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On the way of HANATECH Certification

HANA is like a “My precious!”  for me nowadays.

I am struggling to be a certified HANA Tech Consultant.

Day and night

Always in my mind. 🙂

In my opinion and I see that future is being built on HANA.

Especially if you are working as an SAP consultant.

By hook or by crook you will meet HANA somewhere somehow.

So “be prepared” (I liked this cartoon very much by the way. 🙂 )  before the future comes.

What I have done so far for the certification exam are;

  • Of course already scheduled for the exam
  • Learning Hub was one of my helper. I finished HA200e course on Leaning Content. (S User and paying for the content is needed)
  • Studied HA200 hard. Read all the content carefully. Summarized most of the units.
  • Practiced knowledge on some HANA based projects
  • Searched through net for example questions and tested myself
  • Watched videos on Youtube HanaAcademy

In order to achieve something you need to give something from you.

It could be time, money, sleep, etc.

Also without challanges, studies, difficulties you cannot be special one.

Success comes after these kinds of things.

In order to be successful you must try first. Otherwise it will be always far away from you.

I can say that I learn many things when I train or when I study for an exam.

That’s very instructive.

You can see the whole picture also when you study the training books.

I advice you to prepare yourself for the exams and get them.

I think I already got a lot about HANA and feel very close to the certificate.

Wish me luck. 🙂



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