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SAP Business Client 6.0: Released!

(latest update April, 2020)

SAP Business Client 6.0 was the new name* for the latest version of SAP NetWeaver Business Client in 2018 (not anymore, current version is 7.0, PL10)

*not new anymore = out of support

Current information see here:


With SAP Business Client 6.0 for the first time you can launch SAP GUI  transactions directly from the SAP Fiori Launchpad (using the embedded SAP GUI for Windows)! Other clients by default launch SAP GUI for HTML.

This blog also includes links to videos showing  how to add a SAP GUI for Windows tile to the integrated SAP Fiori launchpad (+configuration of RFC destinations in case you are using remote system).



There are back-end dependencies for the full usage of the SAP Fiori launchpad connection which is related to SAP Fiori launchpad resources on the front-end server. To be able to render transactions with SAP GUI for Windows, the front-end server requires at least User Interface Add-On 2.0 SP01 for SAP NetWeaver or SAP_UI 750 SP01 (latter already included in your NW 7.40 license*).

We recommend to always install the latest version of the SAP Fiori Front-End Server to simplify the implementation of SAP Fiori Apps and to run the SAP Fiori launchpad within SAP BC on the ABAP stack.

*UI-Add-On only needed for older releases as e.g. 7.0 up to 7.31. A successsor version of UI Add-On is not planned. More information see in the following very useful blog by Oliver Stiefbold: SAP Fiori Front-end Server Installation Guide

Backend system requirements are also described in the documentation, chapter Business Client Versions, on SAP Help Portal.

SAP GUI for Windows 7.40.


Relevant SAP Notes

Software, operating system and browser requirements as well as restrictions are listed in SAP Note 2227396. Planned release dates for the next patch can be found in SAP Note 2227431.

SAP GUI for Windows cannot be started, Business Client will start SAP GUI for HTML instead? See note 2318483




SAP Business Client on SAP Help Portal.

SAP Business Client 6.0 – The Next Generation of NWBC Integrating Fiori Launchpad



Download SAP BC latest version for free on SAP Service Marketplace:,

then search in A-Z Index under B (NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT)


SAP Business Client 6.0 Setup

For the efficient distribution of SAP Business Client across workstations we strongly recommand to set up an Installation Server. More information see SAP Front End Installation Guide.

What’s New


SAP Business Client offers an integration of the SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) to allow a unified SAP Fiori user experience. The end user can click on a tile in the FLP to open an SAP GUI transaction.


Integration of the SAP Fiori Launchpad:

  • Launch SAP GUI transactions using embedded SAP GUI for Windows
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad as start page
  • Additional system connection type (Fiori connection)**
  • Business role configuration purely SAP Fiori Launchpad-based

Other benefits:

  • SAP Blue Crystal as default theme
  • Option to keep the System Selector dialog box open



SAP Business Client 6.0 is fully downward compatible with NWBC 5.0. Migration from 5.0 to 6.0 = easy!



How-to do it Step by Step: Integration of  the SAP Fiori launchpad into Business Client


The SAP Fiori launchpad content consists of Fiori tile catalogs and groups which are assigned to the end user using PFCG roles. This content is created and configured in the Fiori launchpad Designer and than assigned to the user (PFCG).

Basically you have to proceed the following steps:

  1. Create catalogs (FLP Designer)
  2. Create tiles+target mapping (FLP Designer)
  3. (optional) Create group and assign tiles (FLP Designer)
  4. Create PFCG roles
  5. Assing catalog/group to role (PFCG)
  6. Assign user to role (PFCG)

Steps in detail are described in Carola Steinmaiersblog in the User Interface Technology space.

Once the content is created, configured  and assigned you just start your SAP Fiori launchpad connection in Business Client 6.0. As mentioned in the beginning the following videos show how to create, configure and add SAP GUI for Windows tiles to your launchpad and how to configure RFC destinations in case your using remote system ( details see: Configuring remote systems in SM59).

Video Description Video (You Tube)

Business Client 6.0 (PL2) long version (6:56):  Learn  how to add a SAP GUI for Windows tile to SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) integrated in Business Client 6.0 as your start page (via FLP connection type). See how to configure RFC destinations in case you are using remote system. See the difference between FLP within BC and browser.

