing a smart glass while the key expert uses an intuitive web-based interface to connect to the worker and to provide detailed feedback and worker guidance. “xAssist” can be used for service & maintenance and training purposes. It reduces machine downtimes and travel cost and time for experts. Due to the smart glass camera the remote expert sees exactly what the person on site is seeing. Furthermore the expert is able to send screenshots, images and documents. With the AR pointer function the expert is also able to point on particular components or at sources of errors directly in the video stream or on the uploaded technical documents. “xAssist” can be established in maintenance, assembly, health care and many other sectors, in which remote experts are needed.

The success of a movie harnesses the diversity of its characters. Therefore we developed various other solutions like “xMake” for assembly & quality assurance processes, “xInspect” for service, inspection and documentation, “xBuild” for building industry and “xCare” for health and elder care.

With our awarded Wearable Computing and AR solutions we are turning science-fiction into reality and bringing future into presence. Together with our partners we are realizing the most ambitious technological goals in the field of Wearable Computing, achieving real competitive advantages for our international customers. And this is not a movie! 

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