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Employee Central Document Generation

SuccessFactors recently came out with the Document Generation functionality which I think is much needed for HR operations.

I remember for one of the SAP On-premise customers we had ended up creating close to 15-20 ABAP based forms for documents the HR operations used to create for employees – from Experience Letters to Reference letters for loans etc.

That time I thought we could actually share the solution with SAP to make it as a part of the standard functionality J

Anyways, better late than never, SuccessFactors now has this functionality available – its simple, flexible and really neat!

There are a few improvements needed around the HTML editor, mass letter generations, business rules, past and future dated letters; but none the less a good tool for implementation and customer rollouts. I am sure it will be enhanced in the upcoming releases.

In this document, I plan to share a how-to guide for document generation enabling and functionality.

If you would like not to trust this document then here is the SAP reference document that I used to understand this functionality in detail – Document Generation (you may need SAP ID to access it)

So here’s a user’s perspective on the SAP document above.

Firstly, enable the document generation feature from the provisioning –


Once enabled, usual practice – through RBP enable it for the roles as necessary under Admin Permissions –


The next step is to set up the configuration UI for the Document Generation.

  1. The document above mentions 3 options to do so, but I will explain only option 1 as that’s the easiest J and quite frankly was lost and the other 2 options didn’t seem to work for me.

A predelivered configuration UI with ID DocumentGenerationOverviewConfigUIMeta is available. You can use this pre delivered content by associating it with the screen look up object. You have a provision to use already delivered Document Generation Screen Look Up via SuccessStore.

Here are the steps to do so and the screenshot for the same –

Admin Center >> Employee Files >> Import Export Data >> Select Import

Select ‘SuccessStore’ and select the ‘Document Generation Screen Look up zip file’ relevant to your environment and import it.


Once the setup is in place, you would receive an email stating the status of this import.

You will now see 3 options (based on your RBP selection) under Admin Center >> Employee Files


These are the 3 places which completely manage the Document Generation functionality.

Destination 1: Document Generation – Manage Document Template

This will help to create the template for document generation – Experience Letter, Address Proof etc.

Destination 2: Document Generation – Manage Document Template Mapping

While creating the template in the above destination, we can define our own user defined tokens/placeholders. The difference from the email template tokens is that these can be user defined through this mapping link.

We will see this in details in the example below.

Destination 3: Document Generation – Generate Document

Once the template has been defined, the tokens within the template have been mapped – using this link you can go and generate the documents for the respective employee you select.

So lets take an example now of how these can be created – I will be creating an Address Proof letter from our very own ACE Company J

The document gives an example of Experience Letter so didn’t want to copy that and since I recently asked my employer for an address proof letter, could relate to it much better

So first we create the template –

Goto Admin Center >> Emloyee Files >> Document Generation – Manage Document Template

And create a new template.

Define your own tokens you would like to have withn ‘’[[‘’ and ‘’]]’’ as shown in the screenshot below –

For images use the web based URL.

The tokens I have defined for this example are –








[[Address Line 1]]


Feel free to define as many as you like!


Once this is done and saved, comes the part I really enjoyed – gave me a feeling of a kid with a new toy to play with

Mapping the above created tokens using Document Generation – Manage Document Template Mapping.

Select the template you created in the previous step and you will find all the tokens you might have created in the template in the previous step.

If there is a direct mapping to one of the fields select it – eg. Prefix, First Name, Last name, etc

You also have the option to define derived or calculated fields based on the Business Rules with the option of Calculated Mapping.

However, before you create a business rule there are crtain steps you may need to do –

Steps to do before creating a business rule for the Calculated Mapping

Firstly, you will need to add the token/placeholder as a field in the MDF Object ‘Document Mapping Rule Result’ (not sure why this step has not been mentioned in the document link above). Without this step you will not get the option to add the placeholder/token to the business rule.

Admin Center >> Configure Object Definition >> Object Definition >> Document Mapping Rule Result



If you plan to create a Business Rule for a derived/calculated dynamic field, the first thing that needs to be done is add DocumentGeneration as the RuleType in the Admin Center >> Configure Object Definition >> Picklist >> RuleType as shown in the screenshot below.


Note: 2 places where I spent a lot of efforts and racking my brains.

  1. The effective date of the picklist is 10/14/2013 so while creating a rule the rule start date on or after the effective date in the RuleSet picklist (I know obvious and was banging my head as I wasted around an hour to figure out why I could not see the Rule Type while creating the business rule.
  2. While creating a rule I could not find the Document Generation option in the business rule. So I went ahead with any random rule type while creating the business rule and saved it. After saving I tried to edit the rule again and could see that option again. Crazy! But not sure why this happened.

Now you can create a rule under Configure Business Rule with Base Object as Document Mapping Rule Result and Rule Type as Document Generation

I am using 2 simple examples here –  [[yearsOfService]] and [[todaysDate]] –



You can add these business rules to your placeholders using the ‘Calculated Mapping’ option under Document Generation – Manage Document Template Mapping.


