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After design studio upgrade: redeployment of BOEWEBAPP to NW Web Application Server Portal

Redeployment of BO to Portal

At my current site we have two channels of accessing BO, a tomcat web server and a Netweaver web server running portal we call it the  “BI Portal”.

Previously to my engagement, design studio was upgraded from 1.3 to 1.5, functionality worked fine on the tomcat integrated solution. However the Portal failed with the error “Version mismatch: Web tier: PJS:” , a quick call to my mate Igor Chang suggested that Design studio upgrade would have touch BOE web app and this needs to be pushed again to the Netweaver App server (Thanks Igor)
There are a number of sdn wikis on this such as this one


Once the Design Studio has been upgraded it adjusts the BO run time app, this update (BOEWEBAPP)  needs to be imported into the portal for integrated functional to work again. Which is basically what the error is saying the Netweaver web-tier has runtime of 1.3 but the Design studio app is 1.5.

  1. Following Note
    We have version 4.0 SP 10.2  BOEWEBAPP Java

    Note there may actually be more than just BOEWEBAPP Java impacted by the update. Latter I actually updated all the components of sapappserv73 see below where I talk about mobile server apps.

  2. On BO Server (sapbod) create java extraction  start
    wdeploy sapappsvr73 –DAPP=BOE predeploy


  3. After 45 minutes a files will be created in the app directory
    in the workdir of the BOE server
    D:\usr\sap\BOQ\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\workdir\sapappsvr73\application
  4. Copy these files to the Portal hosts (eg sapportbpd) into the EPS/in directory relevant.


  5. We need to redeploy the same version with JSPM so we need set the force options in the file



  6. Start the jspm go.bat
  7. Choose Single Support Packages and Patches (advanced user only)


  8. Choose Target
  9. If you cannot confirm and there is some kind of security failure. eg. Error during validation of the selected support packages REVISE/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/image030_824294.png

    Error: Could not establish connection to AS Java on [sapbod:50204]. Cannot authenticate the user. Wrong or missing security credentials (password) for principal [test], or the specified principal has no permissions to perform JNDI related operations

    Then update EVERY SAP profile with the following 

    Stop the SAP instance, restart all running services restart instance

  10. Confirm and start


  11. 45 minutes and the import is completed;  BOEWEBAPPJAVA is deployed


  12. Stop and restart the portal again, you may remove the service/protectedwebmethods=NONE
    if you had to make the change to make the deployment work.

  13. The app tests OK.

Portal to BOBJ Integration Fix

In Additional BI Mobile components also broke after upgrade of design studio.

  1. We need to wdeploy sapappsvr73 predeployall

    Which will create exports of all the deployed modules under sapappsvr73
    ( rather than the single module export command as above eg wdeploy sapappsvr73 –DAPP=BOE predeploy )

  2. Copy D:\usr\sap\BOP\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\workdir\sapappsvr73\application to EPS/in


  3. As before use jspm go.bat  And then deploy the mobile apps or all apps as you require.

  4. Continue


  5. If you get error saying REVISE after selecting packages.
    It may be because the remote EPS inbox files cannot be read from some reason.
    Created a local the EPS in box and copied the sca files to this local directory, then updated profiles

    DIR_EPS_ROOT= \\thelocalserver\sapmnt\trans\EPS
    Update DEFAULT.PFL and each instance profiles and restarted sap, INCLUDING restarting services retry deployment

  6. Confirm deployment.

  7. Restart the Netweaver stack (after removing the changed EPS in box parameter if required)

    Retry the mobile app it should now work.

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