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WANTED: All old xdb Files for newer Powerdesigner Versions

Hi Designers,

after nearly a year of Holiday from PD i am back to the world of PD Problems:

Using PD i need to reverse engineer  a ASE database

But surprise ! Oldest available ASE type is ASE 15.0 !

I called a colleague, who works still with  PD 15(.2?)  and he found for me 12.5.3, which unfortunatlly

also doesn´t work without changes because of some changes in the systemtables.

WHY SAP does not deliver all old xdb-files?

What are you Users think about it, should we start a collection of deprecated Versions on our own, here or somewere else ?

Please comment or enhance



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  • Hi,

    All deprecated Database File definition can be found in "<Installation-Folder>\Resource Files\DBMS\deprecated"

    You can add this path in your resource path.