Now you are all set to generate your documents for employees through –

  1. Admin Center >> Employee Files >> Document Generation – Generate Document


And this is the result


While generating documents here are the issues you may run into –

1.       Error –

This error could be misleading. It mentions you do not have permissions but what it actually means is that the rule or the mapping of the field is incorrect.

I just changed the rule to have both the dates as todaysDate and the document got generated.


2.       Partial Mapping Error –

This error implies there may be a missing or incorrect target mapping defined for the field specified.

I didn’t get this error so sorry no screenshots here L

3.       Incomplete mapping warning –

If the mapping is not completely done, the template will not be available as an option to generate the document.


4.       Placeholder could not be processed warning –

This means that values for certain placeholders/tokens might not be available for the employee for whom you are trying to generate the document for.


Not really sure about this but an issue I see with the Business Rules for Document Generation is that while creating a business rule, the option available for selection is ‘Current User’.


Need to test but I am assuming the values the business rule may fetch would be for the current user as the logged in user or the user selected in the Document Generation screen.

Need to check this in detail and will update.

Happy document generation until then J

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      Author's profile photo Rama Rani Rana
      Rama Rani Rana

      Thanks Rahul.

      Liked this document. Really needed it 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice document . Thanks for sharing Rahul ...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Rama and Purav...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing, Rahul!

      Do you know if it is possible to map nationalIDCard (Documents) in Calculated Mapping? I am trying to use it but it  is not working as it shoud be.

      In my situation I have to map two documents, so I have created a business rule in order to create conditions to map those documents, example:

      IF Type of Document is CPF

      THEN cpf equals to Number of Document

      IF ELSE Type of Document is RG

      Then rg equals to Number of Document

      The message I got is:

      "Only one value will be visible in the document for the following placeholder(s) as they are not part of the table

          1. cpf

          2. rg

      Do you wish to continue?"

      Please, could help me?

      Thanks in advance, Rahul.


      Mariane Melo.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice document - also see Implementation Guide SAP Success Factors Employee Central on Document Generation!

      I also spent a lot of time creating first forms, especially with placesholders and rules!

      Hope that in the next version

      • the most common placeholders like [todaysDate] for example,
      • language translations (now you have to create a form per language!?)
      • mass generation (instead of single creation of documents!),

      will already be part of the solution.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Eva,

      Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

      I would like to know, how to generate mass documents. I could not able find in "Document Generation implementation guide". Could you please help me in this. You can drop me mail on

      Appreciate your quick response. Thanks!


      Naresh Bahari.

      Author's profile photo France Morissette
      France Morissette

      Really nice document!

      Truly helps me!

      Can you help me out on how to add my company logo?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear France,

      Image pic.PNG

      Yes, first download your company logo. For downloading it there is a process.

      In google type your company name example: "ace images" and click on it and in next screen that particular image will open then give a right click on it and copy "image address" by doing this activity it will copy the URL, paste the URN in note pad. See it will be like this (https://encrypted-/ ... so on) then remove "s" from the URL i.e. it should be like http://encrypted-/ then save it in a note pad. Now in "Document Generation Template" place the cursor where you want to add the image and select the +image from above tool bar. Add the particular URL in the image properties then width=200 and height=100. then save. You could able see the image of your company. But when I have added the image I could able to see my company logo only in word document not in pdf. Appreciate your help. Also I could not able to map "pay component group" in mapping, also did you able to generate document bulk like "one shot go for multiple employees"? kindly let me know if you have any solution for it. Thanks again!

      For your reference i have enclosed picture in it so that you could able to upload pic swiftly.


      Naresh B.

      Author's profile photo France Morissette
      France Morissette

      Hello Naresh,

      Thanks for the reply, Yes I was able to add my cie logo in the document (PDF and Word).

      I'm not able to map any of the pay component that I want so I'm also stuck there too.

      And no I've not tried bulk generation, we are working on a self-service for the employees so I don't have a need for bulk generation but if I ever find something I will let you know.

      Thanks again.

      France Moris-7

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear France,

      For that you need to draw table in template and you will find it on the tool bar. Put pay component in that table and map it, you can call pay component in it. Let me know if you need anymore help.

      My Skype id is :

      Kindly pin me in Skype will guide you. Thanks!


      Naresh B.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Rahul,

      Thanks for sharing article. Couple of things where I stuck while configuring Document generation is below.

      1. Configuring Image - I did configure image according to Document generation guide, W-200 and H-100. But this configuration is triggering on ms-word but not reflecting in PDF format.

      2. CTC field I want to pull Pay Component Group field, i.e. CTC but it is not accepting it. (Might be coz of Custom field).

      3.Mass Document Generation. Here I could able to generate it for single employee but my customer requirement is for Bulk generation of Documents.

      Appreciate your help for above issues, you can drop me email on

      Looking forward for your response. Thanks!


      Naresh B.

      Author's profile photo Aurelien Leonard
      Aurelien Leonard

      Dear Bahari,


      Did you find any solution to made a mass document generation?


