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SDK Development with just Chrome/Firebug

This is followup post for the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK Development without Eclipse, as an alternative to the approach discussed there.

For showcasing the alternative approach, am using SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community Components.

Step 1:

Clone SDK code from

I did cloned it into the folder “D:/GitHub/sdkpackage” on my PC.


Launch the below folder in Windows Explorer “%USERPROFILE%/Analysis-config/config/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator

Step 2a:

In case there is no such folder available, please copy the folder from the below location to the

C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator

Step 3:

Edit the file by adding these below lines

(please uninstall SCN Components, in case you have already installed them):,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false,2.0.0,file://D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/,4,false

D:/GitHub/sdkpackage/src/ the file path is based on your folder path.

Step 3a:

This step is applicable only for SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community Components, the below  META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files to be edited:








replace the below line from

     Bundle-Version: 2.0.0.qualifier


     Bundle-Version: 2.0.0


Step 4:

Now your local source code is In-sync with DesignStudio as plugin.

By launching the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio you will be able to use all the SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community Components.

For developing the code using Chrome, I did created a sample application with SCN Component “ArrowedLine”, and executed the same on Chrome Browser

Step 5:

Now Disable your Chrome browser cache by clicking on

“Developer Tools” -> “Network” Tab -> “Disable Cache”/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/1cache_821970.jpg

Step 6:

Map the source files to the Chrome, and click allow (providing file permissions to chrome).




Step 7:

Now, SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community code is part of the Chrome browser workspace. While the application from SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is running with “Arrowed Line”

By selecting the “Arrowedline.js” of the application and mapping it to the Chrome Workspace file, it is mapped.


Step 8:

Now all the code modifications done in browser will be reflected in the application in realtime. To test it, I removed the getter setters of the linecolor property and assigned it with default red color.

Did saved the file (directly from Chrome Developer Tools) and refreshed the browser.


This provides developers, an easy way of debugging and developing components.

Just by using the Chrome or the same can be also achieved using the firebug of Firefox.

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