Note: To open transaction in remote system you have to define RFC destination (Fiori Launchpad Designer ->Configure Target Mapping->System Alias). No RFC calls are executed and only some of the RFC destination settings are evaluated.

Business Client 6.0 (PL0) short version (4:27): Showing how to add a SAP GUI tile to FLP using Fiori Launchpad Designer.

Outline of the pretty short procedure described in the video:

  1. Open the new SAP Fiori launchpad conection in SAP Business Client 6.0
  2. Open SAP Fiori launchpad designer
  3. Create a catalog or enhance an existing one
  4. Create a new tile
  5. Configure your tile
  6. Add the tile to your SAP Fiori launchpad


**To make the Fiori launchpad usable for end users, they need certain authorizations. For details see Assigning Users to Roles.



For configuration and administration see: SAP Business Client for Desktop 6.0 Setup

See also SAP Business Client* and SAP S/4HANA**


With NWBC 5.0, PL7 (+ upgrade to NW 7.5 or SAP NetWeaver UI Add-Ons, version 2, SP0) you can integrate Fiori apps in a standard PFCG role:

Integrating NWBC 5.0 and Fiori Apps

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  • How will this work if your Fiori Launchpad is server from a Gateway Hub server?

    Does the FLP within Business Client only work with the local embeded gateway and FLP?

    Or do you need SSO between your backend and the Gateway hub for this to work properly..?

  • Hi Sandra,

    This look really good. I am especially happy to see that the system selector doesn't disappear any more 😉

    One question: I created a fiori connection and launched it. However when using that kind of connection, you can't launch any transaction from the nagivation bar. In fact the navigation bar doesn't do anything.

    Can you share some thoughts on the plans of integrating native GUI in the fiori connection and maybe the plans for the navigation bar in general. Personally i think it would be great it it could launch the search to the factsheets etc.

    • Hi Jakob,

      I have the same problems:

      I created a fiori connection and launched it too.

      Unfortunately I can not define a tile that launches an SAP transaction natively.

      It is always rendered as a Web transaction.


      Do you have a recording that describes the above procedure ?

      • Hi Thomas,

        I'm sorry to say that there is a backend dependency for full usage of the Fiori Launchpad connection, which is related to Fiori Launchpad resources on the frontend Server. To be able to render transactions with SAP GUI for Windows, the frontend server requires user interface add-on 2.0 SPS01 for SAP NetWeaver or SAP_UI 750 SP01, both recently released.

        The transaction is configured using the options you have in the FLP configuration, see Configuring Target Mappings. With the SP mentioned above, you now also have the option to specify the transaction directly in the target mapping; no need for a redirection via LDP_CUST.

  • One other question, you have any indication on when this will be included in the SAP GUI installation package instead of the NWBC 5.0. Just checked in the download section and it is not there yet.

  • Hi Sandra

    Great News. What happen with the description for the ABAP Runtime to seperate it from the "older" 5.0 release?

    It's confusing in the future. If you search for "Business Client Runtime" and you find "NWBC ---":

    2221372 - SAP NWBC ABAP Runtime Patch 49

    Also on the support side. On witch component we should open a issues with the 6.0 release?

    BC-FES-BUS-DSK Netweaver Business Client Desktop (find a naming convention here too)


  • Tried to install/update a NWBC 5 PL 7, -> Win 10 VM.

    When starting installation by double clicking on file nothing happens... even as administrator no confirmation popup appears...

    Same behaviour if I try to update SAPGUI PL4 Hotfix 1 with PL5 or PL5 Hotfix 1..

    What may be wrong?

      • You're not serious, are you?

        A shorter installation path for an update? How to do that? Completely new installation?

        This is a bug or a joke ( especially on a 64 bit system ), isn't it?

        Tried it with C:\Installfile.exe - unfortunately no success

          • After thousand of tries .. I still can't update NWBC 5.0 higher than PL5 in a VM of Win10

            Same behaviour when trying to install SAP Business Client 6.0 on that system...

            Progress circle ist spinning around and then nothing happens , starting it as adminsirator? Nothing happens.... can I still download NWBC 5.0 PL7 somwhere....

            And NWBC 5 Pl5 brings this error message with .NET 4.5

            Now I'm a professional and a developer for 20 years but I never tried to install a program that returns no error message at all.....

            and by the way, I have another burning question

            When will it be possible to import and export a single set of logon data?

