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Dear hybris Billing/BRIM customers

Great news, we have started hybris Billing wiki web page to improve customer experience. You will find the hybris wiki page here for a wealth of detailed product information including your dedicated hybris Billing customer space  as the central source of information.

STEP 1: Registration

Register  for the wiki by entering your account details using your corporate email address. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your account has been approved and activated.

STEP 2: Product Information Page  Once registered, you can access the  Product Information Page for more details on your solution and visit our Product Roadmap to see what is coming up.

TIP: The Product Information Page will be your central place for hybris documentation. You will also discover related information, such as detailed product information, installation guides, release notes, tutorials, best practices etc.

For more information contact your hybris Billing customer manager,  Heidi Zhao (, who will be your first and main point of contact within hybris.

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    1. Heidi Zhao Post author

      hi, Mario, I believe you can register as a partner. which project are you on? Please send me an email, I may be able to help. thanks Heidi

            1. Heidi Zhao Post author

              Sorry for taking so long.

              I did see the emails forwarded by one of my colleagues to the wiki partner. Please check back with them if possible. you have the right email though.

    1. Former Member

      I got the confirmation that my account type has been changed to ‘customer’ still i’m getting the message ‘page not found’ when I trying to access to above mentioned links on yBilling.

  1. Rahul Paldiwal

    Hello Heidi and Laurence, I am not able to access any of these pages… I have reset my password but it still says username and password incorrect… Can you please help?

  2. Former Member

    I registered myself as ‘customer’ few days back but still waiting for the confirmation. I need to know the h/w & s/w requirements to do the installation of hybris billing. Can someone please help with that.

    1. Heidi Zhao Post author

      I didnt find the access request with your name, please send me email adress, so I can check. Please keep in mind, this is customer wiki only, we do not accept personal email account.


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