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Conversion approach of Composite Provider from COPR to HCPR


This document explains the conversion approach/steps to convert the Local Composite Provider/ Multi Provider to HCPR composite provider.


Backend BW version has to be BW 7.4 SPS9 and above to get the conversion. 

If the version is lesser than SPS11 then pre-requisite is to apply the OSS note – 2115198 – HCPR: Corrections for conversion.

SAP suggest to use Composite provider of type HCPR as HCPR can be developed using the Studio and not the COPR. All future developments/enhancements are happening on the type HCPR.

Steps Involved:

Step 1: Check the system version and consider the below action if the system is lesser than SPS11.

If the system is lesser than SPS11 then apply the OSS note – 2115198 in the system which will bring the required corrections in the system.

Download the OSS Note in SNOTE:


Implement the note:

While implementing this this is prompt to implement note- 2115198 corrections and updating of the new program RS_UDO_NOTE_2115198 in the system which has to execute post implementing the note – 2115198.


Once the note is implemented, then execute the report using SE38 in the system:


Execute with the sequence as per the instructions below:


Test run gives the below message:


Proceed to Step 2:


This will prompt for modifications to be stored in the transport. 

Execute the activity as a batch job.


The below message appears for the job.


Come back to SE38 to re-run the program again with the UPDATE mode.


     These results with the below log:


If all green then the note corrections are applied. If there are any errors, then perform the execution one more time.

Goto next step:


This list the overall log in Green color.

Once this is done then confirms the corrections are done in SNOTE.


Confirm the manual actions and then mark the action as done. With this Note is completely implemented.

Step 2: Execute the conversion program in BW system to convert the existing COPR/MPRO to HCPR.

SAP has delivered a program – RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR to convert the already existing Multi provider (MPRO) / Local Composite provider (COPR) to type HCPR.

Execute the program in SE38 which will bring the below view:


The options represents the below:


Note: There are multiple additional options are available in BW7.5 which allows taking a backup of the Queries or restoring the queries.

Update the fields with the source and target provider data and run the execution in simulation mode.


Note: As in Local Composite provider, the Navigational attributes are marked as @3 as prefix which is replaced with prefix 4 to differential the type from COPR to HCPR.

Physical Conversion: Select the mode as “Convert Infoprovider”


Log displays with the results and the kind of changes.

Goto RSA1 and check for the new Composite Provider:


Double click on the composite:


Check the contents to validate the data further and reconcile the results matching with the COPR type.

Conversion using the same name space:

New entry with the same name space is created and available in RSA1.


Option 3:

To convert the below composite provider and its associated BEX query.


Execute the program with the below options:


Above selection will create the HCPR with the same name but creates as a copy and overwrite is not possible.

Post execution, this will prompt to select the list of BEX to be copied:


Proceed further will allow us to change the new Query name:


Rename can be done for example like below or to the customer name space.


Once this is done, the program lists the log for all the changes that are being performed.

In the database there is a new BEX query which has made an entry:


Observation: The old Composite is in the name space of @3 as prefix. And the new composite of type HCPR is referred with the same name space the way it looks in RSA1.

You can see the Old and new Composite.


Difference in the Bex Level between the old to the new:

This has additional Dimensions to list the InfoProviders separately where as in the COPR this is present in the Char. Catalog itself. Navigational attribute name space is changed as below:


Validate if the Output results are the same.


Below limitations are applicable:


Note: Prepare the data output before and after conversion and make sure that the results are same. Depending on the results, check whether the new HCPR need to be considered to make the old one as obsolete.

In WEBI, the old BEX has to be replaced with the new BEX if the converted HCPR is considered going forward and if the BO is being used on top of BEX.

Good Luck.


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      Sathiendiran Balu

      Very Explanatory .. Thanks you Murali  .

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      Former Member

      Explained in was nice learning.

      Thanks Murali

      Author's profile photo Daniel Klein
      Daniel Klein

      @ all:

      Please don't forget to also implement the other notes mentioning program RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR.

      Up to date there are eight additional notes to implement on top of 2115198 to which contain more corrections and added functions for the tool.

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      Former Member

      Really looking for this document. Thanks Murali.