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Employee Central – add values in picklist and attach it to field

Hi All,

I have created this document to add the values in picklist which will be available in dropdown and attaching to a custom field.

To add a custom UI field in position MDF and attach picklist to the custom field.

In the example, I have created field called “WorkCenter” and attached Picklist to it. The picklist is similar to concept of F4 help in SAP. It gives list of options and enable us to select any one from dropdown.


To achieve this, find the steps below:

Step1: Admin Center -> Configure Object Definition.

To edit the properties of any fields or to add new field in the existing object.

Take action -> Make correction.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to add new field. In case want to edit the existing properties of the field then search for the field and make appropriate corrections.


Make sure the datatype is maintained as Picklist. Click on Details to edit properties of the new field. Eg. Edit label, visibility, mandatory etc as per your choice. Please check Valid Value Source field, the name should be unique and the same should be defined in Picklist under data model.




Define Picklist in Object definition. Add the entries to make it available in the field.


Step3: Admin Center – Set up Picklists.

Export data : This option will enable to download all the picklist maintained in the system.  This is used to add the option to appear in the dropdown.


This will download a file in excel in ZIP format. Unzip it to view the folder then there will be excel holding all the picklist.


Sample format of file:


Enter the data with the number range not defined in any interval. Make sure the active id is blank, system will automatically generate the id .After updating the values in the excel, You can see the values will appear in the dropdown.


Submit to upload the values.

Scroll to the bottom to find the list of values got updated in the system.To ensure data got updated successfully, try downloading the file again to look up for the created entries in the file.

This end the document of making the picklist available to custom or standard fields in EC.

Please correct me if I am wrong or reach me if you got struck in any of the places.

My next document will give you details of linking payslip from SAP in EC.

Thanks & Regards,


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