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Success Factors Integration SFAPI/Odata Tools

SFAPI/Odata Tools provide some features query builder,job status and entity defintion(data dictionay).

This was very useful in SF and HCM integration project. i will show you two functions. rest you can explore yourself.

link to access sfapi tools

1. **Improved** OData Query Tool – Graphical OData Query Builder.

2. SFAPI Async Job Management (SFAPI Login Required)

11_11-10-2015 3-37-44 PM.png

2_11-10-2015 11-54-48 AM.jpg

click on option four.

1. **Improved** OData Query Tool – Graphical OData Query Builder.

this helps you view the entity records. you have option of building your query. select your entity which you want to query. here i am using User entity.

you will get list of fields available under entity.  select your entity and list of fields to display.

3_11-10-2015 11-58-37 AM.png

when you place the cursor on the filed, it will show you the properties. if Filterable is true, you can select it under query.

3_11-10-2015 11-59-19 AM.png

if you place the cursor on the filterable field , it will allow you to enter the data in operand box.

4_11-10-2015 12-01-44 PM.png

you can even group the records, using “OR and AND condition.

6_11-10-2015 12-03-23 PM.png

5_11-10-2015 12-02-33 PM.png

execute the query, it will show you list of records, with selected columns.

7_11-10-2015 12-07-22 PM.png

if you click on user it will show your entire data for that user.

8_11-10-2015 12-09-57 PM.png

9_11-10-2015 12-16-25 PM.png

json message

10_11-10-2015 12-16-59 PM.png

if you want to select the records without any filter, you can do that.

query_11-10-2015 12-05-40 PM.png

next blog SFAPI Async Job Management  i will explain about sfapi job management.




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