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SAP Forms by Adobe: How to try out

After the NEO trial landscape for SAP Cloud Platform has been closed, this offering is not available any more.
Good news for all who like to test SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe (formerly known as SAP Forms as a Service or form service by Adobe) live: a free trial offering is now available within the official HANA trial landscape.
Simply logon to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit on trial landscape to access the service:
If you don’t have a user to logon, you can register here:

If you are going to check it out, please keep in mind that there are a few limitations compared to the official version:

      • the trial period is 30 days
      • you can send up to 300 requests (max. 5 pages per request)

Once you are logged on, you can use a self-service to enable SAP Forms by Adobe (this self-service is only available on the trial landscape for external customers).

Choose Services from the navigation panel to access the list of available services. As you can see, SAP Forms by Adobe is still in status not enabled:

Click on the service to access the detail view. The configuration links at the bottom of the screen are still disabled. To activate them, just press Enable:

Now, after a short processing time, the service and the configuration links are enabled:
Choose the link SAP Forms by Adobe (Roles & Destinations) to access the Roles & Destinations view.
The user name you used to enable the service is assigned to the roles ADSAdmin and ADSCaller automatically:

For the remaining setup tasks just follow the steps described in SAP Forms by Adobe documentation and you can start exploring all the features that this service provides.

See also my blog posts in SAP Forms by Adobe: Get off the Ground…:
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  • Hi Frank,

    thank you for this. Can you also share some insights about the technical point of view. What about the sizing of the ADS? What do you need to know when starting with ADSonHCP?

    Or is it just the "I want to" sign?

    • Hi Florian,

      thanks a lot for your comment.

      You can find detailed technical information about ADS on HCP in the SFaaS documentation, as well as a short description in my other SFaaS blog posts, both linked at the bottom of this blog post.There you can get information about the features, system requirements and setup procedures.

      In case you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask, I'll try my best ;-). More blog posts may follow at a later time.

      Best regards


  • Hi Frank,

    I wanted to try this service on my trial account.

    I have enabled the service and maintained the roles, I but I received a blank screen when I clicked "Launch configuration tool". Could you please point me which configuration I missed?

    Also I don't see this service on my productive account, do you have time plan when this service will be available for productive?



    • Hi Wira,

      thanks a lot for your comment.

      Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your link problem. For me it works fine. Also, this shouldn't be a configuration problem: once the service is enabled, the link should work.

      Possibly there is a temporary server problem and you should retry after a while.

      Regarding the form service on your productive account: basically it is available in the productive environment, but you can only display and use it after purchasing a dedicated HCP license for the Form Service by Adobe. In order to do so, please contact your local account executive.

      Best regards


      • Hi Frank,

        Thank you for your quick reply.

        It seems that the link works only on certain browsers, I just tried it again with google chrome and I could see the SAP ADS Configurations. Thanks.

        Regarding the productive account, thank you for the information. I will play around a bit on trial account and will see if this service is suitable for our needs.



  • Hello Frank,

    Thank you for the published documentation about ADS service.

    I've tried to configure a RFC destination on S4 Hana 1511, but I get an exception raised when I execute the test program FP_PDF_TEST_00
    "SYSTEM ERROR: SOAP Framework error: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport : HTTP receive failed with exception communication_failure  (100.101)."

    Do you have any ideas where I'm wrong on my configuration?
    The user set in RFC destination is corresponding to HCP account ID?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,
    Huy MA

  • Hello Franck,

    i tried to setup the connection using my trial account but when I test the connection in sm59 or with the test program I can see an error in debug: no tenant for this user.

    Is the address for the connection in sm59 the same if we use a trial account and should we have trial at the end of the username?

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide us.

  • Hi. It seem not many are trying this service. I've read all the doc and all I was able to get is a "401-unauthorized" . is there a working and up to date example for postman?

    • Hi Yoshiaki,

      thanks a lot for reaching out.

      Yes, basically there are options to support you with this. Please talk to your Account Executive about the details.

      Best regards


  • Hi,

    I am in the same situation, I would like to try out Adobe Forms in Neo environment, and the trial is closed unfortunately. Is there any kind of possibility to try out these forms in order to see if they helpful?


    • Hi Bettina,

      basically yes. Please refer to my reply above. Unfortunately, options must be agreed on a customer-specific basis currently.