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Setting up SMS/Email Alerts in SUM Tool For Windows

Setting up SMS/Email Alerts in SUM Tool in MS WINDOW


Steps below is Showing you how to configure SMS and Email ALERT in SUM tool.

Once it is configured, SUM will send a email/SMS to the configured email ID and SMS when the SUM tool is waiting for user input.







1. Create VB script (Alert.vbs) and place it in a location that can be accessed by SUM

Set objMail = CreateObject(“CDO.Message”)

Set objConf = CreateObject(“CDO.Configuration”)

Set objFlds = objConf.Fields

objFlds.Item(““) = 2 ‘cdoSendUsingPort

objFlds.Item(““) = “Your SMTP Server” ‘your smtp server domain or IP address goes here

objFlds.Item(““) = 25 ‘default port for email

‘uncomment next three lines if you need to use SMTP Authorization

‘objFlds.Item(““) = “your-username”

‘objFlds.Item(““) = “your-password”

‘objFlds.Item(““) = 1 ‘cdoBasic


objMail.Configuration = objConf

objMail.From = “email From ”

objMail.To = “,

objMail.Subject = “SUM is Waiting for User Input”

objMail.TextBody = “Please Check SUM”


Set objFlds = Nothing

Set objConf = Nothing

Set objMail = Nothing


Note: Save this file with file extension .VBS


2. Create the BAT (SendAlert.bat) file and place it in a location that can be accessed by SUM



3. Test the script

– verify the script can run without errors

– ensure you receive the email/SMS when you execute the script

4. Configuration in SUM tool (screen shot attached)

4.1. Launch SUM tool

4.2. select SUM tool ==> Select Alert ==> Alert Info

4.3. For “Program” select the script that you created SendAlert.bat

4.4. Leave “Alert File” default value or You can create file as you want with text in it

4.5. Set “Alert Delay” (default 500s)

4.6. Test the alert mechanism works by clicking the “Test” button

     – clicking the test button will call the script you prepared in step 1

     – so this should trigger an email alert

4.7. Ensure the “Set Active” check-box is checked

4.8. Press OK

Ref: Setting up Email Alerts in SUM Tool

More information on new SUM tool 1.0 SP16

Since new SUM tool (SP 16) allow multiple logins in to interact with tool for : Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (ABAP+Java Systems) and Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (ABAP Systems).


If you go to guide :

Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update


Software Update Manager 1.0 SP16

Technology: Java

Platform: Windows

Database: MS SQL Server


Page number : 98

Section : 7.4.6 Using the Alert Function

PS: Alerting is available as :Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (Java Systems)

For new version of SUP please look document below

Software Update Manager 1.0 SP19 MailNotifier for ABAP

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  • Hello Yogesh,

    do you know a solution for the new SUM (webbased) to get an e-mail notification. I'm currently using SUM 16 SP6 (released End of March 2016).

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hello Chris,

      In order to configure the alert function

      In the top right corner of the SL Common UI please choose - Alert

      Let me know if this not helps.



      • Hi Yogesh,

        I'm using the new SUM sp16 pl6 for an ABAP upgrade, with the SL Common UI, and there is no Alert function anywhere on the screen that I can find. In the guide, in Appendix A.3.12, there's mention of setting up NETBIOS-based alerts (popups to remote Windows PC desktops) via a call to the SUM with a command-line option, but this isn't going to work for most of us. Many corporations block NETBIOS messages to PCs anyway, but even if they didn't, what good is a popup on my desktop when I'm running a long upgrade through the night? The email function (well, technically, function to call a script on the upgrade host, but from there you could send emails) was far superior, because an email could be configured to send a text message to a phone, which could be used to wake the sleepy sysadmin when attention is required.

        So, what am I missing here? Has that really been taken away?