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Below are the steps to configure the missing adapter instances in Data Services management Console.

Environment: Data Services 4.2 SP5

Repository Database: Oracle 11 G R2

Job Server OS: RHEL 6.7

1) Configuring the Adapter Instances using ./svrcfg script under /appl/sap/BODS4/dataservices/bin

Enter Option: 2 > Edit Job Server


Current Job Server Information


S#  Job Server Name  TCP    Repository Information


— —————  —-   ———————

1 JobServer_1      3500   localreponame@server_name_CMSDBNAME_localreponame



c : Create a new JOB SERVER entry       a : Add a REPO to job server

e : Edit a JOB SERVER entry      y : Resync a REPO

d : Delete a JOB SERVER entry    r : Remove a REPO from job server

u : Update REPO Password         s : Set default REPO

q : Quit

Enter Option: e

Enter serial number of Job Server to edit: 1

Enter TCP Port Number for Job Server <JobServer_1>: [3500]:

Do you want to manage adapters for the Job Server <JobServer_1> ‘Y|N’ [N]: Y

Do you want to use SSL communication for the adapt management ‘Y|N’ [Y]:

Enter Adapter Management Port Number for Job Server <JobServer_1>: 5000

Updating the repository <localreponame@server_name_CMSDBNAME_localreponame>. Please wait…

Updating the repository <localreponame@CMSDBNAME_localreponame>.  Please wait…

Continue to Add/Modify/Delete Job Servers ‘Y/N’ [Y]: N

3) Restart the Job Server

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