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SAP Inside Track: Join us for SAP Inside Track Hyderabad on 12th Dec 2015

“SAP Inside Track” has been organized under the aegis of SAP community network and supported by SAP. These events have been a great success in various cities of the world across Europe, Americas, Canada, Brazil, Australia and India.

SAP Inside track is the best place for sharing your learning experience, it is a local event, organized by community and would benefit all. I could always suggest that, SAP Inside Track is one of the must attend event in your professional career either as a participant or as a presenter.

Today we are announcing SAP Inside Track Hyderabad to be held on 12th December, 2015.

sit body.jpg

From one city it has transformed to multiple cities in India resulting in a Series on its own accord.

The theme for SIT Hyderabad would be sharing knowledge in line with TechEd focus but not restricted to that. This being a community event – it is in true spirit of “by the Community for the Community” welcoming any session that would be of common interest.

As per schedule, the Registration closed on  5 PM IST on December 4th, 2015. See you all the participants, Speakers and Volunteers on December 12th.

Propose a session to share with the community, spread the word and be there on 12th December 2015 in person to soak in the best day (professionally) of 2015.

Date and Location

Where: Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd

  Deloitte Drive, Road No. 2, D Block,

  Hitech City Layout, Madhapur,

  Hyderabad – 500 081, India

When:  12th December 2015

Time:   9 A.M to 5:30 P.M

Cost:    Free

Now coming to the actual event planning – we need participants and speakers who can present on topics on anything around SAP which might be of interest to the community. To encourage everyone to present sessions in SIT Hyderabad we are also working on getting some sponsored gifts for top 3 speakers.

Needless to say this is a great opportunity to meet and interact with your local SAP community peers, top contributors in SCN and SAP mentors. It is also a good platform to get visibility across the global SAP community having the event being webcasted and many interested SCN members as well as many SAP mentors around the globe watch it closely, if not directly participating even remotely.

Event agenda would be shared after all the sessions and speakers get finalized.

Participants from all over world are welcome for this wonderful event, if you plan any trip to Hyderabad, plan your travel dates with the event date, join us for the day and get the wonderful learning/sharing exposure.

Posted on December 5th, 2015:

Here is the High level agenda:


Below is agenda by Thread:

Due to overwhelming response for Development track,

we will have 2 parallel sessions running during the









Blogs related to individual tracks SITHYD2015:

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SIT Hyderabad 2015 – Technology Development

SIT 2015 – Hyderabad – Finance track

SIT 2015 hosted by Deloitte Consulting Hyderabad interesting insights

My experience :: Both as a Participant and a Volunteer at SIT  2014 and  SIT 2015 Hyderabad, hosted by Deloitte Consulting.


other Track session blog details will be updated soon

Topics presentation material: To view the topic material that was presented in each track session, please click below link.

Analytics Track

Development Track:

Finance Track:

Infrastructure Track:

Logistics Track:

UX&Mobility Track:

Previous SIT(s) in Hyderabad:

SAP Inside Track Hyderabad On 22 FEB 2014

SAP Inside Track event 2014 – Hyderabad

SAP Inside Track event 2012 – Hyderabad

SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2014 – YouTube

Hosted by


In association with


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    • Thank you Bharath. With S/4 HANA Logistics product release round the corner, I feel this is the right time to meet and share and learn new topics of the next generation business suite on HANA


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    SIT one hyd.jpg
  • Hi Team, With SAP S/4 HANA Logistics release, there is a lot of interest in SAP ERP community regarding the S/4 HANA Logistics functionality. Based on my understanding, content has been shared in the planning area of S/4 HANA Logistics. Please share your thoughts. Please Join SIT event on December 12th to Learn, Share and Network.

    SAP S/4 HANA Logistics – Production planning processes changes to run business in a simple and faster way in a digital world

  • Hi SIT team,

    I've registered for the event. as a speaker.... Yet to get confirmation... When can i expect my confirmation for the event so that I can plan my travel to Hyderabad...



    Sap Hana consultant

    Robert Bosch


  • Hi,

    I have submitted my speaker session ideas. So far I havent get any template or confirmation.

    Can you please send me as soon as possible.



    • Dear Siva, The topic was submitted yesterday and it needs to be reviewed by SITHYD team. Please bear with us and will provide the status by Monday to your mail id. regards, SITHYD Team.

