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Experience representing SAP at the Enterprise Connect Panel @ NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015

NASSCOM Product Conclave is the annual flagship event for product ecosystem within the country. As part of this year’s NPC, an Enterprise Connect session was organized wherein large enterprises could interact with 17 growth stage startups hailing from big data analytics, Fintech, Mobility and IoT.

SAP Labs India was represented by PVN PavanKumar (Global Product Manager, Customer Innovations & Strategic Projects) at the recently concluded NASSCOM Product Conclave. Pavan had the opportunity to evaluate 17 curated startups from NASSCOM and also had one to one interaction with most of these startups.

Awesome feeling to witness these cool innovations primarily in Fin-tech and others areas .So thought of writing a post on innovations witnessed during 4.5 hour jam packed session  .I presented them below in the order they were presented during the session

#1 HAPPAY’s (Anshul Rai)   :

App controlled Corporate Expense cards for employees, integrated with their web and mobile dashboard to make the expense management cashless, paperless and mobile.

With this end-to-end reporting automation, business will get real-time visibility and control over employee spends. The best part is they can be customized to business of any size (small enterprises to SME’s)

They claim to have direct integration with accounting so that F&A teams can import audit-ready, expense reports directly into Tally, SAP or any other accounting software.

Interestingly, The microbrewery – Windmills craftworks behind the SAP Labs campus (Bangalore) is using HAPPAY’s solution

More details @

#2 Fluid Motion (Abhinav Aggarwal)

Well impressed with this one. Co-founders of this startup are brothers one being an IIM-A drop out and other being ISB drop out!

They have interesting solutions that are based on ‘Gesture Recognition’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ primarily catering to BFSI and Retail industries, however they are expanding horizontally across sectors like hospitality, automative, Reality & Experience centers. USP for them is, they work cross-platform on android, windows and their patented technology can be easily incorporated in mobile phone, laptops, LED screens, home devices and other hardware devices .

More details @

#3 SENSEFORTH (Shridhar Marri & Ritesh Radhakrishnan)

Senseforth’s “Humanlike Computing” is a form of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics that provides natural language customer interactions at scale, Their algorithms use techniques like NLP, Machine learning, deep learning, semantic search etc. to read millions of pieces of text and voice, extract relevant information and generate insights, act ionize and respond to customers in an automated, real-time, and contextualized way. Their patent (pending) technology not only interprets simple customer requests but also performs customer-specific tasks seamlessly connecting to enterprise backend systems. All the while, remembering the user context across devices and tasks, making the interaction more meaningful and intelligent. Furthermore, Senseforth continuously mines customer wants, intents and opinions and provides real-time dashboards with actionable analytics.

In a way they are trying to transform traditional customer service to a cognitive approach through Artificial Intelligence.

More details @

#4 PoolWallet  (Smita Mishra)

Mobile App: PoolWallet is a split payment platform that allows user to create pools and online real-time sharing of expenses. We can create pools for all the joint expenses we do.

Here are some of the interesting ways the app is getting consumed

– Paying for shared services – cab pooling / food / travel/healthcare/shopping/movie

– Paying for a fun trip among friends or group of families

– Paying for a product online by combining balance from users multiple cards as partial payments.

– Corporate gifting in teams

– Individual wish list (wedding / Festivals/other events)

– Sharing of healthcare cost for families.

The differentiator for this app is the following, This is not an another wallet app like (payUMoney, Google wallet …so on) hence it does not require mobile money license, this is going to be a layer above the other mobile wallet applications (aggregator) and can carry out the transactions easily, so for a merchant he/she need not bother about the supportability of multiple mobile wallets that are appearing in the market 

More details @

#5 EZETAP(Shirish Andhare & Sanjay Swamy)

They have a smartest way to accept payments anytime, anywhere by making our smart phone to smart point of sale device with small extension hardware with card reader. With this they are powering point of sale with mobility and intelligence.

Interestingly, SBI recently announced the Chota ATM and in partnership with Ezetap smart POS and has brought Chota ATM to our neighborhood Kirana shop. Any legitimate business can open a zero balance current account with SBI and any Android or Windows phone or Tablet with a WiFi or data connection. For any Cash@POS transactions, the amount plus commission are settled the next day into the bank account of the merchant. So from a merchant’s perspective, its cash they would lock up overnight – and instead in 24 hours it earned them a commission.

Cash@POS is a proven solution in other parts of the world – in the US for example, any grocery store lets you pay with your card and withdraw up to $100 then and there. In India, RBI today allows a daily limit of Rest. 1000 per cardholder .

Last but not least Cash@POS can be a driver for financial inclusion in the country. When people know they can walk to the neighborhood store and withdraw cash, more people will be comfortable keeping cash in the bank – and over time realize they could just as easily shop and pay directly from their bank account, whether with a debit card or their mobile phone or anything else. One can very well imagine ALL shops in India turning into Chita ATM points with these kinds of innovations in place!

More details  @

#6 FAIRCENT (Vinay Mathews)

Faircent is a Marketplace where potential lenders and borrowers can register and then interact amongst themselves to strike deals on lending and borrowing. Thus, they provide a broad market place for interested individuals to pursue their bilateral transactions.

Currently they provide services only for Resident Indians. Once an interested individual seeks to register, they undertake detailed verification process following KYC norms as laid down by the RBI & SEBI for opening bank account and online trading accounts. Only those who satisfy the verification process are registered with them, thus everyone on their site are authentic and verified

More details  @

#7 VYMO(Yamini Bhat)

VYMO build cloud based web/mobile applications for automating sales force activities and driving sales effectiveness. Their focus is primarily of lead management, channel sales automation, 360 degree CRM.

