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Hi All,

This is my first document in the forum. So please go through this and provide your valuable comments on this.

We create a new tax codes with revised rates and the old tax codes no longer useful for posting. But these tax codes will display in the input help while invoice posting through MIRO,FB60,F-43,FB70 etc. Due to this the users will get confused and also might chance to select the wrong tax code for posting. To over come these type of errors SAP has provided 2 SAP Notes i.e.2074351 & 2095960.

As per note 2074351, first we have to implement the note 2095960. After done this, we have to execute the report NOTE_2095960 as mentioned in the note 2074351. The screen shot of the report execution attached here:

Here you have to run the report step by step as mentioned in the above screen shot. After successfully done this, you have to implement the note 2074351. Then after if we check the t.code FTXP, the new field will appear as mentioned in the below screen shot.

If you select the check box, then it no longer display while posting. For details you go through the above mentioned notes.


Mukthar N

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  1. Bohdan Petrushchak

    Hello Mukthar,

    Thank you for useful info. Here are a couple of comments that might be useful for those who decide to implement this functionality:

    – tax codes will be invisible only for input help, but it still would be possible to use them in postings;

    – if you have active settings for a certain tax code in OBZT and you marked this tax code as inactive, it still would be visibile for postings, which means that OBZT settings override those in FTXT.


    The Wirtschaftsmann

        1. Mukthar Ali Ahamed N Post author

          Hi Nikki,

          The system will display the tax code for already posted documents. But when you posting a document the inactive tax codes wont appear in list.



  2. Ganesh Sadula

    Thank for sharing important topic related tax code , most of old tax code is renamed as [DO NOT USE] in tax description.

    Thank you once again perfect consultant solution…..

    With regards,


  3. Abhay Parekh

    Hi Mukhtar,

    Very good document and simple to understand 🙂

    Just have one query on it.. E.g i deactivate a tax code 01 which would not be available in the list.. but if user puts 01 without going to list.. will the document move further or show error?



      1. Manoj Kumar

        Hi Mukthar,

        Just one more Query.

        When GST will be implemented , At that time i can deactivate all the tax codes which has been used by the client by above document reference.

        Where i need to create all the New Tax Codes ?

        Am i correct ? Please correct me if i was wrong ?




    Hi Mukthar,

    very concise and well explained,

    need some clarification, when GST gets Implemented , is it mandatory to deactivate all these old tax codes,

    also implimentaion  of GST results in only one tax code, is it right(please correct me if iam wrong)


    vinay reddy..

    1. Mukthar Ali Ahamed N Post author

      Yes, it is mandatory to deactivate. Otherwise it will display when you check the list. However, regarding GST tax code, there might be one tax code or multiple, depends on rates sanctioned by Govt.


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