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Preparing for Generation Z: Digital and Mobile Learning Redefining the Workforce

/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/xyz_833158.jpgEvery business is defined by its workers – and workforce talent is ultimately what keeps a business relevant and growing in an ever-changing landscape. All workers – not just top-tier talent – need and deserve continuous training to sharpen their skills and adapt to changing needs. Businesses must respond with learning strategies and programs that fit the new workforce.

And what does that workforce look like? According to MBO Partners, Independent Workers and the On-Demand Economy, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter of the U.S. workforce will be independent – meaning self-employed, independent contractor, freelancer, temp contractor – by 2019. This means that classroom-style learning techniques are obsolete. Companies need to offer tools and techniques that can reach every member of a splintered, multigenerational workforce that might rarely, if ever, sit together in the same room.

Take learning mobile – and make it social

If you think Millennials are demanding when it comes to expecting to work for digital-savvy employers, just wait until you meet Generation Z. The eventual successors to the Millennials who are currently flooding the workforce, “Generation Z is mobile first and mobile only,” according to Brian Solis in his 25 Disruptive Technology Trends 2015–2016.

To placate Millennials and prep for the arrival of Gen Z, training should be available on demand. Update materials continuously and post them in social Facebook-like forums so employees can comment, post, and share ideas with each other. Cater to the mobile-friendly crowd by making tutorials, instruction manuals, and presentations available on smartphones and tablets. Coworkers are each other’s best learning resource – so the more they interact, the bigger impact the training materials have.

Modernize your training program with innovative learning offerings

Make no mistake, employers are willing to make the investment in their workforce. PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey says that 73% of CEOs believe the lack of employees with key technical skills is a threat to their company’s growth. And no Gen Z member will want to work for a stagnant company.

SAP’s enablement offerings are proven to have a tangible impact by simplifying and extending the entire learning experience with a complete architecture for cloud-based training.

  • openSAP: Employ this learning platform for open online courses that are offered free of charge. Users gain maximum flexibility to learn when, where, and how they wish. Offer engaging, effective learning experienced through gamification.
  • SAP Learning Hub: Get unlimited access to SAP Education learning content, always up to date and available anytime, anywhere in order to develop and maintain your SAP skills, prepare for Certification or for day-to-day knowledge retrieval – anytime, anywhere. Personalize your training environment, monitor individual learning, and track progress with this cloud-based learning management site.

Rely on these 24×7 online services to see improvements such as:

  • Fewer help-desk inquiries
  • Faster access to and use of training materials and documentation
  • Savings through fewer canceled trainings
  • More employees trained

To learn more about how your organization can get a jump on the future of learning and prepare for the arrival of Generation Z with digital and cloud-based solutions that cater to a more segmented workforce, read the e-book.

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