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This scenario is for transfers where the material has left the plant and/or a NF was generated. In this case you must use the return process.

** Inter/Cross Company is not supported because it has not been localized.

Standard Process flow

  1. You create a normal STO, post the outgoing document using movement 862.
  2. Then you create a new STO to do a full or partial return, setting the return flag at line item on the PO.
  3. Then you create and post the delivery using movement 671 (movement core used only for this scenario) and with reference to the original delivery posted.

Important Notes/KBAs


1512390 – Stock Transfer: Full/Partial Return of Transit Stock

2233868 – Return Delivery: The Material Origin is incorrect in Nota Fiscal / NFe

2133551– Full/Partial return of STO gets rejected by SEFAZ (NF-e without reference of wrong CFOP <-> funNFe)

1358750 – Stock Transfer: Full/Partial Return of Transit Stock

888805 – CBT:Stock transfer with stock transport order

199233 – Transfer with stock transfer order

Customizings for STO Return


  • On SM30, view J_1BIM03V. Delivery type ‘WL’ must be set to NF relevant.
  • For Intra Company delivery type NLR – Item Type NLRN
    • The assignment of the delivery types is in the IMG path:
    • Materials Management
    • Purchasing
    • Purchase Order
    • Returns Order
    • Store Return / Return Plant to Plant

Common Issues


  • NF not created. This is usually due to wrong or missing customizing on view J_1BIM02V.
  • Erro M7050 is usually to wrong configuration of tax code or Z pricing.
  • M7022. Core error that is recommended to be analyzed by the MM-IM component before send to localization.


Debug Tips

  • Variable  RETPO is the return flag set on the PO it could be used as a watchpoint.
  • SE38>>>LJ1BNTF1  for delivery search related.
  • SE80>>>Function Group>>>J1BN>>>Function Module>>> J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW
    For all calculation routines related to material movement can be see in this FM and it is where it starts the interface with FI.
  • SE37>>>Function Module>>> CALCULATE_TAX_ITEM
    Where the KOMP and KONK will be filled.
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>J1BF>>>Include LJ1BFF01
  • In this include the NF is created.
  • SE80>>> Function Group>>>MBGB>>> Subroutine>>> FORM AUSGABE (INCLUDE LMBGBFSU)
    This include you can find out issues regarding accounting posting and the famous balance error.


Portuguese Version of this post can be found on this link.

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