    • Hi Siva,

      We have sent the registration acknowledgement and power point template to the given mail id. Please send us the updated presentation at the earliest.

      Meanwhile the topic will be reviewed by SIT Hyd Team with the available information provided by you.

      In case of any queries, please write to

      Thank you,

      With Best Regards,

      SIT Team,


  • Dear SAP professional, There is a huge response both form speakers and participants and good to see the interest to learn, share and network with SAP community.

    As you know, Registration will be closed by 29th November 5 P.M. Get Ready. ℹ


    SITHYD2015 Team

    • Hi SITHYD Team,

      I've registered for the event about two weeks ago and i haven't received any acknowledgement. Also i've raised a query with but i didnot get any confirmation.

      Will there be a mass communication to all the participants on the registrations confirmation and invite for the event?



    • Hi Srivatsan,

      We are in the process of finalizing the speakers and agenda.

      So we will let you know at the earliest on priority.

      Thank you,


      SITHYD 2015 Team.

  • Hi Team,

    I just came to know about this mega event. I have now registered today. Can you consider my request. I am eagerly waiting for this kind of meetings to attend and share our knowledge.



    • Hi Sunil Kumar, We already communicated to all the participants. Could you please share your mail id and we will send the confirmation. Thank you.


      HYDSIT team

      • Hello all - good luck at your event

        Please note per SCN rules you are not allowed to share your e-mail address; if you want to exchange e-mails please make your email public in the SCN profile settings

        Thank you,


        SCN Moderator

  • Hi Team, The registration has been closed as per schedule. Thank you very much for your registration as a Participant, Speaker or a Volunteer. The day agenda and topics in each track has been published in blog. See you all on December 12th, Saturday.


    SIT Hyderabad Team.

    • Hi Sunil Kumar,

      We have sent you the registration acknowledgement on Nov 27th but your mail inbox has sent an automated message. However we are confirming your registration as a participant (or listener).

      Thank you for the interest. Looking forward to meeting you on Dec 12th.


      SIT Hyderabad Team.

  • Hi Bharath,

    I registered for SIT-Hyd. I got Acknowledgement from SIT.After that i did not get any information.Is there any invitation sending from SIT Team.


    Srinivas Namamula.

  • Hi Bharath,

    I was out of station and unable to register for Inside track that is going to be held at Hyderabad.I am very interested in attending the session.


    Sridhar. A

  • Hi Ranga Roa,

    Do we have anything of this sort being planned in Bangalore Deloitte?

    We would be glad and looking forward to if there is any.


    Anuradha Jha

    • Hi Anuradha,

      Thank you for your comments. It is a local community event and can be organized by a group of SAP professionals in any city and SAP team provide support always. Regards, Ranga Davala

  • To avoid rush during registration time on December 12th, the registration process will start at 8.30 A.M and will end by 9.15 A,M. We request all of you to stick to the schedule and complete registration by 9.15 A.M.


    SITHYD Team

  • Hi Team,

    Is there any spot registrations?? Actually I missed to register? and few of my mates want to join along with me? Please help me on this.


    Chandrababu Katta

  • Update on the finance stream:

    Thanks every one for making the event very resourceful and I strongly felt I learned something new today.

    We had around 25 people attended the finance stream today. We had the session kicked off by Deloitte Directors followed by an insightful speech by Uma Maheswaran from SAP India about Digitalization and how the consultants should be prepared for change. We started the first session by 10:30 AM. We had a series of interesting topics around the latest innovations of SAP ranging from introduction of S/4 HANA to all the way till how can the organizations benefit from the upgraded closing cockpit with state of the art real-time analysis tools made available through smart business cockpits for closing.

    In the first session, we started with a point of view by Mr. Cedric from Deloitte consulting about proactive collections management by leveraging the dispute and credit management. During this session we elaborately discussed about how could the organizations benefit from combining the collections, credit and dispute management rather than using the collection management in silo. 

    During the second session, Mr. Yoganand from Deloitte Consulting, described about the new trends in the collections and payments management using XML formats in compliance with the CGI standards. He further described further about how this further help organizations in minimizing their TCO by maintaining one standard format rather than working through multiple formats such as BAI2, NACHA, EDI etc.

