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Just one recap of sitNL #007


I attended SAP Inside Track Netherlands for the first time and overall it was only my second SIT after being at sitSheff in September. I didn’t really know what to expect, except being a little confused and afraid. I looked forward into meeting lots of great people and hopefully learning something.

But wow! Did I not expect that I would get so much out of one day at an SAP Inside Track. It was like TechEd condensed into one day with all the people from different SAP backgrounds gathered in one place instead of multitude of sessions segregating people. TechEd just over, and with most of the presenters having been attending it, all the sessions had up-to-date information which was processed into a more developer friendly format. Many of sessions being hosted by SAP mentors, I were surely learning so much. Still, you could ask questions and discuss them without anyone feeling bothered. True community spirit and sharing is caring attitude.

Some recap of the sessions I attended:

First was Twan van den Broek opening speech with some history of sitNL and funny James Bond references. Great way to start the day of overall 7th sitNL! Then we had the HCP guru Matthias Steiner giving an overview of different technologies on the HCP stack. He’s surely one guy that knows a great deal about the huge ecosystem around HCP. Great to see him present live after seeing some live feeds of him presenting. Next one up was Vincent Weiss recapping mobility related stuff from SAP TechEd. I heard that it was his first SIT presentation, but you really could not tell. Solid presentation with lots of interesting information about current developments in the mobile space. Next presention was done by Tamas Szirtes and it was about Fiori and Fiori Launchpad. Again nice presentation about the current status with some glimpses into the future. So much interesting things coming with Fiori2, such as notifications and overview page. Next year will definitely be a big year for Fiori.

After a tasty sandwich provided by the sponsors, Roel van den Berge had an interesting session about Build, SAP’s new UI prototyping tool. Once it will graduate from Beta, it will be an immensely useful tool for quickly making prototypes and testing design ideas with actual users. And in the future those prototypes can be converted into fully fledged Web IDE projects. After that it was Jan Penninkhof time to give a presentation on Node.js with ever so wonderful JavaScript quirks. Following the overall trend, Node.js is becoming bigger and bigger part of the SAP ecosystem so it’s one technology to keep your eyes on. Hendrik Neumann had the next session about mazes and different algorithms related to creating them. That was one session I looked into after hearing some good words about the previous one Hendrik had in SIT Munich. Always great to have something very different besides all the enterprise stuff. Last but not the least was Oliver Kohl talking about and showing live examples of the new SCN. It looked so great in combining different tools, or as Matthias would say micro services, on top of HCP that I cannot wait for it to be released.

After that it was wrapping up the event, a pubquiz and food. Too bad Mrs. Penninkhof could not prepare the food. I really looked forward into it after hearing so many people explaining how good it is. But at least I could taste the Bossche bollen!

Overall really well organized event with lots of great people. Can’t wait to attend again next year. 😛

Thanks to all the organizers:

Jan Penninkhof

Roel van den Berge

Sven van Leuken

Fred Verheul

Ronald Konijnenburg

Twan van den Broek

It was great to meet all the people, being so many, that I can’t even start to list here.

Special thanks to Denise Nepraunig and Andreas Kunz for holding a UI5 Codejam the day before. It was really wonderful getting to know and disqussing with both of you about UI5 and related things.

Some pics from the sessions:

Twan opening the day:


Matthias slightly hinting what you should do:


Image says it all:


Very good recap of mobility related things:


What Fiori2 will look like:


Image says it all:


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