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A World of Good for SAP Customers: Business Agility with the World Template

Most of the companies I talk with on a regular basis are competing in a global economy where things are always changing and new opportunities are constantly emerging. Yet so many of them struggle with a level of IT complexity that prevents them from going after these opportunities in any way that can be described as fast.

When the economy is constantly changing, but your company can’t – that’s what’s known as a lack of business agility. And of course, the global part of the global economy only exacerbates things. Let’s say you’re thinking about ways to work better with facilities you have in other parts of the world – or maybe you’re thinking about expanding to such locations in the first place. Great idea! But when you have to contend with different languages, regulations, and business practices on top of your own core technical complexity . . . well, it’s easy to see why you’re thinking about it rather than acting on it.

What to do?  

Well, thanks to the Value Prototyping group here at SAP, we now have something that can help you address these challenges – something that helps you simplify your landscape and, crucially, helps you to keep it simple so that you can maintain business agility moving forward. 

The world in a box !

The ‘world template’ is an offering from SAP Value Prototyping that includes a standard configuration of SAP ERP, preconfigured for multiple countries in one client. Using a model company approach, it includes business content in the form of 90+ preconfigured business processes that are ready to use.  For cloud deployment options, we estimate that you can get up and running out of the box with core business processes in less than 12 hours.

The idea is that we start with a solid foundation of standard business processes  – and then provide assemble-to-order services to adapt it to meet individual needs. Core components include:

  • Proven template: This gives you the standardized core with support for 150 countries available out of the box – 63 based on varying localized SAP Best Practices, 87 based on generic, non-localized best practices
  • Industry best practices: The goal is to put you on the right footing moving forward with business processes that are proven to work best for your particular industry – and that also work together across multiple countries in a single instance
  • Preinstalled software: This includes SAP Simple Finance – with country-specific add-ons and 30 system languages
  • Next-generation interface: The entire offering is wrapped in SAP Fiori UX so that you can deliver an intuitive and consistent user experience across multiple devices
  • Rapid deployment solution packages: By combining proven rapid deployment solution packages into the offering, we build in proven accelerators that help to dramatically speed deployment times
  • Prototyping and delta scoping: These services give you a solid starting point so that you can evaluate what you’re getting into before moving forward

What you end up with is a highly scalable infrastructure based on a clean configuration, pristine coding, and core business content that you can use either as a design reference for further work down the line or as a jump start for your implementation project.

Core strength

All of this can deliver the agility you’re looking for in a global economy that’s constantly changing. Expanding to a new location overseas? Now it’s easier than ever before because the potential of subsidiaries is built into the core instance.. New to SAP? Why not start out right with a configuration that avoids the complexity trap and allows you grow without the hassles that come with excessive customization at the core? Looking to benefit from innovation coming out of SAP? Well, that innovation is designed to plug into that pristine core that you’ve maintained using the ‘world template’. Looks like you’ve made the right move.

In a world where business agility and the power to innovate quickly are what separate companies that grow from those that don’t, the ‘world template’ is worth investigating.

To find out more, visit us here: JAM Page: or contact

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      Murtada Alkinani

      Thanks Florian! This is really helpful!