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Introducing: Monthly Call To Discuss SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture Challenges

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************************** Update – 4th March 2016 *********************************

Invitation: #SAPSysArchs – SAP S/4 Hana Preparing Your SAP Landscape and Moving to S/4 Hana Architecture Call – Wednesda…

***************************** Update – 10th February 2016 ****************************

Invitation: #SAPSysArchs – SAP Fiori & SAP Portal Architecture Call – Wednesday 17th February 17:00 CET

***************************** Update – 12th January 2016 *****************************

. Following the significant interest expressed at TechEd [which Martin Steinberg blogged here

System Architecture sessions at #SAPtd Barcelona ]

     . The first call will be Wednesday 20th January 2016 – 21:00CET

          #SAPSysArchs – SAP Gateway Architecture Call – Wednesday 20th January 21:00 CET

          . please add this to your diary – the call details and agenda will be published in due course

     . The subject will be SAP GateWay – from the Basis Architecture / Infrastructure perspective, eg

          . Local or Central GateWay

          . Multiple GateWays and Fiori Launchpad

          . Single point of entry Url and Portal integration

     . If you have Basis Architecture/Infrastructure questions for the SAP GateWay please add them to the

     comments for inclusion in the call

     . Subsequently a shared location will be provided for submitting subjects and questions

     in a more anonymous way enabling avoidance of disclosing company sensitive information

     . Any questions please add to the comments


In this the next chapter of the journey to drive engagement and contribution on the SCN in the area of SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture together with other members of the community Martin Steinberg and Christian Braukmueller  we are going to run a monthly call to discuss SAP Basis/Infrastructure Challenges affecting members of the community.

Here’s the thing, the SCN is wonderful, it is a door to a world where people are 24/7 sharing insights to the latest and greatest coming out of SAP, the new technologies, trends, methodologies, tools, possibilities, approaches and this is wonderful.

However, there are a lot of people at a lot of companies who despite their interest in the new strategies and directions, are simply trying to do the best they can for their companies within the confines of their business, be it budget, technology, appetite for risk etc.

The Monthly Call To Discuss SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture Challenges is about answering the questions and challenges affecting ordinary SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architects at ordinary companies, the approach which will be evolved over time will be based initially around the following template:

. A blog will be published each month ahead of the Call and inviting members of the  community to

submit challenges they are working on as a case point for discussion and debate in the Monthly Call

. The blog will also give the date of that month’s Call

. Subsequently, the panel will pick from the submissions cases to be discussed and debated

. In the Call, the panel will discuss a challenge submitted by a member of the community and give

their suggestions on how to solve the challenge, and then lead into an open debate in the Call to

debate and discuss the challenge and approaches to solving it

. For the call, as much as possible we plan to invite subject matter experts from SAP and the

SAP Mentors Community to bring expert feedback to the discussions

. This is the outline, the format will evolve in time as we all understand what works the best

What Kind Of Challenges Submissions Are We Looking For ?

     . We are looking for your real SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture Challenges which you are having

       to solve in your Role at your Company,for example, and the list can be huge, but these are some hints

          . Basically the kind of SAP Basis  Infrastructure/Architecture challenges that we face in our companies..

          . How many SLD’s should I have, should my SLD be on my PI ?

          . How should I upgrade my SAP systems, the whole landscape every year or cherry

          pick certain components to upgrade, which onesand why ?

          . How do I prepare my SAP Landscape for a migration roadmap to Hana how do

          I ready my SAP Landscape ?

          . How many ERP systems should I have in my SAP Landscape, how can I consolidate to

          One ERP or One Instance ?

          . How can I consolidate my SAP Landscape ?

          . How to support Custom Java Developments in SAP what infrastructure is needed ?

          . How to improve the performance across my SAP systems ?

          . How to setup BPM what is the minimal and maximal approach ?

          . How to integrate this system to that system, should I put PI in the middle ?

To make this work, and to make it fun and valuable, we want you to submit your SAP Basis/Infrastructure Challenges which are on your desks and where you are interested to hear the perspectives of others. Imagine all of the questions above and more, and let’s add a twist, I want to solve those questions on a small budget, what to do ? Alternatively, I want to solve those questions, and I have funding available to make strategic long term investments, what to do ?

And this is the point with SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture as I pointed out here The New SCN SAP NetWeaver Architecture Category – An Introduction there is no right or wrong answer, because every company has different pressures, timewise and financially and these are the key pressures which influence the decisions of Basis Architects.

And this I the great thing, there is no right or wrong answer, there are better and less better approaches based upon the conditions and pressures in the circumstances, but every situation and company is unique.

One of the big wins of the Monthly Call To Discuss SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture Challenges will be, it is a learning opportunity for everybody, everybody who attends the call will gain, if you will have read the blog leading to that month’s call you’ll be familiar with the subjects which are going to be discussed and after the call you will have either:

. learned something new

. extended your knowledge

. confirmed that what you know is correct

So that’s the plan.

