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World Premiere SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio ASUG Webcast

From SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I wrote this: World Premiere Design Studio 1.6 #SAPtd SAP TechEd

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.  This week SAP’s Matt Lloyd provided a webcast on this topic – I will not repeat the slides, but supplement what I learned and include a detailed question & answer below


Figure 1: Source: SAP

With Design Studio 1.4 and 1.5 had 3 deployment platforms; feedback is to go to one due to differences in each one

Most features were in BI platform

Looked at who was using which platform – most were using BI Platform

Future direction, new features will be on BI Platform

It doesn’t mean HANA or NetWeaver platform is going away; keep using

New functionality on roadmap will only be on BI Platform (e.g. broadcasting)

As you look at new projects, look to BI Platform

BI Platform allows access to most data sources.  BI platform has companion mobile application


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 was a demo; a sales dashboard for the US

Top left – green if number is higher than previous years; define conditional formatting

Chart with a chart picker with new trellis charts

Geomap zoom in and zoom out; define up to 10 layers.  In 1.6 you can show pie charts in the geo maps


Figure 2a: Source: SAP

New in 1.6 is the custom icons for the markers on the maps; used to be a pin indicator and now you can define how it looks


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 is the new scorecard control.  It is a formatted table, unlike the crosstab, you have more control

Figure 3 is a butterfly chart with the dimensions in the middle and key features on the outside

You have more control over how it is represented

Figure 3 shows mini charts with icons

You can page through this; it can be scrollable or page through


Figure 3a: Source: SAP

Figure 3a is the new spreadsheet control to be used for the planning scenario, with a context menu


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows extra options added to the context menu – dynamic calculations – the settings will differ based on data source

SAP will provide a lookup table which feature is released

You can also drag directly into the crosstab now


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows the new chart feeding panel


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows 2 modes – SAPUI5 and SAPUI5 m  – m is a new responsive mode

Templates are in the SAPUI5 mode

Generic template is a “ready to run” template – you can deploy it to BI platform.  Once you have done that the user can see a list of systems. Planning template is using the new spreadsheet component

Ready to run means you don’t have to make any changes to it.

Standard applications use more customization


Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 7 is the roadmap

“Today” is 1.6 – more at the end of November / early December

Planned for next year – scheduling and broadcasting, annotations (coming in BI4.2), improve mobile experience using the SAPUI5 m mode, with responsive layouts

Composition reuse is planned – making a reusable control based on 1 or more Design Studio controls

Looking at importing Lumira Stories

Beyond, future direction, looking at variant support, local calculations (not just context menu) on top of the data source to allow you to do data manipulation

Question and Answer

Question Response
Can Design Studio dashboards be run in off-line mode? There is an off-line option available in 1.5
can multiple queries be tied to a single Design Studio chart component? no, not today
Is this a new color palette and can color palettes be customized/standardized across the dashboard? Color palettes are definable by the person – use CSS
Does Design Studio client support OSX? no – see the PAM
I thought offline for regular data connections was on the roadmap of 1.6 adn then was removed. Only offline for CSV is possible but full offline functionality like Lumira is not there maybe i am wrong Version 1.5 has an offline feature – please see
is geoJSON included in 1.6 download ? or download-able as extension? geomaps are part of 1.5 – SAP does not provide geoJSON files now
Can you please confirm the new Design Studio functionality available in 1.6 will only be available with the BIP whereas NetWeaver and HANA will not? That is not the case – please review the slide again
Can we create custom calculations as part of the initial view of a datasource? Great question – not right now; part of ad-hoc workflow
Does 1.6 has an option to do moving average for sleceted months/days like WAD does. Not sure – follow up
with which BIP version can Design Studio be accessed? Check the SAP Official Product Availability Matrix for this
How about the BO server Side for DS Addon ? Do we have any change on the Calculation Engine? Any Major changes on the APS Side? If use custom extension extensions had to restart APS – hopefully not happen any more
Can we create custom hierarchy of columns in design studio and can we use display attributes independent of the parent No; you could look at Lumira for something like that
thanks. accurate to say that with DS 1.5 this BIP access was possible? BIP access for Design Studio has been available for a while
Any performance improvement in 1.6 compare to 1.5 and lower? Each release do spend time on performance – don’t have benchmarks now
Bookmark administration in the CMC is cryptic in where the folders are located. We would like to define folders in the Documents tab of BI Launchpad to which users can save shareable Bookmarks directly from the Generic Analysis template Please put in Idea Place –
XS App development is moving toward the UI5 m library. Will Design Studio be doing the same thing Yes
Does 1.6 give us option to define own calculations, functions such as SUMGT at initial view level? No, not right now
Can the design studio templates (planning e.g.) be customized? Yes; this can be done today
is geoJSON an extension or automatically available? You need to download it
does “responsive layout” mean conformance to responsive web design standards, or something else? depend on what happened in UI5 – – as your device gets smaller / bigger
I see the chart componentsve changed. How soon we need to update our reports with this new compoenent if we migrate from 1.4SP2 to 1.6. This is optional
To confirm, there is no way to generate or display custom calculations in Design studio today? Only at runtime – ad hoc
What is the minimum version of the BI platform that is needed for Design Studio 1.6? The existing design should still be supported and you will get the latest bug fixes between 1.4 and 1.6. You can then choose whether you want to move to the newer charts + controls or stick with the older ones.
Why are custom hierarchies of columns  not supported in analysis template Design Studio doesn’t support creating custom hierarchies, they have to be defined in the back end (BW or HANA). Lumira can define custom level based hierarchies so there is a chance that we may be able to do something silimar in future for Design Studio if we do support the Lumira velocity engine (which is one of the potential roadmap items).
do you know when re you pannng to have the GeoMap session? Pencilled in (currently for early December) for the SAP Enablement series:
Upgrade? DS 1.5 dashboard conversion to 1.6? Existing dashboards will open in 1.6, if you then want to take advantage of new features you would either create a new app based on a 1.6 template or start to replace “classic” charts and controls with the updated versions.
What is the timeline to support scheduling and broadcasting? Does Design Studio 1.6 have 1:1 features mapping to Web Application Designer? It is on the roadmap for planned feature but no date beyond that as yet
If you have Enterprise BI license would Design Studio be par of the licence? You need to speak to your Account Executive to get a specific answer on this as licensing and what is included can vary from customer to customer. But typically speaking if you have the latest BI Suite license that should include Design Studio, again check with your AE to make sure.
How work DS 1.6 dashboard publishing to Fiori launchpad? SAP plans to provide a white paper on this once 1.6 is released

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