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Hi All,

I’d like to share some stuff that took me a couple of hours to solve even though it was as simple as a 5-minute task.

The situation was that I was in the middle of a development that included interaction with the Service Layer and for external reasons I needed to restart the SAP HANA server. After that, my developments didn’t work. I found out that the Service Layer was not started since nothing was coming back from https://<servername>:50000/b1s/v1. I spent some time to realise the path to the service through which the Service Layer can be started or stopped and that’s what I want to share with you today.

To start the Service Layer simply run the following line in the SUSE console:

/etc/init.d/b1s start

To stop it just change start for stop.

That’s all. So, remember: If the Service Layer is installed but does not work, chances are that it’s not started.

Hope this helps.

Alejandro Fonseca

Twitter: @MarioAFC

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