The first call is being planned for Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 21:00 CET

The call will be in the format of SAP Adobe Connect, url will be published later.

In the meantime, Christian Braukmueller has already held an Infrastructure Architecture Session at Teched in Las Vegas introducing the subject and plan and discussing with attendees the kinds of issues and challenges they are facing which they’d like to discuss, these are some of the items which came up:

     . CI layout question and kernel

     . Transports question

     . Application Server Layout and Resource consumption

     . Memory management

     . Scale up scale out

we can see, this is the point, in the ordinary companies, the questions are less S4Hana and more, how do I run what I have the best way ?

Both Christian Braukmueller and Martin Steinberg  will be at Teched Barcelona and running sessions to further introduce the subject of the Monthly Call and to invite subjects for discussion in the first call.

The Barcelona Sessions will be at these times:

     . Christian Braukmueller

               Martin 2.png

     . Martin Steinberg
              Martin Teched Barcelona.png

Another Teched Barcelona session for people interested in Architecture driven by Marlo Simon  – EXP27099    Architecting your Path to Cloud Adoption and Innovation    Tuesday, November 10, 2015  04:00 PM-04:30 PM   Lounge 7

     Maroli Somin.png

And another very useful Teched Barcelona session for Basis/Infrastructure Architects, hosted by Tom Cenens  it’s the sesson on  SAP Solution Manager 7.2 architecture and migration to SAP HANA at SAP TechED Barcelona    – EXP28842 takes place at SAP TechED Barcelona on Tuesday, 17:3018:00 CET Lounge 7, Showfloor



If you’re at Teched Barcelona and interested to join this movement to bring SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture challenges to the front and discuss real world challenges with others and find and share solutions then make a point of visiting Christian or Martin or Marlo or Tom.

All comments and feedback is welcome here in the blog comments section as well as open discussion of challenges you’re facing for submission for the first call on Tuesday 24th November at 21:00 CET.

Looking forward,


p.s. Don’t forget, here on the SCN we have the SAP NetWeaver Architecture Category where architectural questions can also be posted – over here…  The New SCN SAP NetWeaver Architecture Category – An Introduction so if you have a challenge and you’re impatient like me and can’t wait for the monthly call then post the question in the discussion forum or as a blog in the Architect Category

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    • Hi Steve,

      well hopefully it will be fun and we'll all have the chance to learn something.

      What we need right now is people to reply with real life challenges which are on their desks and they are pondering over.

      Best regards,


  • Very cool, Andy! A bit unfortunate call timing for US participants (major holiday week), but hopefully recording will be available?

    This got me thinking if we could do something like that in ABAP too... For now I'll just observe how it goes for you guys. Good luck!

    • Hi Jelena,

      the monthly architecture call isn't restricted to pure infrastructure topics. We can also place software related architectural discussions there. As one cannot live without another (I mean Basis/Infrastructure and software components) it's good for both to have a look beyond the horizon.

      Do you have any concrete challenges you would put onto the table?

      Let's see how everything will go - I am quite optimistic especially having one call per month is feasible and we are sure that it'll be fun 🙂

      Best regards


    • Hi Swami,

      well, idea and kick start are good, but to get anything from it, we need subjects to discuss.

      What are you working on at the moment, any Basis Architecture challenges that we can philosophise ?

      I hope you and the family are doing fine in the UK and SAP is treating you well.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Andy

        Yes, I am well, thanks. Hope you are also doing well.

        Yes, couple of things to say...

        We just finished our SAP Fiori Project (mostly, it was a like internally managed)  for Purchase Requisition Apps & We De-scoped for SAP Fiori My Inbox, mainly due to non-availability of documentation or Configuration or  its proven functionality....

        Another one is Oracle related,   though we say Oracle specific but we depend on SAP. We understood that by end of Jan’15, std. support for Oracle was about to end and we upgraded to and then by next Jan. (Jan’ 2016) std. Support for going to end then we started planning for Oracle 12 upgrade (SBX upgraded to 12) and few confusion on supported SBP version as well & just 2 weeks back SAP released/updated OSS note saying “Oracle” with SBP version 7 ( support is extended until May 2017. Though it is a good news for us but mainly strategy is missing here or not correct. This adds up lots efforts and time unnecessarily.

        Next one is for SUM SP... On 5th Nov. SAP released SUM 1.0 SP14 & I have downloaded this SP and  started one of our SAP NW 7.40 Process Orchestration system’s SP upgrade (to 11 from 9) but found that  the relevant OSS Note not released on that day when I looked for “KEYWORD” for SUM tool go further under roadmap phase “4. Confirm Target”.

        Not sure, what we say here,  “strategy is missing”  or “Challenges in Basis/Infrastructure” whatever we call it but we spent lots of time.... !!!



        • Hi Swami

          very nice sounds like you are having a lot of fun.