            Is it really that complex to implement a simple export/import functionality or has this never been requested by any developer or customer?

          • Hello Thomas,

            Two things I would like to mention

            • Release of Windows 10 as OS platform for the Business Client is planned for the near future, but not done yet.
            • With your 20 year's developer and software experience, you might consider to get a solution for this problem by reporting it through the official SAP support channel. Since you encountered a problem not only with the installation of NWBC, but also with SAP GUI, the cause could be with SAP Setup which is used in both cases for the installation. In any case, SAP Setup logs need to be evaluated.
              Please open a message on component BC-FES-INS and attach the log files from

            Thanks and best regards,


          • Dear Claudia

            Can you confirm if Windows 10 support will be provided in SP1 for SAP Business Client 6.0?

            If this is not the case, are you in a position to confirm which SP SAP will target for Windows 10 support please for SAP Business Client 6.0/NWBC 5.0 and the proposed release dates please?

            Many thanks


          • Hello Mike,

            For NWBC 5.0, we added support for Windows 10/IE11 with PL11 which was released on January 22nd 2016. I cannot commit the same for SAP Business Client 6.0 PL1, but also here, support is planned in the near future.

            Release date planning for upcoming patches are published in SAP notes:

            SAP Business Client 6.0 > SAP note 2227431

            NWBC 5.0 > SAP note 2023658

          • Hello Claudia

            I am very please to see that Windows 10 compliance has been confirmed for SAP Business Client 6.0 PL1. I look forward to working with the latest release.

            Many thanks


          • Dear Claudia, in response to your statement I also want to make two remarks:

            I'm just testing Netweaver Business Client 5.0 and SAP Business Cient 6.0 under a WIndows 10 VM so it is not really necessary that it is officially released. Netweaver 5 PL7 works fine in my Windows 10 already, as far as I could test it...

            I have same problems on a windows 8.1 VM system with NWBC 5.0 PL9 and PL10 and Business Client 6.0.. (PL9 has been available only for a short time...).

            I have installed Business Client 6.0 on my regular WIndows 8.1 notebook installation without any problem, same procedure on a VM does even not start....

            Behaviour is always the same... when starting to install progress bar or progress ring... appears und runs for about 20 seconds and then 'nothing'... no message no dump ...

            Before I decide to start a support message I should have a clue what happens on system, shouldn't I? Maybe it's just an issue of my system configuration...

            other issue I asked for is not a bug... it is a missing feature of NWBC  ans SAP Gui in my opinion.. and I mentioned this many times before..

            Only thing I want to ask is:

            Will it ever be possible to export and import single SAP system data.. , instead of copying whole SAPLOGON.ini or *.XML files and then kick out unused entries or use screenshots from other users...

            Screenshots have definitively some disadvantages ... imho



  • Hello Sandra

    Can you please clarify that SAP fully support the use of SAP Business Client 6.0 with UI Add-On 1.0? (though this means not having access to the additional functionality UI Add-oN 2.0 brings)

    The following indicates that this is the case:

    SAP Business Client 6.0 is fully downward compatible with NWBC 5.0. Migration from 5.0 to 6.0 = easy!

    But the official release note 2227396 - SAP Business Client 6.0 Prerequisites and restrictions is ambiguous. At the top of the note it mentions:

    WebAS ABAP backend which is based at least on user interface add-on 1.0 SPS 09 for SAP NetWeaver or  SAP NetWeaver 7.4 with software component SAP_UI SPS08,

    but further down it mentions:

    SAP Business Client 6.0 always uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer WebBrowser Control to integrate applications which are not based on the SAP GUI for Windows. We do not support any other browsers.
    Currently, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, 10 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for the desktop can be used depending on the operating system. For details, please refer to the SAP PAM (Product Availability Matrix), product instance Frontend. E.g. Business Client released with UI ADD-ON 2.0 FOR NW 7.03

