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BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.2 Available – Reviewing New Features

I logged on the SAP Software Distribution Center this morning and noticed the software for 2.2 is available:


It is a quick installation/update.

I will review some of the new features below:

New Excel Formulas


Above I inserted a new row, and am calculating the actual expenses of a an item divided by budget


When you refresh the workbook, the Excel formula stays.


I can also create text cell for this new Excel formula, shown above as “New Calc” – again, it stays with the workbook when you refresh


I can also insert a new formula in a new column, and add the text to the column (shown above as “Share”)

You can use Excel’s AutoComplete to copy the formulas

New Search By Data Source


When you are looking for a data source you can now search for it by InfoProvider, Query and Query View

Remove Data Before Saving


If your workbook contains confidential data, you can select the “Remove Data before Saving” option.  Then when you save the workbook to the BI Platform and you open it again, you will see this:


After refreshing, the data is back (assuming you have access)


There are more features, if I have time I will review later.  I couldn’t locate the updated help, and the release notes haven’t been released yet.

If you are interested in influencing SAP for this product and are an ASUG member, please join ASUG in January for the relaunch of the Analysis Office Influence Council – register here

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      • Strange - maybe it's to early in the morning and I simply don't see it. 😕 But there is no information in the "What's new" guide for 2.2 about the formula topic. That the most interesting feature in my opinion.

        And yes remove data is very old. That is available since we startet with ao more than 2 years ago. 😉

        I will give the 2.2 a try on monday.

        • I have tried 2.2 today. My first impession is: Very good. I have done the foolowing after entering formulas:

          - sorting

          - removing and adding a characteristic

          - swap characteristic

          Everything worked without problems and the formulas moved like they should.

          All worked. Only if the DS is resetted the formulas are gone (but that's not surprising). Some features of 2.1 SP3 are missing. Which means we will wait for next SP.

          • One features which is missing is "Force Logon Dialog for SSO Logon on BOP" in the version I have tried this menu entry was not included. I'm not from SAP - they should give us this information. Maybe other features or fixes are missing.

          • Nearly all fixes included in 2.1 SP3 are missing. Hopefully 2.2 SP1 (planned release this week) will resolve this and does not contain new critical issues.

          • /
          • Seems to be still not all fixes of 2.1 SP3 are included in 2.2 SP2. I'm testing 2.2 for a week now and there are some slowdowns in planning which not encountered with 2.1 SP3. This means after entering a planning figure there is allways a delay which was a bug in earlier versions. Let's hope for SP3.

  • Dear colleagues,

    when I heard, that with the latest AO version excel formulas can be used I thought that I got a solution for a request from our business.

    Withot trying it but is it possible, that I can use simple excel formulas like =WENN(...) in an input-ready cell?

    Our business wants to use these formulas to get default values in an input-ready cell.

    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hello Clemens,

      In short: Yes, this is possible. But keep in mind, that a reset auf DS resets all formulas. And there are cases where you have to reset a DS. I think this is a good solution for simple things but nor for large modifications which you will maybe loose in future.



      • Dear Torsten,

        thank you for your answer.

        So is it possible to use a formula like this:


        A1 represents in this case an actaul value for this fiscal year and A2 represents an actual value of the fiscal year before.

        Our business uses more complex formulas where individually per row values should be created as default values which makes it more complicated to define planning functions.

        Thank you again and best regards,


        • Hi Clemens,

          I have created a formula like =wenn(A2>A1;"A";"B") and this worked before I have given the first reply.

          For Englisch speaking readers "wenn" should be "if" in translation.



  • Hi all,

    I installed the 2.2 SP1 and i was looking forward to see the "new cells " functionality .

    Nevertheless, neither formulas in new column nor in new row are kept. These are lost when we use the prompt for DS option and change for example the reporting date.

    Formulas are kept only when doing the navigation.  (DS reset of course not activated)

    Has anyone else faced this?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hello Panayiotis. Yes, we are experiencing the same issue. I applied the hot fix for 2.2 SP1 and still have the same issue. Also, if I try to use the SUM function as soon as I hit enter it briefly shows the value and changes over to NA. So, we unfortunately have had to tell our users not to use it. Looking forward to when it is working properly.

  • Hi All,

    Have found a strange bug with AO 2.2 SP1

    I would like to create a SAP Hana connections according to How to create HANA Http connection in local and consume in Analysis Office 2.0

    If I first open my Connections folder in Select Data Source dialog (e.g. to check whether I already have a Hana connection), no option "Create new SAP  Hana Connection" appears anymore in the context menu, I see only "Refresh". If I close and open AO again, everything is OK till I open Connections folder again.


    Has anybody faced it also?

    Thanks and Regards


    • Hi Ekaterina Bondarenko,

      from your screenshot, you have selected Connections folder do not select it. Because it contains only SAP BW connections

      there will another node HANA will be created if you you have any hana connection

      as soon as you go to tree view Just right click you will get an option



      • Hi Subhash,

        The issue is that once selected Connections/Favorites cannot be deselected until AO is restarted, and if I still have no HANA folder, option disappears from the Tree View at all.

        Just found a workaround - to switch to the List View mode, now I see the option. But if I switch back to the Tree view - I cannot again. 🙂


  • Does it annoy anyone else that the "Search for"-Field of the "Select Data Source"-screen is not in focus after logging in to a system?:

    Should be:

    Please fix that (at least in the upcoming versions, installed version is 2.2 SP03), it annoys me every time that I have to press "TAB" before the search can start...

    I think this was not a problem in the older release 2.1.