SAP Support tries to be proactive in giving resolutions out to the customer to be readily available before the need arises.


Based on some internal/external installation of SAP Work Manager 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 and later the following KBA/SAP notes articles will help users deploy and troubleshoot time zone successfully.

These SAP KBA/Notes are compiled solutions used to solve past reported problems. The goal of this Troubleshooting page is to have at least one landing page that can be bookmarked or referred to if a user has issues with time zone or time conversion in SAP Work Manager for SAP backend.

SAP Backend:

  1. SAP # 2105611 – Agentry takes default timestamp as GMT – SAP Work Manager.
  2. SAP # 2185367 – SAP Work Manager error on transmit – AddLaborTime – Actual date(s) is in the future.
  3. SAP # 2159554 – SAP Work Manager – Creating workorder in morning and confirming the same in the afternoon results in LaborAddSteplet End date is before start date.
  4. SAP # 2161473 – SAP Work Manager – Creating workorder in morning and confirming the same in the afternoon results in error on transmit.
  5. SAP # 2157527 – SAP Work Manager – LaborAddSteplet – End Date before Start Date.
  6. SAP # 2069376 – The start and finish time for SAP Work Manager are captured incorrectly for operation level assignment.
  7. SAP # 1813025 – Client Time Zone is not recognized and no alias was found in TimeZoneAliases in Agentry.ini.
  8. SAP # 2211638 – ContractStartTime and ContractEndTime is blank – SAP Work Manager. Customer Service 2.1.
  9. Wiki – Set Up Time Zone Alias in Agentry.ini Configuration File.
  10. SAP # 2177266 – Elapse time of confirmation set to 0.00H – SAP Work Manager.
  11. SAP # 2253158– SAP Wrk Mgr – Composite complex table time stamp not in sync.


The goal of the product team is to merge most of the fixes in newer releases of SAP Work Manager. Please read each of the issues accordingly based on their known versions and check the SAP Work Manager release notes if they have applied the said fixes properly.


Known Limitation:


2233697 – Limitation: Workorder time confirmation duration or time lapse (Start Time and Finished Time) – SAP Work Manager 6.2


As with any known limitation, we continue to improve the product based on feature request and business needs. Any feature request needs to be given to the SAP Account Executive to tie in the request with your company. We hope the next releases improve each of the functionality as needed.


We (SAP Mobility support) will try to update this when we have any new items or found old items that can belong in this page.


SAP IBM Maximo Backend:


  1. 1922535 – StartTime using transmit time when placed on Hold after transmit with Started status – SAP Work Manager for Maximo


Other SCN References:



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