    My provisional testing of SAP Business Client 6.0 indicates it is equivalent to NWBC 5.0 PL9, but need official confirmation that NWBC 6.0 is also supported with UI Add-On 1.0.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Mike, the information you highlighted here is related to one of the bullet points "... transaction in a remote system..." To use all features SAP Business Client 6.0 requires SAP NetWeaver 7.5 or NW UI Add-Ons, V2.0 SP1. As successors of SAP NWBC 3.5, SAP NWBC 4.0, and SAP NWBC 5.0, SAP Business Client can also run with the back-end systems supported by former versions. However, some features supported by SAP Business Client, SAP NWBC 4.0 and 5.0 depend on functionality in the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP3/7.31, 7.40 and 7.50 back end respectively, or in the user interface add-on for SAP NetWeaver, and are not available when you connect to an older system. Regards, Sandra

    • Hi Sandra.  Separately also, I'm seeing the same timeframe dates for support of NWBC5 and NWBC6 in the PAM.  Both end on 9.1.2018.  If so, I would presume in that timeframe SAP would need to support Windows 10?





  • Hi Sandra

    Putting the nice things aside, what I do not like about using NWBC is how it changed some of the keyboard shortcuts I frequently use in the code editor:

    • "Ctrl+D: Duplicate line" does not work at all, not sure if it does anything when pressed.
    • "Ctrl+RightArrow / Ctrl+LeftArrow" are common shortcuts to move cursor in an editor word by word. Yet, NWBC overrides this and responses these by moving the active tab right/left which is a less popular action (I believe) and should have been assigned to other shortcuts.

    Any chance the current shortcut arrangements can be reviewed?

    Kind Regards

    *-- Serdar

    • Hi Jakob & Sandra

      Thanks for replying. I'm quite ashamed of not searching this before asking.

      Modifying admin configuration resolved the problem.

      Kind Regards

      *-- Serdar

      • Nice to see this comment.

        The only issue I had with nwbc is the Ctrl-Left, and Ctrl-Right shortcut while in ABAP. Really annoying.

        I followed the instructions Jakob and Sandra gave and modified NwbcOptions.xml with no success.

        Maybe there is some issue with the fact that my installation is in Spanish? (Although I've changed the the client idiom via Settings > Personalize to spanish and english with no success).

        Maybe you have any other recommendation to follow?


        • Hi Jesús

          From top of my head, I would recommend checking these:

          1. Can you see the shortcuts as you have arranged them to be in the XML? You can check them using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K.

          2. Do you have the Administrator Configuration File setting pointing to the correct file? You can see this by navigating to: Settings --> Personalize

          3. Is your XML file syntactically correct? In my first attempt I missed uncommenting the starting tag "<Nwbc40Commands>" (should be around line 303 if you use the template).

          Hope one of these helps.

          • Hi Serdar, thanks for your reply.

            1. No, Ctrl-Alt-K shows Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right are in use and indeed they are: Pressing Ctrl-Left and Ctrl Right move tabs accordingly.

            2. Sorry I don not understand this point. Settings > Personalize is pointing to: %APPDATA%\SAP\Common (where file NwbcOptions.xml is. Also is in %APPDATA\SAP\NWBC%).

            3. I suppose so. In fact I put it incorrectly the first time and it was reconstructed erasing all my configurations. Fortunately I did a backup. Following the template I defined an, I think, correct xml file but the same it do not work.

            Any other hint?

            BTW This is the contents of my NwbcOptions.xml file:

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>












                  <Description>Move Left</Description>






                  <Description>Move Right</Description>





          • Hi Jesús

            Your changes in the XML look fine. Maybe you can check its syntax with a tool. I use Notepad++ with a plug-in for this.

            You need to provide the full file path in "Administrator Configuration File" setting. It is in the "Logon" block in Settings --> Personalize. Check the attached image for an example.

            Hope this helps...

            *-- Serdar


          • Wow ! Man, Thanks Really !!.

            I just wasn't using the field "Administrator Configuration File" that you highlighted.

            I put in it the path to my NwbcOptions.xml file and now everything is working as expected.

            Again, thank you very much.


          • Hi Serdar Simsekler  and Jesus Antonio Santos Giraldo

            I looked at many sources to change the keyboard settings, but none of them did not work in NWBC 6.5. I could not change the combination of Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right..

            I added following codes on the this location NwbcOption.xml file . C:\Users\Yunus\AppData\Roaming\SAP\NWBC\NwbcOptions.xml

                  <Description>Move Left</Description>
                  <Description>Move Right</Description>

            After that , I changed Personel Settings like that.

            But when I NWBC opened , It show error like that . (Key parameter can not be null. ) But I Filled it .. And It didn't change any things..

