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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 architecture and migration to SAP HANA at SAP TechED Barcelona

One week from now, I’ll be standing in front of the networking session booth, talking to a number of readers of this blog post and to attendees who probably didn’t see this post but saw the session name in the schedule and decided to give it a go.

I’ll be talking about the SAP Solution Manager 7.2. What about the architecture, what does that look like, what needs to happen, what about migrating to SAP HANA, where is the impact etc. What about the ability for SAP partners to test drive the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 once ramp-up starts, I’ll touch on what SAP Cloud Appliance Library can do and about Amazon AWS in this perspective.

Will I have a fancy slidedeck? I might not 🙂 . This is all so new that it might not be covered by existing slideware and that I might not have time to still create fancy looking slides but in the end that’s not really important in my opinion. What is important is that we can openly talk and discuss about what is already known, what is happening, what is coming and that you get added value out of this session, get some questions answered and get an idea about where things are going.

I’m currently at SAP Rot / Walldorf (Germany) for a whole week of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 so I’m all excited and brainwashed already in what’s new, what’s coming, what’s changing and I’m willing to share some of that information (all is not possible since it’s just too much) during an expert networking session at SAP TechED Barcelona.

Don’t believe me? Check out the twitter hashtag #sapsoled2015 for some impressions 😉 .

So I invite everyone to join in, the session EXP28842 takes place at SAP TechED Barcelona on Tuesday, 17:30 – 18:00 CET Lounge 7, Showfloor


You can find it in the session catalog to add it to your calendar.

You should join in because this session wasn’t prepared months up front so you’ll get brand new information, it’s still smoldering hot, you’ll feel warmth by just being there and sitting down.

You’ll get passionate speakers in front of you because I’ll be joined by Boris Zarske and Jan Kresser so I’ll have SWPM experts with me as well to discuss around dual stack split / migration steps (current state).

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    • Hi Nicholas

      Yes,I  first have to build that slide deck but it's work in progress 🙂 I'm in Rot the whole week for Solution Manager 7.2 so I'm constantly seeing / hearing new elements which are interesting.

      Best regards


  • Would be great if you can share some light on 'Sizing for SolMan 7.2 on Hana'. We are on 7.1 and plan to upgrade and Migrate to 7.2 on Hana next year. For that we need to plan for the Target System Hardware.

    Recenty opened an OSS Message, and this is what I got as a Reply,


    Dear Cutomer

    Your question:  Is there a way I can do an approximate memory sizing

    for SolMan 7.2 on HANA ?

    To my knowledge, we haven´t  a memory sizing tool.

    But it exist a SAP note 1582842 - Profile parameters for SAP Solution

    Manager 7.1 (and 2048519 - Profile parameters for SAP Solution Manager

    7.2 is in process).


    • Hi Bidwan

      Non-official statement from my side:

      That statement from SAP support is correct, there isn"t such a sizing tool (yet) ~ most likely it will come. Ramp-up is going to start soon and I expect that with much more migrations, they will have better insight and figures which will then make it possible to provide such a sizing tool.

      However, you could base yourself on the old sizing tool for the time being to get an idea. If you run an uncompressed database underneath 7.1 the expected gain by going to SAP HANA is similar to that of a SAP ERP -> Suite on HANA which would mean database size divided by 4 at least (could be  more but that dépends on which scenarios are in use) but you need twice the amount of memory for temporary operations so times 2.

      So a 1TB SolMan 7.1 could end up running on 512 GB SAP HANA database (256 GB for data, 256 GB for temporary calculations) ~ but then it's just big enough for it's current usage so if you need some margin, you might go for 768GB or 1TB SAP HANA to start with so nothing much changes. That would dépends mostly on how SAP HANA is implemented, as an Appliance or as Tailored Datacenter Integration with Virtualization on top where you could more easily scale and of course what you are planning to do in SAP Solution Manage r 7.2.

      From what I've seen, you'll probably want to go and do more 🙂 It looks really nice, can't wait to spend a lot of time on it.

      Running an already compressed database might result in similar sizing and no reduction out of the box.

      So in the end it wouldn't change dramatically just yet and you need to take into account growth of your system as well.

      The step from SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is comparable with going from SAP ERP to Suite on HANA (so not S/4 HANA ~ Simple ... where there is a higher database footprint reduction because of data structure changes in underlying tables - reduction of aggregate tables etc).

      So it might also be interesting to look at the data volume management for SAP Solution Manager, clean up where possible, maybe also look at content server if you're currently storing documents Inside the database and not outside etc so you can reduce the current size of the database before migrating to SAP HANA.

      Best regards


      • One of my fellow SAP Mentors pointed out today that a 1TB SAP Solution Manager is a beast 😀

        Yes, that's a fact, most customers have small(er) SAP Solution Manager systems 😉 .

        I checked out the current version of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA which I was crunching on earlier today and it's contains 80 GB of data at the moment (pretty clean installation still though, no massive amounts of data transferred or anything). So for 80 GB of data, you would roughly need 160 GB of memory.

        • Thanks Tom. As of now we use only Technical Monitoring and CCLM. And our SolMan DB currently is at 160 Gb. So from what I understand from your posts is that after Migration probably my Db would be running on 80 Gb Hana Db and I would need approx. 160 Gb of Memory. Ofcourse, this is approx. thumb rule based on current Db size before cleaning up unwanted data. Is my understanding correct?

          • Hi Bidwan

            Well it depends on the data reduction by moving to SAP HANA. If that's 160 GB (current data) on an uncompressed database, it might be reduced by a factor of four which would result in 40 GB of data being left and then you would need 80 GB of memory to run that on SAP HANA.

            You're interpretation is correct, yes, in terms of data versus memory need.

            More information will become available as the ramp-up progresses and there might be an updated sizing tool in the end.

            Best regards