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Hi All,

I would like to share my experience how to overcome CMC login issues due to port issues.

When may require to add static request port for CMS for specific reasons. For ex: when setup multi domain config for promotion management. When we enter wrong/conflict port at the request port or named space port, we can not login CMC at all and we will get below error.

cmc port error.png

We can not login to CMC to revert back the ports we entered. So below is the alternative way to revert back your port changed for the specific servers in the CMC. Here I am showing for CMS as it will be the show stopper for the CMC.

For ex: if I gave the request port as 6401 as below.

cms request port static.png

Actual request ports should be 6408 or 6409 or from 6411 based on the network settings.

Also when maintaining request port make sure select the “name server port” with “user default settings” rather than with 6400.

So to revert back navigate to the application server C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\ and modify “_boe_hostname.bootstrap” file proper ties by comparing existing working version if any.

Wrong port maintenance tag looks like as below: (this may vary based on the server or port or any other reason. Best way to compare this file whole code with working environment).

  • <property flags=”0″ name=”SI_ARGS” type=”String”>-startedBySIA -requestport 6408 -port 6400</property>

then change it to original version to login back to CMC and then give the desired valid port. (Recommended)

  • <property name=”SI_ARGS” type=”String” flags=”0″/>

or if you want to set correct ports here itself update as below.

<property name=”SI_ARGS” type=”String” flags=”0″>-startedBySIA -requestport 6408</property>

Hope this helps.

I gave very high level, please feel free to ask if any clarifications in this.



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  1. Former Member

    Hi interesting post

    Would you explain more about this issue

    Recently I have this issue on one of my BOBJ systems

    I have that issue before

    but I solve it adding an ip on the hosts file

    with this note

    2151044 – Could not reach CMS ‘’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM20030)

    But the last time that I have this error I didn’t know to proceed with this

    due the variety of notes that exist related to the same issue

    ===================       SAP     NOTES            ====================================

    2151044 – Could not reach CMS ‘’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)

    2180444 – BI 4.x – Could not reach CMS ‘’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030) when logging to the CMC/BILaunchpad

    2372444 – Login to CMC and BI launchpad fail in cluster deployment

    2349929 – Could not reach CMS ‘<hostname>:<port>’. (FWM 20030) on login and all servers besides CMS fail to start

    1924430 – BI 4.0 – Could not reach CMS (FWM 20030) while using Cluster Name in systen name from BI Launch Pad

    ===================       SAP     NOTES            ====================================

    Its possible that you can help me with this with one possible

    workaround on linux system



    Oziel Garza

  2. Former Member

     Former Member very very much thanks for your solution, I fixed my error based on your steps.
    If any one unable to fixed this issue try to do following steps after Former Member setps.

    1.Stop your SIA next
    2.Stop Apache tomcat services.
    3.Start Apache tomcat service next
    4.Start SIA
    5.Open your CMC using IE it will take at lest 10 mints time to launch the login page now try to login it will work 100%.


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