  • A smal detail I'm missing in NWBC 5 and BC 6: at some point I allways get the message "Maximum number of sessions reached".

    In NWBC 4 I could close one of my old tabs and just hit "F5" in the tab that got me the message -> it would then load the transaction (without me having to re-type it).

    Now in 5 and 6 nothing seems to happen on F5.

  • Hi All,

    Excited to start using the new version 6 but am having an issue with it and wondering if anyone else ran into this.

    Every time I run the new SAP Business Client it overwrites the SAPUILandscape.xml file.  Even if I create a new logon entry in that file and save it, the next time I execute the application it overwrites the file with a blank one.

    I've verified that the new logon entry exists in the SAPUILandscape.xml file after closing the application.  But, when I re-launch it it overwrites the file with a blank one.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • Hello

    Nice to hear about Business Client 6.0 ! I'm very interested by the functionality that allows launching native GUI transactions from the Launchpad. That is what we were missing for our demos. Indeed, we try to demo Fiori as much as possible, but when the functionality is not here in Fiori, we fall back to GUI transactions, and there was no easy way to start all transactions from FLP.

    I installed BC 6.0 and added the FLP logon entry : this works nice and easy.

    The part I have more trouble with, is adding a tile in the launchpad that targets a native GUI transaction. I did some research and played with LPD_CUST and launchpad designer but could not make this work. Would you guys have any documentation on how to achieve that ?

    Any help is much appreciated !

    Thank you


        • Hi Thomas and Clément,

          Sandra's link is correct (although I would prefer the one in the UI Add-On v2.0 area Customizing Navigation Targets). In fact, it is not required to do a definition different from usual FLP configuration. If transactions are not started using an embedded SAP GUI for Windows in your setup, this is probably due to the fact that there is also a frontend server system requirement:

          You need to apply either UI add-on 2.0 SPS01 or SAP_UI 750 SP01.

          By the way: With these SPs, you can directly configure the transactions in the target mapping; no LPD_CUST indirection is required.



          • Hi Claudia,

            thanks for your information. Now we have the possibility to configure the transactions in the target mapping.

            In BC6.0 the transaction is started. But now we get the error that the transaction does not exist, because the transaction is started in the frontend system (gateway) and not the backend system.

            How can we start the transaction in the backend-system ?



          • Hi Thomas,

            Besides specifying the transaction code, you also need to expose the backend system in the target mapping. This is done using a system alias:


            The system alias is referring to RFC destinations defined using transaction SM59 on the frontend server. To be more precise, you need a pair of RFC destinations, e.g.

            • BESCLNT123 (ABAP connection type)containing server and logon information
            • BESCLNT123_HTTP(S) (HTTP connection to ABAP server)

            Detailed information how to define the destinations can be found in the Help Portal (Remote Systems).



          • Hi Thomas,

            I have the same problem that you had.

            Which version and SP of Netweaver do you have in your backend system (not in gateway)?

            Thanks and regards




          • Hi Claudia,              

            We have the same problem that Thomas Menges: we can't open a transaction in a backend server, no with LPD_CUST indirection and no with  directly configure the transactions in the target mapping.

            In both cases we get the error that the transaction does not exist, because the transaction is started in the frontend system (gateway) and not the backend system.

            We're can be the mistake?

            Thanks and regards




  • Hi Sandra and team,

    I'm working on an S/4 HANA Finance implementation, where we are using Fiori Launchpad and Business Client 6. We have separate fornt-end Gateway hub and backend ERP systems.

    We've successfully added some tiles to our launchpad to launch SAPGUI transactions. However when we open these from within Business Client 6, SAPGUI for Windows fails to open and it falls back to SAPGUI for HTML.

    The fallback error message points to SAP Note 1638715.

    Prompted by the Note, I've checked the Target Mappings for my Transaction Tiles. I've used a system alias which in turn points to a type 3 RFC Destination; load balancing is set to 'No'; Logon is with 'Current User' and Trust relationship is set to 'Yes'. In my system alias 'Local SAP GW' and 'For Local App' are both unchecked. As far as I can tell these settings are as they should be.

    I notice in the note it states:

    "Dynpros on REMOTE servers do only start with SAPGUI for HTML".

    Would this statement apply in our case, where we have a hub Gateway system trying to open a transaction in a backend ERP system?