    The third session was co-presented by Mr. Nagendra & Ms. Sivaphani from Deloitte consulting. This session threw light on the new offering of central finance. The speakers provided an overview of the evolution of S/4 HANA and details about the central finance functionalities and the business cases on which customers are more suitable to implement central finance without disrupting the existing system landscape and still benefit from the S/4 HANA finance capabilities.

    After the lunch break, the fourth session was presented by Mr. Vishal from Deloitte consulting on IBP (Integrated business planning). This covered key features of IBP and the comparison of its features with BPC, different planning functions offered by IBP and how can the organizations benefit from these new offerings.

    The fifth session was on Financial close with closing cockpit delivered by Ms. Priyanka from Deloitte consulting.  The session covered various challenges facing the organizations on the month end close and how the closing cockpit coupled with the S/4 HANA smart business cockpit can help overcome these challenges. Also discussed was the smart business cockpit for closing, which offers very intuitive Fiori apps that help monitor the overall close process and can help organizations close their books much faster.

    The last topic of the day was on retail powered by IOT by Mr. Pavan Kumar from SAP Labs. He took us through a very interesting insights around IOT and the role it plays in digitization and how the organizations can leverage the benefits.

    I must say that all in all we had a wonderful group of energetic participants due to which the sessions were very interactive. Finally, we wrapped up the last session at about 4:30 PM.

  • Hi,

    The event was wonderful.. Happy to see lot of like minded developers who are enthusiastic in learning cutting edge concepts... I am glad to participate and present on IoT which had a huge response wherein participants bombarded with lot of questions . Happy to have  answered all of them..

    Presentations from SAP guys were also informative knowing the future roadmaps and product information.

    One thing which I wanted to understand is  that how the winners for each of the track were chosen? It should ideally be based on the feedback points , time management and the innovative presentations/demos... I some how felt it was not followed.. I wouldn't want to comment further  on this . Other than that I really enjoyed the event....  Thanks to DELOITTE and SAP PRESS for hosting the event.



    • Hi Srivatsan, Thank you very much for your participation in SIT event as a speaker and a participant for all sessions. The best speaker from each track has been assessed by the participants of that track based on the identified parameters. Thank you very much for your inputs and let us get connected to gain and share knowledge. Thank you. regards, SITHYD2015 Team.

  • Hi Ranga Rao Sir,

    I have participated in SAP inside track held on 12th Dec 2015 in UX and Mobility. I learned and enjoyed a lot from that sessions. I am urged to learn more the topics which i have attended. So, could you please share all the presentations which will useful for my further reference.

    • Dear Sunil, Nice to hear of your comments and Thank you very much for your participation. The team is working to consolidate files and Videos of each track and once it is done, we will share the location details. Thank you. regards, Ranga Davala

  • I have attended  SIT event for UX and Mobility on 12th Dec 2015 .This was my 2 nd SIT Event in Hyderabad.

    Very useful to know & explore the Latest Technologies .I am also eagerly waiting for PPT & Videos .

    Thanks Deloitte

  • Kudos to the SIT Hyderabad team... It was a great event @Deloitte. Does any one have any updates regarding the recorded sessions and ppts.



  • I have attended SIT event for User Experience and Mobility on Dec 12th 2015 ,it's really an SAP Day,@Deloitte Hyderabad. It was my first SIT event.It's really Awesome. Please share related PPTs and Videos if possible.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Thank you so much Deloitte and Ranga Davala for organizing such a wonderful knowledge sharing event. The insights we gained in one day @ SIT event, helps us in planning our career in line with new trends in SAP. Thanks a ton Ranga Davala for sharing presentations. It indeed helps us to look at other tracks information as well and at the same time, connecting us back to topics again. 🙂

    • Hi Praveena, Thank you very much for your participation as a volunteer and a participant. It was collective effort that made this event a successful one. Very true, the sessions helped to know where we are today and what to focus going forward..regards, Ranga

  • The sessions were really good. Infact we learned the Latest Technology Developments from speakers. I Once again thank one & all SIT Team Hyderabad for making this event as Grand Success. Special thanks to Ranga for bridging the communication gap between different SAP professionals & Technical Expertise.

    Wish you all Happy New Year 2016 in Advance, 🙂



    • Dear Bansi, Thank you. It was nice to see the interest from SAP professionals to gain knowledge in new topics and network with fellow SAP professionals. let us have many such knowledge hub meetings frequently. Thank you. regards, Ranga Davala