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SAP Enterprise Portal on NetWeaver 7.5: Highlights

SAP NetWeaver is the technology platform and foundation for the SAP Business Suite and the SAP NetWeaver hubs such as SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Process Orchestration. For more information, have a look at the SAP NetWeaver 7.5 landing page.


These are the top 4 highlights of SAP Enterprise Portal – based on SAP NetWeaver 7.5 – which are planned to be available:


1. SAP Enterprise Portal UX renovation according to SAP Fiori UX paradigm:

  • SAP Fiori as the leading SAP Portal UX, also aligned with S/4 support and UX strategy for UI clients
  • Step-by-step enhancements according to SAP Fiori 2.0 UX paradigm (Fiori Overview Page, notifications and more)


2. S/4 HANA integration by supporting S/4 HANA content (analytical apps, factsheets) using remote catalogs feature.


(click on image for better reading)



3. SAP Web IDE deployment plugin into SAP Enterprise Portal, enabling developers to create and deploy Fiori-like apps to the Portal.


4. Lean and simplified Portal

  • New Fiori SCA, allowing an easy and lean upgrade of Portal in the context of Fiori scenarios.
  • Deprecation of duplicated or non-used tools and functionality as part of a simplification project (for example the UI Theme Designer replacing the Theme Editor).

        For more information, see note 2204286


Note: most of these features and highlights will not be available on SAP NetWeaver 7.4 or 7.31. Only SAP NetWeaver 7.5 will provide the latest features and innovations as for example a new visual UI design, based on SAP Fiori 2.0, the integration of S/4 HANA content and a lean and simplified Portal including the new Fiori SCA. SAP NetWeaver 7.5 will also be based on the latest Java version (Java 8).

Recommendation for customers: customers, who are still on EP 7.0 and plan an upgrade, are recommended to upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.5. Customers, who are already on SAP NetWeaver 7.4 or 7.31, can still remain there for a while and do not need to upgrade right away, they should however think about an upgrade strategy.

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  • Hi Vera,

    Thanks for the information. 

    The 4 highlights that you mentioned are they only available to 7.5 release, is there any plan to align this highlights to lower releases (e.g. 7.31 latest SP's 17 and above) ?



    • Hi Siva!

      Most features of SAP NetWeaver 7.5 will not be part of SAP NW 7.4 or NW 7.31. Only in 7.5 we will have S/4 HANA support. NW 7.5 is or will support Fiori 1.0 and Fiori 2.0 Fiori launchpad (+future launchpads), 7.4 only supports Fiori 1.0 launchpad. Also the lean and simpified Portal will only exist in NW 7.5. I plan to write a summary of the most important differences on SCN ((I already thought that people will ask this question), I will soon publish something in this blog above.

      Best regards


      • Thank you Vera for clarifying, much appreciated.

        Yes, it would be helpful to customers to understand the difference in the releases to make a decision towards portal upgrade to leverage new Fiori features.

      • Hello Vera,

        Is this blog on differences on 7.4 and 7.5 available ?

        Its going to be very challenging (business case, cost, etc.) to upgrade again to 7.5 as many of us did that about an year ago and 7.5 has been release only few months back. SAP should re-think on the strategy of not having these features in 7.4



        • Hi Parag!

          Yes, I understand very well your concern. At the moment there is no force to upgrade to 7.5. At the moment almost all features of 7.5 (which were already released) will also be available on 7.4. You will realize the difference more towards the end of 2016, when some features will then only be available on the 7.5 code line. You can also continue with 7.4, and think about what features are really a "must", and then upgrade to 7.5 when it is really necessary.



  • Hello Vera,

    what do you mean by "SAP Enterprise Portal UX renovation according to SAP Fiori UX paradigm" ?

    ==> with use SAP Enterprise portal as Intranet + Document Management (lot ok KM customising) + back-end integrations.

    We use Ajax Framework and WPC to have 'landing page', role based with news, documents, links,...

    In a PPT I found

    "Ajax Framework Page new design: There is new visual desing for the SAP Blue Crystal theme, aligned with SAP Fiori Desing guidelines".

    -> is that the SAP EP UX renovation you mean in your first point ?

    -> and with is the future of KM ?  Is it 'replaced' by SAP Mobile Document (in terms of UX to access/manage documents) ?

    -> is the landing page (with (simple) picture, news, links,...) still valid ?  ie: fiori launchpad is great but not very useful for news publication (?)

    Best regards.


    • Hi Vincent!

      SAP EP UX renovation in EP 7.5 means that Fiori 2.0 will find its way into Portal as the leading UX experience. And there is also the Fiori Framework page (already part of EP on NW 7.4 and NW 7.31).

