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SAP Release Notes Documentation

Do you know what are the SAP Release Notes? Any idea?


One hint… it is not SAP Notes that are released to customers…


In my opinion, it is a gold mine that needs to be known by all SAP users and more than that…


It is an entire documentation for all SAP Products (not only PSM but even more than ERP) dedicated to solve questions such as:



  • Why was it working differently before?
  • How can I know what has changed in the newer release?
  • How can I know what has changed between releases?
  • I need to know the side-effects of this new functionality.
  • Is it necessary to activate a business function for this?
  • What are the functionalities included in the business function?


How to find Release Notes documents?


  1. Enter in link:
  2. Open SAP Solutions -> SAP ERP -> SAP ERP 6.0 -> ECC 6.0 -> English
  3. Select the PDF of your area.



You will see a screen similar to this one:


As you can see you can find there, all component areas for each Release and Package.

Instead of choosing SAP Solutions folder you can see the other options where you find other SAP products also and the respective documentation.


Let me know if you found useful this content in the comments section and if you could find the PDF related to your area of interest.


I am sure that FI, CO, PSM and MM are there and I have used that documentation already.


Best Regards, Vanessa.

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    • Hello Alice,

      How to publish a document? I believe you should contact internally the correspondent SAP team for this question. I am not the right person to answer you that.

      I just checked some days ago and the documentation is still there, for newer releases also, and I found them in the same way I describe in this post.

      My intention with this post is to inform externals customers, partners and consultants – with authorized access to SMP – about this documentation that is not searchable (as they are PDFs) and they are hard to be found.

      Do you know any other way to find these documents? Please share it…

      Regards, Vanessa.