    E.g. for Business Client 6, do transactions only open from Fiori Launchpad in SAPGUI for Wndows, if Gateway and ERP systems are the same?

    thanks, Roger

    • Hi Roger, defining the RFC destination correctly as described in my blog, showed in the video, described in the documentation - everything should work nicely. No issues with remote system! To be sure, are you using the FLP connection? Regards, Sandra

      • Sandra,

        I am indeed using an FLP connection, and with your help I've now got SAPGUI for Windows working. I changed two things:

        • RFC destinations: as I mentioned above my system alias pointed to a type 3 (ABAP) RFC connection to my backend system. However I was missing a type 'H' (HTTP) connection that started with the same name as the type 3 connection, as described in SAP Help. So I created one.
        • In your SAP BC Set-up guide on slide 15 it says to include the server address in the Local or Trusted Sites zone in the internet browser settings. I was missing this.

        thanks again, Roger

  • Sandra,

    I am getting a System Replication error in SBC 6.0. Every time I logon, the system replicate any of the SBC entries I have, but not the GUI entries. There was FAQ about this in NWBC 5, but the fix does not work for SBC 6. See screenshot below

    SBC Error.jpg

    SBC Error.jpg
  • Hello,    

    We can't open a Windows GUI transaction in a backend server (not in the frontend - gateway), from NWBC 6.0 .

    We get this error:


    If I try from Chrome, I arrive to the backend server but in webgui, of course.

    Anybody had this error? Which version of netwaver I must have in the backend?



  • Dear SAP Business Client 6.0 expert

    I am looking forwards to implementing SAP Business Client 6.0 on a Windows 10 machine with a Fiori Launchpad at some point in the near future.

    Do you know if there has been any further testing with regard to SAP Note 1768476 - Can SSO for OpenDocument be used with NWBC? and formal support given to navigating from SAP Business Client 6.0 to BOE / EBOSS Webi reports and Xcelsius dashboards?

    Many thanks


  • I love the idea of using Fiori Launchpad as a central point of access 🙂 .

    This works fine when you have a limited number of transactions that you want the user to launch.

    However, in many cases you have users with roles defined in PFCG that have many transactions. In this case it be would very cumbersome to maintain a tile for every transaction that the user should be able to launch. Also, the Fiori launchpad would look very cluttered.

    One possibility I thought of is to create a tile with a url pointing to the PFCG role e.g. http://<server>:<port>/nwbc/<ROLE>.

    This works. However the window that opens up in Business Client is a NWBC Web window. Is it possible to force the url to open the role in Business Client Desktop? I tried prefixing the url with sap-nwbc://. However, this does not work when launching from tile within Fiori Launchpad started from Business Client.

    Has anyone gotten something like above to work? Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas are much appreciated.


    Ninad Thakur

  • Hi Sandra,

    Just experimenting with the upgrade to Business Client 6.0 plus integration with FLP, but came across the following issue.

    If I create a desktop shortcut with 5.0, this will launch NWBC to a specific connection (namely mysapserver below):


    Now if I install 6.0, and execute this shortcut, I first get a prompt for which Business Client to use…5.0 or 6.0, but once selected, it will launch as expected.

    Plus if I use the following, I can also launch a specific Fiori Launchpad directly (still with the question on which Business Client to use which will obviously fail with 5.0):


    So to remove the 5.0 or 6.0 prompt, I remove 5.0 completely, but now the sap-nwbc registry setting is removed so Windows no longer recognises sap-nwbc.

    The solution, in short is you should always install 6.0 after you have removed 5.0; even though both can run concurrently (would have been nice if the removal of 5.0 didn't clobber the 6.0 setting).

    Anyway, I originally wrote this with a question of why this worked, but figured it out as I typed.  So to add something useful to the conversation I thought I would say a great feature would be to be able to launch FLP in Business Client, defaulting to full screen mode via the sap-nwbc url options...



  • Hello everyone,

    I recently migrated NWBC 5.0 to NBC 6.0, I have configured the saplogon entries in a shared directory, when I tried to log in from NBC 6.0 I got a connection error, I understood that the migration was transparent. However, I have tried completely uninstalling NWBC 5.0 and installing NBC 6.0 on clean and error persists:


    If you have any comments or answers, I thank you !!