      The Ajax frameworkpage is still supported, also WPC is still part of Portal 7.5. KM as well, but here you could for example use SAP Mobile Documents for end user access (as UI).

      The new development in NW 7.5 will mainly refer to this 4 areas listed in my blog. Meaning for example, that the SAP Fiori 2.0 integration into Portal will be one of the major areas of new development in NW 7.5.

      Whereas there is no new development in WPC or KM anymore planned. But both are still part of the delivery as you know it.



  • Hi Vera,

    Is Learning solution content player supported on NW 7.5? I couldnt able to find sufficient information on this, would be glad if you provide any insight on this.



      Hi Kiran!
      You mean if there is a business package in Enterprise Portal for Learning solution content player running on NW 7.50? I known that all business packages also run under NW 7.50, but I do not have special informaton on the content player. You can also check this general blog on NW 7.50

      Best regards

  • Hi Vera,

    I heard that SAP has removed the concept of JCo Destination in 7.5 Portal. If that is the case,
    1. How would we migrate the applications from 7.0 to 7.5 ? What is the new concept which we need to choose for migration of existing Webdynpro Java Applications which has used JCo Destinations
    2.  Is there any Migration tool from SAP which handles JCo Destinations part.



      Hi Sankar!
      I contacted a JCo expert within SAP and here is his answer:
      "JCo offers the RFC protocol to the Java world and is therefore still an essential part of the open SAP on-premise integration strategy. There are currently no plans to discontinue the support or further development of JCo. What is true is that the JCo API got a major redesign 10 years ago. This new JCo3 API was introduced as of NW AS Java release 7.10. The old JCo2 API was declared to be deprecated but was kept in parallel for compatibility reasons, thus allowing all customers and applications a smooth migration from JCo2 to JCo3. Now – more than 10 years later – we are at the point of removing this old deprecated JCo2 API from the next NW AS Java release. That’s all.

      JCo3 will still be the recommended framework for doing RFCs from Java. For the migration process from JCo2 to JCo3 there is a migration guide downloadable from .

      Furthermore there is also an open source migration helper eclipse plugin available from . "

      Concerning Webdynpro migration I would suggest to ask a question under Webdynpro tag in the discussion application of the community.

      Best regard

  • Hello Vera,

    I am not seeing any comment published by Dedi Metser here. However, if you have your subscription for Email notifications for comments and answers on your posts "turned on" then you should be receiving an email notification for this comment.

    Please note at times the Email may take a little longer to reach your Email inbox than our Community notification service. If you are still facing this issue please reach out to me here or via Email again and I can investigate further.

    Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Hope we will be able to solve it quickly.

    Best regards,

    Sajid Amir

  • Hello Vera,

    Will Fiori 2.0 UX and it's new belize theme be available for the SAP Portal using Fiori Framework Page with Fiori Launchpad (e.g. NW7.50 SP7)?




      • Hi Vera,

        We are on SAP Portal NW 7.5 SP07 on HDB. The ABAP+JAVA webdynpro screens/iviews open up really nice and mobile friendly on SAP Blue Crystal theme. But when we change the theme to SAP Belize, Webdynpro screens/iviews start opening up in old classic (GUI like) screens. Is there any specific settings to be done when activating SAP Belize.




          Hi Mohsin!

          First you should check your configuration. In 7.50 there is an option to configure whether you want to use 1.38 version of UI5 (with Fiori 1)  or 1.44 (with Fiori 2). There is no way back once you switched to work with 1.44. If you did not switch to UI5 1.44 SAP Belize theme will not work.

          See documentation:

          With version 1.38 (which is the default) sap_belieze is not supported, with version 1.44 sap_belize is supported (and sap_bluecrytal is not). For the different application, we are passing them the parameter to be rendered with Belize in such cases.

          Best regards



  • Hi Vera,


    Thank you for the informative blog. I've been trying to know by posting questions on portal community about the minimum SP level for backend systems to run Portal 7.5. We have ECC 6.0 EHP 6 SP19. Will that work with Portal 7.5? Thank you.



      Hi Abdulgaffar!

      I think this should work. Please have a look at this SAP note 1388258 In the note you also find an attachment image with "Adjusted Version Interoperability for SAP Business Suite". Have a look at this image, this might be very helpful for you.

      Best regards


  • Hi Vera,

    Thank you for the information. Is there any update for integrating BW report in Portal ,since BEX ivew is not supported by BW HANA system. What should be the way to view BW Reports in Portal?



    Thanks in advance.