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Reward and retain your loyal customers using SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta)

This blog was originally posted in November 2015. The information published then might not be valid today as content, links and other information have been updated in the meantime.

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Jane works f/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/im1_826122.jpgor a multinational company in San Jose, California. She is a big time online shopaholic!!! Jane has been buying products online from a nearby store – Felton’s. Felton’s have a wide variety of products ranging from groceries to electronics and much more. Felton’s set up their shop in Mountain View, California during the year 2010. Felton’s launched an online storefront in 2012 so that their customers like Jane can purchase products online. Jane has been purchasing products online from Felton’s for the past three years.

Felton’s recently upgraded their system to SAP hybris Commerce as a Suite (Beta) storefront to sell their products online and they also used SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta) to run their loyalty rewards program.

Jane receives an email from Felton’s that they have recently launched a Felton’s Rewards Program to reward their loyal customers. Jane is excited after reading the email. 🙂 After a tired day at work, she comes home and prepares a hot cup of coffee. After drinking a cup of hot coffee, she decides to check out the new Felton’s online store. Jane’s wedding anniversary is around the corner and she wants to gift a new Apple iPhone 6S phone to her husband.

After logging into the Felton’s online store, she clicks on the My Account icon. From the My Account page, she quickly registers for the Felton’s Rewards Program. Instantly, she gets 100 loyalty points for signing up for the loyalty program! She also notices that the Loyalty History section is updated in the My Account page with the loyalty points that she just earned for registration to the loyalty program.

Jane quickly jumps to the product catalog page to place an order for an Apple iPhone 6S phone before her husband arrives from work. She is very happy to know that she will be earning 749 loyalty points, which she can redeem later to buy other products.


She decides to buy the product so that the product reaches her before her wedding anniversary. She clicks on the User Reviews link to read the review comments written by other customers and their ratings on this product.


After reviewing the comments, she traverses back to the previous page and clicks Add to Cart. She clicks on the shopping bag icon to view the product that she has purchased to review estimated total order information and the loyalty points that she is going to earn!


She clicks Checkout and provides her address and shipping address information. Jane also decides to redeem 50 loyalty points out of the 100 loyalty points that she earned for registering to Felton’s Rewards Program.


Jane gets 5 USD loyalty discount for redeeming 50 loyalty points and that information is also reflected in the Order Details section before placing her final order. Jane quickly provides her credit card information and clicks Place Order.


Voila! Jane quickly gets the confirmation page that the order is placed successfully and she receives an email confirmation as well. She quickly navigates to the My Account page to view information about her recent transactions. After noticing that she has received 799 loyalty points so far and she needs another 151 loyalty points to promote from Bronze tier to Silver tier of Felton’s Rewards Program, she shouts “Yay!!! I am loving this rewards program!” 🙂 ?


Now, Jane decides to refer her friends to purchase products from Felton’s and also sign up for their loyalty program! So, she clicks Refer Friends to refer her friends Anne, Veronica, Sarah, Julia, and Meredith. She enters their email IDs and an email invitation is sent to them.

Jane also quickly checks the order history and loyalty history information!


Jane receives the product from Felton’s after 2 business days! She gifts the Apple iPhone 6S phone to her husband on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. As the product was delivered on time and the product was in excellent condition, Jane gives 5 star rating for the product and provide her comments.


Jane is excited to know that she is going to get 50 loyalty points for providing her product rating and another 50 loyalty points for providing her valuable comments. Jane just loved the way how she was pampered with loyalty points for participating in the loyalty rewards program. She enjoyed the whole experience of shopping and earning or redeeming loyalty points. Felton’s Loyalty Rewards program became a huge success as more and more customers shopped online and earned loyalty points for purchasing products. Felton’s also realized that the introduction of loyalty program to their online store boosted their sales as more and more customers signed up!

Would you like to replicate the customer experience of Felton’s Loyalty Rewards Program for your online store?

If your answer is yes, check out the SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta) cloud solution in YaaS Market to reward and retain your loyal customers for your storefront! SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta) can be easily integrated with SAP hybris Marketing, SAP hybris Commerce as a Service (Beta), and SAP hybris Commerce Suite.

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      Former Member

      So what does this mean for SAP CRM 7 Loyalty?  Is the future hybris?

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      Former Member

      These two loyalty solutions co-exist, as they complement each other.