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Know the Web Services related to Installed Base Management

Here is a list of inbound web services related to Installed Base Management.

  1. “Installed Base Replication from External System” – Communication scenario for Installed Base and Installation Point A2A Services.



          The two services in this scenario are:

    • Installed Base Replication
    • Installation Point Replication

You can download the WSDL and the Documentation for these.


Migration templates are also available for Installed Base and Registered Product:

    • Migration of Installed Bases
    • Migration of Installation Points



     2. The A2X services are also available for Installed Base and Registered Product.

          NOTE: these interfaces support limited features only (the A2A services given above are the latest). The information about A2X is included here so that you are aware of what exists and do not get confused with the multiple services if you come across them.

          “Installed Base Integration” – Communication scenario for the A2X services with following interfaces:

    • ManageInstalledBaseIn
    • QueryInstalledBaseIn
    • ManageRegisteredProductIn
    • QueryRegisteredProductIn


NOTE: The migration template available under the activity “Migration of Registered Product” supports limited features only. Instead use the template provided with activity “Migration of Installation Points” for Registered Products which provides all the features.

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