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Author's profile photo Jaswant Purba

HTML based email or mail forms setup For the CRM based transactions

Whatever is written and explained in this document is not new and is being used by industry since quite a while but still I did not find a step by step method to compile a simple HTML based notification which can be easily used as notification template.

Screenshots and configuration are captured from a solution manager 7.1 SP12, but will approach remains the same. Most of the configuration also use-able for CRM systems. For easy use and readability document is dividend in a few sections as below:

Configuration Flow

Activate SFW5 Switch

Activate SQM Service Request Management Functionality

Create an Email form

Define Action  and assign the email form

Assign Start and schedule Conditions (definition of the condition is not covered in this document)

Step # 1 Activate or verify that SFW5 Transaction and activate following switch to make the needed framework functionality activation. It is assumed that the basic configuration of  the solution manager is completed and user have the SOLMAN_ADMIN or equal access privileges in sap solution manager



Step # 2  Activate SQM Service Request Management Functionality (SPRO CRM)

In Customizing under Customer Relationship Management -> Marketing -> Marketing Planning and Campaign Management -> Personalized Mail -> Maintain Attribute Contexts for Mail Forms, you have selected the following:

Attribute Context Marketing Attributes Type

SERVICE REQUEST All Marketing Attribute Sets        SQM Service Request Management

In this activity, you can adjust the HTML mail forms you want to use for e-mail notifications.

For more information on the configuration of mail forms, see SAP Help Portal at> <SAP CRM 7.0 and above> -> Application
Help -> Marketing -> Campaign Management -> Personalized Mail.


Might possible that this needed configuration is already there in the system if you are on SP08 or higher, but still validate :


Step # 3 This document / section describes how we created a Client specific HTML form

Now create an Email form (New or Existing, if one is already created. Launch transaction SM_CRM, you need the access and CRM_UI_PROFILE=SOLMANPRO or equal to complete this scenario.

Click on Service Operations and search / create Mail forms.Follow instructions on the screen to define the basic HTML form.



Once you are done with the HTML form definition, please do not forget to validate or update the hostname and port of the sap solution manager server. You can fix the IP/ hostname or FQDN based on the DNS server you your organizations system name policies.Please refer blue highlighted section for the hostname and port.


Reference : – OSS note # will b helpful here, 1751307 E-Mail Notification when Information from SAP sent to SM 7.1

Your HTML form will look like this:


Step # 4 Define Action (or change if already available) and assign the email form

Now as your notification form is ready, this is time to get this form circulated in the CRM transaction workflow. As this is a template so this form cane be used freely in the multiple CRM based transaction or where-ever said method is supported. In following set of the screenshots, I use a copies transaction type SMMJ to ZMMJ (normal change for ChaRM) for using notification template(form)

Transaction: CRMC_ACTION_DEF



Make Method Call action type default.



MAIL_FORM_TEMPLATE name will be the form name created in step # 3





Step # 5 Once email form is generated and action profile definition is completed you need to work on the conditions

  1. Create Action Definition for the transaction type (ZMMJ_SEND_MAIL_EXAMPLE-XXX)
  2. Start conditions to trigger the action (not covered in this document)
  3. Schedule condition to schedule the action (not covered in this document)
  4. Assignment of the Start and schedule conditions to the action profile (not covered in this document)
  5. Assign the method and Email template to the method call.

But still a few screenshots will help to give a fair idea about the configuration :




Now feel free to assign schedule and start conditions on the action profile, you can also design, create schedule and start conditions as appropriate.

Once conditions are assigned you are set to test your newly created HTML notification template with CRM transactions like ITSM, ChaRM etc.

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      Author's profile photo Anton Lundovskiy
      Anton Lundovskiy

      Dear Jaswant Purba,

      thank you for your full post about E-mail notification for Service Desk!

      I try to schedule manual action “E-mail to Reporter with Mail Form”, but I don’t see it in the action list.

      The action profile “E-mail to Reporter with Mail Form” parameters:

      Condition for the action:

      Actions list:

      Do you have any idea why I do not see manual action “E-mail to Reporter with Mail Form” in the action list?

      PS When I schedule the action automatically, it works correct.

      Thanks in advance!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I am running into the same issue as well where I am unable to see E-mail to Reporter with Mail Form in the action list.


      Please advise.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      To see the Action in the Actions drop down, go to the Action details and check the box "Display in Toolbox" in the Action Settings



      Author's profile photo Siva Kumar
      Siva Kumar

      Hi Jaswant,

      I have configured charm email forms , defined actions and conditions in crmc_action_def and crmc_action_conf.
      sost works fine, maintained email in bp and su01, then also emails are not getting triggered , could u let me know where i might be missing configuration in solman 7.2 sps5


      Author's profile photo Warlei de Lima Figueiredo
      Warlei de Lima Figueiredo

      Hi all,


      I would like to know if as the "DEFAULT_SENDER_EMAIL" parameter in action definition are there some parameters to set manually some individal e-mail to recipient address e-mail?


      Maybe something like "DEFAULT_RECIPIENT_EMAIL"...

      Any idea?


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Sourav Mukherjee
      Sourav Mukherjee

      Need a solution for the same Topic