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How to add the Attachment Assignment Block in AIC_SRVREQ_G – ITSM Service Request Guided Procedure WebUI SM7.1


It’s had been a request in my organization of adding Attachment function on to Service Request Guided Procedure WebUI since my Solution Manger project kicked off. I was very confident in adding the attachment function because the edit mode version of Service Request as BRole SOLMANREQU has the attachment assignment block, well…but it turned out that the attachment view is not built-in view of AIC_SRVREQ_G and couldn’t find any patch making a change of AIC_SRVREQ_G to get the attachment Assignment Block or whatsoever.

After some survey and tests, I realized that UI enhancement is the only option in my situation, so I did enhance AIC_SRVREQ_G with the reference to AIC_INCIDENT_G – Incident UI objects. AIC_INCIDENT_G has GC_CM an attachment view not like AIC_SRVREQ_G and is also guided procedure UI as  AIC_SRVREQ_G is. Fortunately, the Attachment object GC_CM is a reusable component, so plugging in GC_CM to AIC_SRVREQ_G like other reusable objects was not impossible.    

For my case, I added the GS_CM assignment block on ViewSet AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV, but you can assign it as a separate step or as a view in a ViewSet. 

Here are the steps

     1. Build 2 component usages for GS_CM, one for edit mode and the other for GS_CM overview mode in the Runtime Repository Editor

     cf > ComponentUsage CUGSCMEdit , ComponentUsage CUGSCMOverview


     2. Add the interface view CUGSCMEdit.MainWindow under the main Window AIC_INCIDENT_G/MainWindow


      3. Build Navigation links and tide the in/outbound plugins(ADDxxx, URLxxx, etc) between main views ofCUGSCMEdit and CUGSCMOverview . you can refer Navigation links in AIC_INCIDENT_G


     4. Assign View CUGSCMOverview.MainWindow  to ViewSet AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV


     5. In Component Structure Browser, enhance the Component Controller ~ WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE and register comp. usages CUGSCMEdit & CUGSCMOverview as below, You might not need to enhance this part depending on Solman version. In Solman 7.1, I didn’t have to. I recommend that you better to check the same method in the super classes    

when ‘CUGSCMOverview’ OR ‘CUGSCMEdit’.

       iv_usage->bind_context_node( iv_controller_type = cl_bsp_wd_controller=>co_type_component

iv_target_node_name = ‘BTADMINH’

iv_node_2_bind     = ‘PARENTNODE’ ).


     6. Finally, add the GS_CM Assignment Block to AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV  via View configuration tool





You can use the IMG configuration for global activity to assign a new step for AIC_SRVREQ_G. but in that case you should enhance the interfaced methods of target UI component after IMG configuration and have to enhance some more other objects. It was no point to me using such tedious way instead of using a simpler way of just enhancing UI that already exists. However, which way suits to you is totally up to your situation and up to design of your project and, of course, up to your preference.   


Solution Manager 7.1 is a much improved and more user friendly version in comparison of previous ones, Especially, ABAP Webdynpro UI parts look bit loaded with new features but still depending on CRM UI in many ways. Therefore, it’s inevitable to have to use CRM WebUI anyway which requires CRM background technically and functionally. If your organization needs to implant own process into SM, it means you might need CRM guys on that. Hope this article helps your “Solution Manger life” easier ….  

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  • Hello,

    Nice and helpful post. We have tried your method and it worked flawlessly on our test system, however on the productive system, we are getting a BSP error:

    Define component usage ‘CUGSCMOverview’


    Program CL_BSP_WD_OVW_VIEWSET=========CP

    Include CL_BSP_WD_OVW_VIEWSET=========CM00A


    Method BIND_LAZY

    Line 27

    The thing is, everything seems to be set up the same way on both systems.

    Could you please give us some advice?


      • Hello,

        thank you for the reply. The codes in WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE were updated. I have tried changing the ID’s of the GS_CM usage and creating the enhancement again from scratch..
        It seems that for some reason, the productive system doesn’t recognize the component usage:

        ID: CUGSCM_Overview

        Used Component: GS_CM

        Interface view: MainWindow

        Is there a way to push it through a reference usage or other method?

        Thank you again

        • Hi PC

          As you said, you didn’t have any problem in dev but in prod .

          it seems like you might not have proper authorisation in product system . You might not able to access some objects required to run ITSM Service Request Guided procedure with your user ID ,

          If you have any super user id in prod, try it again with the user ID


  • Hello,  I have performed all activities but I was not able to see GS_CM Assignment Block to AIC_SRVREQ_G/vStep2OV, like you in step 6, any suggestion?