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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 – How to Videos

I uploaded some “how-to” videos reviewing only some of the new features for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 2.2.  See BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 Available – Reviewing New Features

Please note these videos have no sound.  If I have time I will try to upload some more how-to videos with sound.

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 – New Excel Formula Features

This is a new feature where you can insert Excel formulas that “stay” with the workbook.  It uses an absolute reference, that “stays” when you navigate.

You may provide a measure name in the first column of the Excel formula

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 New Open Data Source

This was a question asked at last week’s Reporting 2015 conference – different ways to search.

As the video shows, when you are looking for a data source you can now search for it by InfoProvider, Query and Query View

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.x Logoff API Replace System

These features are not new to 2.2 and the replace system feature has been downported to 1.4 SP12, but I thought I would share.


If you are interested in influencing SAP for this product and are an ASUG member, please join ASUG in January for the relaunch of the Analysis Office Influence Council – register here

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  • Hello Tammy,

    Thank you very much for your postings. I am very interested about what this new version can provide us.

    I have one question: Did you try to use this "New Excel Formula Features" for planning functions? I mean, instead of adding a new collumn or row, if it works when you insert Excel formulas directly on the planning cell.

    Thank you once again,

    Rodrigo Mourinho

  • Hi Tammy,

    thanks for your post!

    I was wondering if you already tried/discovered some of the other features that were announced for AO 2.2? Specifically the workbook caching. It's mentioned in the roadmap slides as being part of AO2.2, but I haven't been able to find any reference to it yet.



  • Hi Tammy,

    thanks a lot for your post!

    We plan to move from Analysis 1.4.8 to a new version but today we balance between the 2.1SP03 (no more the excel issue) & the 2.2 SP00 so have you an advice.

    About Ao 2.2 SP00 :

    Seems that at the moment there is no documentation about it within the


    No What's new, No User guide...

    So a question is there any change within the ao_app.config? .


    • Eric - in most cases, it is advisable to go with the previous release (2.1) and latest SP, especially without documentation

      What is your question re: config file?

  • Thanks Tammy,

    About the Ao_app.config file my question is

    Between the 2 versions the 2.1 SP03 and the 2.2 SP00 do we have any new parameters?. 


    • There are new parameters between 2.1 SP2 and SP3. That's a little bit strange. Not all options are in the config files, not all options are in the adminguide. I have also found some which are only mentioned in notes.

      I allways use a tools (e.g. diffmerge) to compare both config files (old and new ones) and add the new parameters to the file.

      • Hi Torsten


        On my side, about new parameters , my comparaison give me the following ones.

        MaxNumberOfParallelThreads" type="Int32"

        UseThreadPool" type="Boolean"

        RemoveDataBeforeSaving" type="Boolean"

        ShowDSVariantsForWorkbooksWithOneDS" type="Boolean"

        MessagePopupSeverity" type="String"

        But the 3rd is not really a new one! it's amazing.

        I try to build a file to summarise all options by collecting the different sources of information, but not an easy task.

        • Hi Eric,

          MaxNumberOfParallelThreads" type="Int32"

          UseThreadPool" type="Boolean"

          Sounds really interesting. I will try that setting with next SP. But I have not found this in Adminguide.



          • Hi Torsten,

            yes this sounds really interesting. But you are right, nothing in the Adminguide. Can anyone says something about this parameters?



          • That are the final entries in the ao_app.config.

              <!--default: value="10" -->

              <MaxNumberOfParallelThreads />

              <!--default: value="True" -->

              <UseThreadPool />

            But I don't know what this is for. I have never seen that AO can work with several queries in parallel (that would be really interesting because it would improvde speed for bigger workbooks a lot). Instead AO is working query by query in a sequence.

            And there is still nor information in the Adminguide for this parameters.

          • Hi Torsten,

            you can find the parameter explanation in the new admin guide.


            You use this setting to define the maximum number of parallel threads that Analysis can use to open the SAP HANA data sources of a workbook. The default value is 10. This means that up to 10 SAP HANA data sourcers can be opened with parallel threads. You can enter any integer value for this setting. If you set the value to 1 or lower, no parallel threads will be used. The data sources will be opened sequentially.

          • Hi Tobias,

            Thank you. I have not seen it in the documentation. My fault.

            That would be a nice feature for BW Queries. We are using BW on HANA in some months but this will not help. 😉



  • Dear all,

    For my company it would be very important to know does AO 2.2 BO server side add in support BO Version:  ?

    there is a note 2215163 excisting, but so far it is not yet released.