      Thanks in advance





      Author's profile photo Thomas Westbye
      Thomas Westbye

      Hi Rahul,

      Thank you for this good description, I really appreciated it.

      However I seem to have an issue with the templates we are building.

      We need to create documents with many alternatives (10+) like manager, employee, part time / full time, Bonus agreement, Newspapers etc.

      It seems that we might need to set up the text in the rules, which to me is not very good as the text is removed from the designer and into rules.

      For example Salary I have the following sentence:

      Salary equals [[amount]] per hour based on the approved.... This equals Payscale Level [[X]]. Right to overtime follows the rules of...

      To me this seems to be:

      [[Text1]] [[amount]] [[Text2]] [[level]] [[text3]]

      The issue is that the contract have a lot of these combinations and formatting. And the rule only writes out one long line of text without formatting? In addition the customer will look like a big questionmark when we try to explain how they are built and future changes.

      Do you have any suggestion to how very Dynamic contracts are handled?

      Thank you very much!

      - Thomas

      Author's profile photo Aurelien Leonard
      Aurelien Leonard

      Hello Thomas,


      I m also looking for create document with many alternative, did you find a solution for that?


      Thanks in advance,



      Author's profile photo Thomas Westbye
      Thomas Westbye

      Hello Aurelien,

      Well, partly yes. We did at least get the documents ready, though it's some issues with generating documents on future hires it seems (to be tested).

      What we did was just to create a "huge" set of document generation rules. Such as "Alt1 - newspaper", "Alt2 - phone", "Alt3 - bonus" etc. combined with a custom Generic Object that held a set of customer specific values. The [[alt_1]] were placed in the locations they should trigger in the document.

      If the text itself should contain text and values, let's say "Amount" + "Working%" we used the "format()" and set the string as "%s %s %s %s" etc. and filled in the conditions input into "GenericString1" of the Document Generation Object.

      In general it didn't feel like a perfect setup and that we are stretching it a bit over the idea of Document Generation, but I have still to find a better solution as you can't add bullets and such on the side and it can be a bit tricky to maintain from end-user perspective.

      Hope it helps a little.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Smita D
      Smita D

      Dear Thomas,


      Just wanted to check if we can add a input field when employee raise a request and this Input can be part of letter. e.g. Reason for requesting a letter and it has to be included in letter, for so and so reason employee is requesting this letter.


      Thanks in advance.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear All,

      I am stuck with the image display issue as I can't see the logo in PDF. Secondly is there a possibility to map different logos with respective company names in "Document Template Mapping"?

      Would be glad to have solution asap.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I need to generate Promotion Letter with the following data.

      Minimum Pay

      Maximum Pay

      Mid Point

      I am unable to directly map Base Object 'Pay Range' through Document Generation Mapping. Hence I created a rule to set these values and mapped the rule back in Document Generation Mapping. However when I try to generate the document I receive the error message, "You do not have permission for the following Placeholders". I am using the system as the Super Admin with access to all FO.

      Has anyone else faced this issue before? Is there any restriction that we cannot use Parameter 'Pay Range' or any Model Objects when creating a rule with Base Object 'Document Mapping Rule Result'?


      Author's profile photo Tomas Seguier
      Tomas Seguier

      Thanks for sharing, Rahul Lala.


      Do you know if it is possible to do a page break when Creating a new Document Template?


      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Marcelino
      Eduardo Marcelino


      put this tag over each start page:

      <p style="page-break-after:always;"></p>

      Author's profile photo Consultor Neoris Sofia Fuentes
      Consultor Neoris Sofia Fuentes


      When I generate the document they do not appear to choose the retired employees. any idea?

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Swapnilkumar Lakade
      Swapnilkumar Lakade


      Hi Rahul,


      Thanks for sharing, Rahul

      How to change the date format in document e.g. dd-mmm-yyyy?

      How to hide/remove page no from page footer?

      Author's profile photo Carrie Veitch
      Carrie Veitch

      Hi Rahul


      Thanks for sharing this... Just wondering if you are aware of how to pull the primary phone number of an employee onto a document?


      Author's profile photo Om Awasthi
      Om Awasthi


      You can link the place holder  from phone and email information



      Author's profile photo Franziska Tiede
      Franziska Tiede


      is there a way to generate documents via the app of successfactors?

      The functionality does not appear under "take action" in the app (in browser the function is visible).

      If it doesn't work by default. Is it possible to call up the UI via a deep link for example? So the link can be integratet into the profile - we have solved the mobile access to recruiting in this way.

      Thanks for your help!

      Author's profile photo Matika Davis
      Matika Davis

      HTML help! When creating a template, the spacing in the document is significant and nothing I try to change in the coding works.  Can someone share how they were able to make the margins normal spacing between paragraphs?

      Thank You

      Author's profile photo Carrie Veitch
      Carrie Veitch

      Just wondering if anyone can help...

      We have made a number of our Document Templates inactive, however they are still showing in the list available to our admin teams, how do we stop the inactive templates from being available to use and download?