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How to delete an automatically generated SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Message Management Service message table

Inspired by Björn Goerke’s executive keynote at TechEd Barcelona this year and the subsequent excellent hands-on workshop DEV164: Send Your Sensor Data to SAP HANA Cloud Platform with IoT Services, I started replicating the scenario with the little brother of the TI SensorTag that SAP have been using, which has fewer sensors but is therefore a little cheaper and in my opinion also has a nicer form factor.

However, with each new message type, the Message Management Service created a new table once a respective message was received, that unfortunately did not get deleted with the deletion of the message type itself. Eventually I lost oversight and started looking at the wrong table, wondering why no new massages arrived, because some tables had already been scrolled off the screen:

Application Data.png

I updated my Message Management Service Cockpit to the latest version (2.5.0) but could still not find an obvious way to delete a message table from the cockpit. Next I checked, but besides information on how to customize the creation of message tables, I did not find information how to delete any orphan message tables there either.

Therefore I checked the persistence of the Message Management Services and sure enough, the message tables get stored in a HANA database revision 97.03:

Database Schemas.png

So I connect Eclipse Luna with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Tools installed to my SAP HANA Cloud Platform trial account:

Add Cloud System.png

Please ensure the correct Landscape host for your account:

Account Information.png

Select the schema of the Message Management Services:

SAP HANA Schemas and Databases.png

There your find your IoT message tables, ready to be deleted if not needed any longer:


Of course this kind of access offers many more options than just deleting no longer needed tables, like building views and analysing the content, but for my purpose at hand, i.e. house keeping the Message Management Services Cockpit, deleting them was sufficient:


I am sure SAP will add functionality for housekeeping the message tables in further releases of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Message Management Service Cockpit, but currently, either SQL statements or the method that I describe above, are the only ways to delete or truncate message tables, that I am aware of.

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      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Hello Frank. Indeed you have full control over tables and data from the SQL side. I will echo that more control from UI would be helpful.

      Have you seen as well recent improvement giving you more control where data from messages is stored: Release Notes for SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

      Author's profile photo Frank Schuler
      Frank Schuler
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Witalij,

      for the link to the release notes of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform because this provides the bigger picture and especially also the information about the URL parameter option to send messages to MMS.

      Best regards