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How to use Infoset when connecting to ERP system from SAP Lumira

Introduction to SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is the visualization tool which allows individual users, to analyze, create reports and share with the team members.

SAP Lumira allows one to use dataset not only from excel as in the case of SAP Lumira Cloud, but also from other data sources like HANA system, ERP system, Sybase SQL  and many more .

Before using the data sources, one has to check whether a driver for the particular data source has been installed.

We can check the same from File -> Preference -> SQL Driver in SAP-Lumira .

I would like to explain how to use Infoset when connecting to the ERP system from SAP Lumira in this document.

Connecting to the SAP ERP system can be done using the free hand SQL option in SAP-Lumira. When using free hand SQL, data are accepted only in the form of Infoset.

Generally, all the data required for analysis are not present in the single table. We have to create join involving multiple table to get the complete data of the transaction consisting of the required fields for analysis.

Infoset collects data from the tables of InfoProviders used to build it.

After selecting the Infoset that we created in ERP system we can proceed further with the Data Analysis.

( i ) Creating the Infoset in ERP system

      (a)     Go to transaction SQ02.

      (b)     Provide the Infoset name and click Create.

Creating the infoset.png

                                                                    1.1 Creating an Infoset

      (c)     Select the data source as per your requirement. (Here I wish to analyze the material details from the Table MARA and MARC. So I am creating the join for both the tables).

Choose the Data Source.png

                                                       1.2 Choosing the Data Source

         (d)      To create a join, click on Add a Table and mention the Table for which you want to add join.

Creating a Join.png

                                                                 1.3 Creating a Join

          (e)   After mentioning the table, Click OK and then select Infoset. The screen below is displayed.

Create Empty Field Groups.png

                                                        1.4 Create Empty Field Groups

         (f)    I want to add fields according to my requirement. To do so, I am selecting create empty field groups .You can also select all table fields or key fields as per the requirement.

         (g)    Click and drag the required fields in the work space.

Fields added to the Infoset.png

                                                            1.5 Fields added to the Infoset

          (h)    Click generate button.

Generate the Infoset.PNG

                                                            1.6 Generation of Infoset

(ii)        Connecting to ERP system from SAP Lumira

(a)       Open SAP Lumira -> Create New document -> Click Query with SQL .

Connecting to different Data Sources.png

                                                       2.1 Connecting to Different Data Sources

(b)     Click Create .

(c)     Fill in the server details and click Next. On successful connection to the server set of Infoset is displayed.

Filling the Server Details.png

(iii) Viewing the Infoset on connecting to ERP.

After connecting to ERP you can view the Infoset list in Catolog_view -> Global -> Infoset .

List of Infoset.png

                                                           3.1 List of Infoset

Zmaterial is the Infoset that we created (This Infoset contains the required fields which we need for Data Analysis) . On selecting the Infoset the query is also displayed in the query box.

Please note that there are two types of query areas while creating Infoset.

  • Standard Area
  • Global Area                            

Types of Query Area.png

                                                                 3.2 Types of Query Area

You can view the query area by clicking Environment -> Query area

The Infoset that are created using Standard Area is only displayed under Catolog_view -> Global ->Infoset.

You can view the Infoset list displayed in the Infoset area ( Catolog_view -> Global ->Infoset) from the table AQLSCAT . Please refer pic 3.3 and 3.4 for reference.

     List of Infoset displayed.png

                                   3.3 List of Infoset Displayed can be viewed in AQLSCAT table .

List of Infoset Displayed2.png

                                             3.4 List of Infoset Displayed under Global -> Infoset

Many of them face the issue of not able to view their Infoset after connecting to the system. Please cross check whether you have created the query in standard or global area .

To know more about standard and global area , please refer

(iv)      Creating the data-set

This query pick the data from the Infoset . You can preview the Dataset before creating it. Click on Create to create the Dataset.

Query with SQL.png

                                                                                3.5 Query with SQL

You can use this Dataset for Data analysis, creation of Visualization, Story and share it with your team members.

Thus, knowing how to use Infoset is significant while connecting to ERP system from SAP Lumira .

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