More details @

#8 ZAPTY (Sanjay Shah)

It’s an online collaboration platform for enterprise environments with the objective of bridging information silos. Beyond text conversations, they allow actionable conversations.

Their platform provides a bird’s eye view of everything that matters to you, be it your personal to-dos, team tasks or projects. They also allows organizing and planning around more sophisticated projects, sharing, proofing and managing documents and files, and tracking completion of all your tasks and projects, in a nutshell they provide organizations, project teams with single source of everything that matters to the deliverables

More Details @

#9 INDUSNET (Abhishek Rungta)

Very much-established startup with more than 10K clients. With a decade presence into the market, their expertise is into Digital Marketing, Cloud Web Apps and Enterprise Mobility across various industry verticals like BFSI, MPE, Travel & hospitality, Education, e-Governance etc.

More Details @

#10 KNOLSKAPE (Mahesh Ramakrishnan)

They are trying to transform the way the traditional learning and development process works with their experimental and gamified approach.

KNOLSKAPE offers simulation products (business simulation, Negotiation simulation, Influence simulation, Leadership simulation…so on), hands-on case-study programs and animated video based learning modules, whether it is for on-boarding, capability development, assessments or engagements .An example offering could be learn effective problem solving with a simulated approach by solving murder mystery.

Their products are cloud based which means a personalized learning experience that’s accessible when and where we needed. It was observed that 67% improvement in engagement model with gamified approach.

Last but not the least KNOLSKAPE has been recognized as the world’s top 20 learning gamification company.

More Details @

#11 VIGYAN LABS(Balu Masti)

They are building products to promote green computing. Their flagship product suite IPM+ (Intelligent Power Management Plus) enables intelligent power management in desktops, mobiles and data centers, allows to track and reduce carbon footprint on an ongoing basis. In fact they operate their business in a ‘Carbon Neutral’ way by offsetting the residual operating carbon footprint through planting of tress on a periodic basis.

More Details @

#12 SNAPSHOPR(Navneet Sharma)

The founder of this startup failed thrice with start-ups whilst at collage and declined offers from companies like Apple, Microsoft too, this paved the way for his 4th start-up SNAPSHOPR that gathered limelight and success.

They are into Image recognition AI; in layman terms image recognition search helps us search an entire online catalogue using an image instead of text. This helps online retailers improve their retention and conversion numbers using their image search platform .all it takes for an end user is to take the photo of what they like and use it in the search.

More details @

#13 SELLERWORX(Venkat Potluri & Chandramouli)

SELLERWORX flagship product is “Seller Connect” this multi channel e-commerce software helps retailers to manage their business better with their optimized inventory management platform which controls the inventory and order management centrally and provides a bird’s eye view of inventory across different marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, snapdeal..So on. Additionally their software allows updating the price discounts and offers across marketplaces with a single click.

Their another product “RePricer” analyzes and monitors competition 24/7, to track the their pricing and gain insights to optimize the current product pricing. This analysis sets factors for automated price adjustments that keep the products priced right, even when market conditions change several times a day

More details @

#14 CLOUDINFRA(Melchi Sundararaj)

Ex-Googler making his way to make every website in India intelligent through his startup cloudInfra.

CloudInfra makes available top-notch intelligence (like that of Google, amazon, etc) for any website. Recommending the right products based on user browsing behavior, better search relevance etc. is part of it.

At present the startup offers three products – CloudBash, CloudDash and CloudRec.While CloudBash provides a quick and easy way to process logs/machine data with simple Linux command on the cloud and completes most advanced data processing operation in a single command. CloudDash ensures ensures zero involvement in data collection and delivers metrics on dashboard. CloudRec is a plug and play Javascript to actionable suggestions in real-time, which powers recommendation systems on different websites in a simple way

When it comes to the differentiator, they empowers Linux geek to process big data on cloud. In a way they are providing machine learning as a service platform

More details @

#15 DELTAX (Akshay Surve)

Cross channel advertising is perpetually broken as of today so. DeltaX is trying to provide digital cross-channel digital advertising platform. They helps ad agencies and performance marketers buy, track, attribute, optimize and report media across Search, Social, Display, Mobile and Video ads more efficiently by taking a unified data and automation driven approach. Their platform is offered on self-serve in 34 languages.

More details @

#16 CLOUD CHERRY(Prem Viswanath)

CloudCherry’s objective is to make Customer Experience measurable and thus helps brands to stay connected. They offer the measurement of two interesting new metrics along with customizable analytics dashboard and real time notifications

  • Track and Improve delight with Customer Delight Measurement
  • Capture Net Promoter Score at every interaction point and thus these insights helps brands to improve NPS at every point through the customer’s journey

More details @

#17 NIFTY WINDOW  (Sujit Thomas)

Today, brands with multi-location offline stores, franchises or dealers have significant difficulty bridging their online-offline experience across their local outlets.

Example: If we search for “green coloured shirts in Indiranagar “ or “near me”, we end up in seeing justdial or yellow pages instead of showing green colored shirts available in brand outlets say Allensolly outlet in Indiranagar.

So NiftyWindow is providing a platform for local intelligence / hyper local connectivity in other words they brings great content from brands and stores to local buyers wherever they are.

More details @

Other takeaways:

Mini Maker Faire

Cool Innovations from school going kids to the students pursuing engineering, you can find pictures here

Wow! The closing note from reputed VC Mahesh Murthy is speechless.. One of his quote during his 1 hour speech: our mobile in the front pocket is getting slimmer day by day, however it needs a large power bank which has to be carried in our back pocket

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this article are those of mine as an individual

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