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SAP S/4 Finance blog series-4-Changes in Controlling & how to use them

Hi Guys,

It has been some time since my last blog, and I was kept busy and could not get my self to write a full blog / document.

Today I want to talk about CO area in S/4 Finance and the technical changes therein and the changes in the configuration in CO. We will explore the changes available and how to use them in various client scenarios.

Technical changes in CO 😕

With introduction of Universal ledger and ACDOCA table, there are a few technical changes which has occured in CO area. With advent of Universal ledger, real time integration is no longer and option and CO data directly moves in to Universal Ledger.

So some of the key changes are:-

1) COBK & COEP remains the key tables for CO, with COBK storing header and COEP storing line item.

They are linked to FI tables ( BSEG, BKPF) with the POSNR field.

( SAP may remove COBK and replace it with BKPF 😉 😉 , so wait for next phase )

2 ) Long running orders / projects which used to be stored in COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK are not stored in ACDOCA.

3) Compatibility view exists for the tables which are replaced-V_XXXX.

4) Following tables from CO side are removed :-


Change in some of the CO transactions:-

Functionality Old Tcode / New Tcode
Settlement-Order & Project

VA88 / VA88H (Order)- the one ending with H is optimized for HANA and is new tcod

CJ8G / CJ8GH (Project)

Result Analysis KKAK / KKAKH
WIP Calculation KKAO / KKAOH
Variance Calculation for Cost Center KSS1 / KSS1H

Change in Customizing & importance of new nodes

New Setting for customizing Controlling in S/4 HANA:-

1) Configuration of document type for posting in Controlling:-

Customizing node


Here you will maintain / have all the basic document type which will be posted and we relevant for CO posting


     2) Maintain document type mapping for CO transaction


In this node, you can control and restrict which type of document gets posted in CO

You need to define a default variant which is used to assign the CO document type to FI document type


You place your mapping of FI documents to CO transaction / document types here


This setting provides further control on the posting to CO

3) Check and define default values for posting in controlling:-

Here you define the default ledger and the document type mapping ( defined in step 2)

This is done for each of the company code.


4) Maintaining version for the ledgers-

You are allowed to maintain multiple version and assign it to different ledgers when using S/4 HANA.


Here you define the version and ledger assignment


In this way you can plan how you CO version data is read. This node is accessed during migration to S/4 Finance too.


With S/4 Finance, you have multiple options in setting up CO and its linkage with FI.

This helps consultant to design the process flexibly.


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  • Thank you for great article.

    Regarding to the changes in controlling area, there are also few changes in Materials Ledger as well in both Table and User Interface. Previous single level, multi level and WIP will now merge into 1 step – Settlement.

    The CKM3 also now display as cost component view by default since SAP claim that they’ve change logic to calculate by cost component to reduce not allocate amount.




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