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Edit: Please bear in mind that I am currently on a SAP NW 7.4 and therefore not able to test the functionality on BC 6.0 fully, as i don’t have a 7.5 ABAP system or the 7.5 UI addon to the NW 7.4.

Hi all,

There have been a few comments lately on how to integrate the fiori launchpad into (NW) BC, guess it is just BC from now on 😉

In BC 6.0 SAP have added the possibility to use a fiori launchpad connection. While you get a fancy new icon, there isn’t much functionality right now, as the navigation bar for example now only can be used for web adresses and not to write transactions. This blog is how you can get the fiori launchpad as well as the full support of BC.

NB: BC 6.0 is still in PL 0, so there is still plenty Cof time to improve this, so brace yourself with patience.

05-11-2015 09-40-03.png

1. Create system variable.

Firstly what we will do is to add a variable link, so we can more easily transport our role between our systems.

Go to transaction SM30_SSM_VAR and create a variable and assign hostname and port to this. In this example i use local.

Pay attention to if you are using a / in the end of the string, this is quite important.

05-11-2015 09-28-53.png

2. Create role and add fiori launchpad

Go to transaction PFCG and create a role. In this role add a folder and then add a web url to this folder. Add the <variable name> from before. (Mine is local) and then the rest of the url to the launchpad. If you have added the / in the string in transaction SM30_SSM_VAR, then it should be without a / between <local> and SAP in the below screenshot.

05-11-2015 09-30-40.png

Afterwards it should look like this.

05-11-2015 09-29-42.png

Add the role to your user.

3. Change BC parameters

Now you need to change the parameters in your BC by going to settings –> Personalize.

05-11-2015 09-52-20.png

Change the value Entry Page to “First Pinned Tab”

05-11-2015 09-35-30.png

Afterwards go back to the BC menu and hold CTRL down while hovering over help, then go to extended supportability –> Clean-Up –> Reload navigation tree from server.

Finally find you newly created folder in your index page and launch the fiori launchpad.

Right-click on the tab and press pin tab.

05-11-2015 09-57-51.png

4. See result

Now logoff and then restart BC and log on to your BC connection (Not the fiori connection). And voilá it should now just open the fiori launchpad as your new “index page”. You now have the fiori launchpad, but also the full capability of the BC.

My upcoming blog will show you how to get the fiori search integrated into BC.

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  1. Simon Kemp

    Thanks for sharing this Jakob.

    If you use your approach do you still get support of Fiori app-to-app navigation? Is there a difference in behaviour when you click on a tile vs. what happens if you use the Fiori connection type?

    Also I assume making it appear instead of the index page is an end user task and cannot be done centrally?



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Simon,

      The fiori launchpad in a NWBC connection works exactly like in a browser ( or fiori connection) So all the functionality works like normal.

      I have managed to get the navigation bar to work with the Fiori search as well. This comes probably next week 😉

      1. Former Member

        Thanks for sharing 🙂

        Do you happen to know a way of setting a pinned tab for a group of users or for all users at a client?

        Using the “Pin” function will work locally, but you have do perform that “Pin” action for all users. The settings are saved in %appdata%…\Tabs with <ID> (hashed), <system>, <client> and <User> which unfortunately makes this file pretty much non-distributable.

      2. Sandra Thimme

        Again: There is a difference between the Fiori Launchpad within the NWBC connection and the Fiori Lauchpad in the new Fiori connection! When you click on a tile using the fiori connection you can directly jump to a native transaction.

    2. Sandra Thimme

      Using the Fiori connection (SAP Business Client 6.0) you can start a transaction directly from the launchpad tile. This is not the case in Jakobs approach, but within the NWBC Connection you can launch the transactions anyway. As always it depends on the end user tasks/needs to find the most suitable solution.

      1. Former Member Post author

        Hi Sandra,

        I appreciate the feedback on the blog. I think this opens up quite an interesting discussion about the existence of the business client. In short the fiori connection now is similar to running the fiori launchpad in the browser.

        So currently the most significant improvement( and I do acknowledge this) is that you can launch native gui screens directly from the fiori launchpad.

        I think a great improvement to the the business client would be the integration of workcenters, cockpits and favorites. Any thoughts of this?

        I have developed a WDA that simplified the approach to creating fiori tiles and that in collaboration with business client also launched native WDA’s and GUI screens. It pretty much acted as a “jump station”. So I could argue I could get the best of both worlds 😛

  2. Sandra Thimme

    Hi Jakob, [5.0 vs. 6.0] I personally would not say that to start a transaction directly from a launchpad tile “isn’t much functionality”. But you are right the new icon is really fancy! Regards, Sandra


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