          There are a lot of details in the Ora 12 upgrade which need to be considered, for example to name a few we are thinking about, once you are on Ora 12, subsequent SAP upgrades can only be to NW7.4 and above, with Ora 12, Oracle is bringingnancy (like in Hana) and this means with Oracle 12 good practice will be to give the Oracle db it's own abstract sid so that if it hosts multiple tenants then the underliying database has it's own unique sid, the challenge this brings is the Unix Users which are used to execute the db and a plan/strategy has to be made on how and when to change the Oracle Unix User from OraSid of the SAP system to a different abstract name - there's a lot to consider with the Ora 12 upgrade.

          I totally know what you mean about the time invested in trying to figure all this out, and this can be one of the byproducts of the monthly call, collectively figuring things like this out and sharing what has been found from preparation research for the benefit of all.

          A call subject could even be things like Ora 12 upgrade, there are enough items in that subject to justify a call.

          Best regards,


  • First: This is an excellent idea!

    And it fits perfectly into a gap we'll try to fill in our own company right now by addressing SAP-Basis - architectural issues in an 'Community of practise' approach with architects, designers and admins on board.

    Here are some picks from our draft agenda and additional ad hoc ideas

    • What's the best Tool for a realtime System Overview/Documentation, which means it is obviously not Powerpoint :-). Is it LVM? CCMX, SolMan ...?
    • What's a smart  Monitoring Architecture with all the monitoring data popping up in CCMX, in Solman, in LVM, in dba-tools of different flavours, in third party tools...
    • What's a sufficiant Solman-Architecture and smart Solman-Strategy from a SAP-Basis perspective?
      • How clever is a pure 'defensive' approach, many teams practise?
      • Do we need one at all? (MOPZ functionality will move?) 
    • SAP-Basis-Administration in the grip of compliance?
      • How can agile, fast, efficiant work be saved from drowning under a wave of    new regulations, new tools, massive burocracy ...
      • Impacts of (for example) GRC and ....
    • Handling uncounted certificates all over the landscape and their expiry. (Where is the automated solutíon from SAP?)
    • What is the Automation strategy / platform suitable for our needs? (LVM?)
    • HANA: Just wait and see? Get Hands on and how? Skill the team in advance?

    best regards,


    • Hi Martin,

      totally agree with all you say (and subjects for attention), and especially,

      addressing SAP-Basis - architectural issues in an 'Community of practise' approach with architects, designers and admins on board.

      that is precisely the target.

      If we can make this a success on a regular basis then as a subsequent evolution I would like us all, together to build a community of Architects from different companies learning from each other avoiding duplication of effort in every company and moving in the direction/principles of how the works, but for SAP Basis/Infrastructure Architecture - let's get the monthly call working first and then think about the next steps.

      Best regards,


  • Great idea! Already like the format! As a big fan of podcasts: did you think about publishing the recordings as a podcast?

    I also have two topics in my mind:

    • best practise for change and transprot system (yes, good old ABAP transport requests). I have the feeling, there is always a gap between the basis and the developer guys. And also a lot of options: SolMan Charm, STMS Q&A just to name some of them
    • ABAP system landscapes for release development and maintenance: how should they look like? How many systems? When to transport? SAP tools (do not know if any exists, maybe Custom Code Management)? Third party tools?

    Cheers Martin

    • Hi Sharad,

      it will be a SAP Connect call, open to all.

      The details will be posted as a Blog and referenced here.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Andy

    I just saw this blog. We have just initiated a Gateway implementation for Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and I am really disap to have missed the call.

    IS a recording available?

    Also we are planning an upgrade of our systems. We would like  upgrade to

    ECC EhP 8, CRM EhP4, PI 7.5 and Portal 7.5. Are there dependencies and a sequence to follow?


  • Hi Andy,

    this is a great initiative! Thank you!

    Unfortunately I've missed the S/4HANA Call yesterday - I hope the recording will be online soon 🙂

    looking forward to hearing your insights on that topic

    Best Ragards


    • Hi Vassilena,

      good question.

      The call yesterday was gold for anybody planning the move to S/4HANA.

      Every recording for every call is published.

      If you scroll up to the top of this blog,

      you see the invitations to each call, we add them each month

      after each call, we add the link to the recording to the call's invitation

      so, scroll up, click on the invitation to last night's call, when that opens,

      immediately you will see the link to the recording, inserted at the top of

      the invitation

      the call yesterday had a wobbly start because somebody had the tv on and

      we couldn't mute them - as muting attendees is against our raison de etre,

      but once the call got going it became fascinating

      Best regards,


  • Hi Andy Silvey,

         This matter seems quite interesting matter to me. Too bad I came to know recently only after joining here in SCN. But I would love to attend such matter on the future. If possible, post me a notification when the next is available in Bangalore. It would be rude of me but me being practical, would also like to ask if there is any registration fee involved in these matters for us like who do not work at SAPLabs neither for a SAP-Partner. I am asking like this because I am totally new in those matters & have followed this topic but was not able to find that with my luck. I am just a simple person with knowledge in BASIS module majorly & functional-module part-time.