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What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.29 (Summary)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have been kept very productive with Lumira 1.28 and have been taking advantage of all the great features in the product. It’s been almost three months since the release of Lumira 1.28, making a perfect time to unveil our new wave of innovations. We are very excited to introduce you to Lumira 1.29.

Lumira 1.29 was officially launched on November 20th, and it is packed with a great number of innovations that our clients and partners had requested and that focus on making trusted data discovery even more intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to extract significant insights and value out of their data.

Here is a glimpse of some of the powerful, new functionalities in Lumira 1.29:

  • Improvements on SAP BW data acquisition and support for new data sources and platforms.
  • More flexibility while refreshing Lumira documents based on acquired data and online HANA connections.
  • New features to facilitate data blending, create visualizations and compose stories.
  • Create mapping visualizations using any of several Esri base maps.
  • Innovations on mobile consumption of Lumira documents.


Update today your Lumira deployment to version 1.29 and see for yourself all the innovations and benefits of our newest release.

Here is a summary of the main features:

In Lumira 1.29, users can now create reference lines in charts.


Apply conditional formatting on many more chart types.


In Lumira 1.29, you can now edit the tresholds that divide colors in chart types that accept measure color gradients.


Take advantage of better control of Lumira story page size regardless of the size of your computer screen.


Another key area of innovation in Lumira 1.29 is in crosstabs. There are several improvements in crosstabs and many new features such as creating row and column subtotals.


Explore in detail data points in time series charts by zooming in and out of a data range.


Performing data blending on multiple datasets in Lumira 1.29 has received a lot of enhancements to become even more efficient and intuitive. For example, Lumira will now suggest dimensions to be linked.


Lumira 1.29 allows the creation of custom calculations.


There are several enhancements while performing data aquisition in Lumira 1.29 against SAP BW and HANA and through the SAP Query Panel Extension.


Lumira 1.29 offers now a common filter dialog box across the product.


Exporting data records from visualizations is now easier than ever.


Create mapping visualizations using any of several Esri base maps.


Opendocument is now supported in Lumira 1.29. You can link a report to a Lumira document through a hyperlink that uses Opendocument. Determine what page of a story to display first through parameters in the Opendocument link.


Support for SAP BI Platform 4.2.


While promoting a Lumira document across an SAP BIP landscape through Lifecycle Manager, a dataset connection will be individually identified. This allows the connection to be changed as the document is promoted.


There are several innovations and enhancements in Lumira server both for SAP BI Platform and for Teams. Now Lumira documents are supported through the SAP BI mobile app. Also, Lumira server for SAP BIP has received several improvements for auditing. Two new languages are supported and now Lumira documents can be refreshed on opening.


Create personal and global story bookmarks, so that stories can be opened exactly in the same status (filters and drills applied, for example) as they were when the bookmark was created.


We hope you enjoy the innovations in Lumira 1.29 as much as we have enjoyed creating them.We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments about this great new release.


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      Author's profile photo Jose G Bastidas
      Jose G Bastidas

      Hello Carlos,

      Thanks for sharing this information. Great Thanksgiving gift for anyone using SAP Lumira.


      Author's profile photo Donatas Budrys
      Donatas Budrys

      Hi, Carlos,

      Looks like another great SAP Lumira release. Thanks for sharing with us.

      Best regards,

      Donatas Budrys

      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks

      a fantastic release! great blog thx

      Author's profile photo Ty Miller
      Ty Miller

      What a great release! Very proud of the team. Remember that both Lumira Cloud and Lumira Server for HANA will remain on version 1.28 per this blog. If you want to continue to connect Lumira Desktop to those platforms keep version 1.28 of Lumira Desktop installed on your workstation using the dual install capability per these instructions.

      Author's profile photo Brian Marier
      Brian Marier

      Nice release and thank you for the blog.  When will we see a 'range' Input Control in the Compose Room such as a slider control to filter on measures and such? i.e. Sales between $10,000 and $100,000.

      Author's profile photo Luis Alberto Sánchez Morga
      Luis Alberto Sánchez Morga

      This new version will support view documents or histories in mobile devices from SAP BI4 portal?

