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Interactive Hands-On Workshops available free for all SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona full conference attendees

SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona full conference attendees now have the opportunity to continue SAP education for the next year through the new SAP TechEd Interactive Hands-On Workshops. All you need to do is access SAP Mobile Documents, either with your browser or with our iOS or Android app, and you’ll have access to:

  • PDFs of conference lecture session and hands-on workshop slides
  • Videos of hands-on workshop presentations complete with audio instruction from SAP TechEd experts
  • 30+ interactive hands-on workshop simulations, which you can run in auto-play, self-guided, or practice mode

Video_screenshot.png SLC_screenshot.png

You’ll have access to all of the materials – anytime, anywhere – from now until September 15, 2016.

Visit the SAP TechEd Interactive Hands-On Workshops website to see a listing of Interactive Hands-On Workshops Las Vegas, respectively the same listing of Interactive Hands-on Workshops Barcelona.

For information about how to download and configure SAP Mobile Documents for SAP TechEd Las Vegas, review the detailed instructions.

New: ➕ To access SAP Mobile Documents directly from your laptop browser without any installation, log in with your SAP TechEd Barcelona registration e-mail address and password for direct access to mp4 recordings and pdf files.

New: ➕ Since we received the feedback that many attendees want to execute the interactive learning content on their laptop instead of mobile devices, you can now access the interactive learning content from a laptop.In addition, we added a practice mode, where you can use your mouse and keyboard to click and enter values.

Questions? Drop us a line at

Happy learning!

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  • Very much disappointed in the lack of availability for PC...

    Our corporate "mobile device" is Blackberry and I'm not very keen on bringing a personal iPad mini (whose puny 16 gigs are already stuffed to the max) to the office for the work-related education. I'm sure many mobile users will be thrilled, but IMHO it's a bit prematurely to discount PCs.

    I will use a laptop to develop programs at least for a few more years, so why can't I train on it too? It's cool that sessions have better availability and all, but for PC-bound it's one step forward two steps back. 🙁

    • not sure what's so special about the "interactive exercises" and what is "special" about the special version of Mobile Documents.

      But Mobile Docs is available for modern Browsers as well...

      (looking forward to Barcelona)

      • SAP decided to go with an app this year, so no hands-on for PC users. Hands-on is only available in the app. There are no special instructions for PC, so I'm assuming PDFs that are in the agenda builder (or USB stick) and videos on another site is all we get.

    • Dear Jelena,

      Thanks for your feedback. I understand your point, and with the laptop you can also access the content without installing anything:

      • Open the following URL directly in your laptop browser:
      • Login with your SAP TechEd full conference credentials
      • Visit the Corporate section and open the Interactive Hands-On folder, where you find all content.

      However, the SAP Learning Content files (.slc) only run on a laptop if you have SAP Workforce Performance Builder installed on your laptop.

      • I'm clearly having a bad day here, because I'm still not having much luck. I have the mobile documents app installed on my laptop and all it does it let me synchronise my own documents, or go to the web site from where I can download the interactive content. I don't see how to get it to access the "corporate" documents when the TechEd content lives, and play the interactive content. What am I missing?

        And when I rename the .slc file to a .zip and extract it, opening the index.html file doesn't work. I just get this in my browser:

        Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 14.37.19.png

        Sorry if I'missing something obvious...


        Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 14.37.19.png
          • Ah, Firefox. Why didn't I think of that! I tried Safari (yes, I'm on a Mac) and Chrome and both did the same thing. It didn't occur to me that this stuff might be Firefox only. I would humbly suggest that is a bug... 🙂


      • Matthias, thanks for a reply!

        I tried the last option (since it was easiest and didn't require any installations) - downloaded files, renamed and it worked in Firefox (IE 10 just opened blank screen). Then I opened DEV163 session. But it only has the sets of videos - one is a demo that runs through and the other ("Concurrent") is the same demo that stops at every step and allows to click a button to continue.

        Is this a "reduced" version or is this the same content as offered in the app?

          • OK, thanks. Never mind then. I thought [naively] it would be the actual hands on experience, but it seems to be just watching someone doing hands-on. Essentially the TechEd equivalent of, um, adult video vs. real deal. 🙂

            To be fair though, when I attended 2 years ago there was an option to sign up for 3 (I think) hands-on sessions, but you had to reserve a 4-hour window months in advance. From what I understood, during that window you'd get an actual connection to a demo server for the real hands-on experience. But I couldn't possibly foresee that we'd have a production emergency when the chosen time came, so it was not a great option either.

          • The "Demo" version is indeed just watching somebody doing the exercises. The "Concurrent" version is intended for you to follow along in your own system, assuming you have one. Hence all the pauses.

            As you say, better than the previous system in that you can do it whenever you want, but not so good in that you don't get a real system to play in - you have to use your own. Being able to spin up a copy of the hands-on system in AWS might be quite nice, I guess, and can't be too hard to organise these days?

            The same thing happened to me with the old system. I reserved my 4 hour slot, or whatever it was, and it clashed with some kind of emergency. 🙁

        • Hi Jelena,

          yes, the content is the same as offered in the app.

          The "Demo" mode is the auto-play mode, whereas the Concurrent mode stops after each step.The idea behind the concurrent mode is that you have access to a live system (e.g. in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform trial account or in a suitable test system) and you can see each step with explanation in the screenshot and do it in parallel in your own system.

          Actually, we used SAP Workforce Performance Builder to create the simulations.

  • Dear SAP TechEd attendees,

    we carefully read your comments, and we decided to make all interactive content also available via browser, so that you can use your laptop for all interactive learning content and do not require your mobile device. With this additional offering you have the choice of using either your laptop or your tablet device.

    Furthermore, we added a Practice mode, where you use your mouse and keyboard to click and enter values.