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Broadcast Announcement: SMP 3.0 / Agentry SP10 Complex Table drop down duplicate entries

To All SAP Agentry/SMP 3.0 users,

SAP Global Services and Support (GSS – One Service) tries to be proactive in giving an announcement to the customers prior to more issues to show. We value your time in using our products and we always try to fix issues and give the best solution out to the customer.

Unfortunately based on some internal and external installation of SAP Mobile Platform/Agentry Products in SMP 3.0 SDK SP10, we have found a complex table drop down duplication issue.

This is a known issue and regarded as a critical issue and we have a fix in code review and will be released shortly. This is important as we have recently released SMP 3.0 SDK SP10 to support iOS 9  for iOS devices.

Details of the issue are under: SAP KBA # 2238294 – Complex Table Drop Down duplicate entries in WPF, iOS and Android – Agentry / SMP 3.0 SDK SP10.

Hope this clarifies some of the reported issue. Please bear with us until we have released the solution soon.

Reference article: Broadcast Announcement: Agentry SMP 3.0 iOS 9 c… | SCN

Best Regards,

Mark Pe
SAP Platinum Support Engineer

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    • Hi,

      Thanks for the information.We are using SMP 3.0 SP09 PL01,SMP 3.0 SDK SP10 PL01. While adding Notification Items in the device, there are three fields on the screen "Damage", "Part", "Cause" which are Complex table drop down.We are entering only one item from device.But duplicate entries are posted to ECC. Means if one item is created from device, 2-3 items with the same data are updated to the back end.

    • Hi,

      When we are editing the operation/adding the operation/performing time confirmation in work order header and then adding the Notification items attached to the work order, duplicate items are posted to back end.Our Agentry Client version is V70.10.7.8.

      Kindly suggest.

      Thanks & Regards,