      Author's profile photo Christopher Buck
      Christopher Buck

      Luis - I have same question.  It says it supports SAP BI Mobile but when i publish lumira story to BIP and then add the story to Mobile category I cannot see it via SAP BO Mobile on my Iphone

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Hi - you will need to wait for the Mobile BI 6.3 release to see Lumira from the BI Platform on Mobile BI iOS (iphone, iPad)

      I'll have to rewatch the ASUG webcast to be sure, but I thought it would be released first week in December (not sure)

      Author's profile photo Reena Sethy
      Reena Sethy

      Yes, with Mobile 6.3 app, you should be able to see the stories in your iPad. iPhone is not supported yet. The tentative date for 6.3 release is Dec 2nd week..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi ! I updated my app to v6.3 today. Not able to view my Lumira reports assigned to mobile category . Has anyone tried this out yet?

      Author's profile photo Deepu Sasidharan
      Deepu Sasidharan

      It works fine for me, make sure you have the pre-reqs (device version, app version, server versione etc.) mentioned in the OSS note below.

      Also if you did an upgrade from 1.28 to 1.29 for LS4BIP make sure you did a repair install after the update and deployed the Lumira Mobile components.

      You can check the path below and see whether there is a Lumira properties file to see whether the Mobile web app for Lumira was deployed.

      <install dir>\tomcat\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\classes\internal


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Finally, Lumira is now walking on the right way

      Author's profile photo Thomas Nielsen
      Thomas Nielsen

      I also definitely like many of the new features, but I am a bit sad, that you already have yanked some of the previous functionality out 🙁

      I know that SAP Lumira Cloud is dying, but it is still alive to the end of september next year, so I personally think the option to share to the cloud was pulled out to soon.

      All though I can understand why the SAP Lumira Server for HANA also is going away, since that was not really working as a collaborative platform as the SAP Lumira for Teams or the SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform.

      We have done a lot of use of the LS4H platform to do live reporting on the ERP data on the HANA, so it will be interesting to see how performance change when everything will have to go through BOBJ 😏

      But right now we have a client using HANA and Lumira, so introducing BOBJ at this moment is not really an option, so here we are stuck on version 1.28 in order to still be able to publish to the LS4H platform 😡

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      For the latest on Dataset Linking and Blending in Lumira 1.29, please check out the following blog:

      Dataset Linking in SAP Lumira - Part 2



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Also, just wondering is there any comments function for the new version (server edition perhaps?). It'll be great to be able to comments on the Lumira sheets like what I'm doing now.

      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks


      This is definitely a direction we want to move the solution towards.

      FYI - the BI4.2 product has a Commentary feature, which is platform-driven & writes to the audit database.

      In the initial GA version (to be released, we hope, around end-Q1 next year) starts with Commentary support for WebIntelligence only .

      our plans are then to extend this framework to other client tools on the platform; but this would be much later.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks. I'm seeing this at the ideas section. Seems to fit my question

      SAP Lumira End -2- End Commentary Solution (Annotations) : View Idea

      Will it be scheduled for the next quarter release (since its already accepted) ?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      With SAP BI Mobile Application v.6.3.8, Lumira has started to be supported natively from the application interface.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Do you have a guide on the word wrapping? It appears misleading as the word/text is not really wrapped as in MS Excel individually for each cell but we can determine the width and height for a column or row. Ideally, we would like to use the word wrapping like in MS Excel. Is that possible?

      Author's profile photo Timo ROUHUNKOSKI

      I am trying to install this custom chart to BI server for Lumira (with client it works fine)

      lumira-extension-viz/Stacked_Column_with_Line_Chart at master · SAP/lumira-extension-viz · GitHub

      But the upload never completes and page gets stuck in CMC->Applications->SAP Lumira->Extensions. Using version 1.29.3.

      Did anyone get the custom extensions working on BI server ?

      Author's profile photo Thomas Nielsen
      Thomas Nielsen


      This is not the thread to asking this kind of question, you need to create it as a new question on the SAP BusinessObjects Lumira space 😉

      But to give you the quick answer, yes I have got custom extensions to work on the BI Platform 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jean Cristian Ferreira Machado
      Jean Cristian Ferreira Machado

      Hi Carlos, Nice release and thank you for the blog.