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Introducing SAP Fiori Overview Page: Card-based Information Visualization

SAP Fiori Overview Page was first publicly introduced in TechEd Las Vegas last week (19 – 22.Oct.2015) and immediately captured the imagination of the participants. Following is a short blog on the why and what of SAP fiori Overview Page.

Business users are managing big amount of data and information for their day to day tasks. For each one of their domains, they require to understand current status, sensitize the data and react upon it.

While Fiori Launchpad answers the homepage scenario containing all favorite apps a user has and offers access to those, there is a need for a new Fiori page which shows the user current status of a specific domain or role he is interested in while aggregating and simplifying the information into one Fiori experience page.

Introducing SAP Fiori Overview Page (OVP) – a new interaction within SAP Fiori UX providing the big picture at a glance, and the details the user needs to take immediate action at a moment’s notice in a one-stop-shop page.

SAP Fiori OVP Executive Overview_2015-10-15.gif

The OVP enables business users perform their daily tasks quickly and effectively by having all the information they need on a single page. It defers advanced or rarely used features to a secondary screen, making applications easier to learn and less error-prone.

Information is visualized on cards for multiple types of content in an attractive and efficient way. The user-friendly experience makes viewing data, filtering data and acting upon it simple, faster, and smarter.

2015-10 OVP Procurement Demo Global Filter.png 2015-10 OVP Procurement Demo Object Stream.png

The OVP is a data-driven Fiori application based on Smart Template technology as a UI framework for organizing large amounts of information. The cards would allow SAP and non-SAP vendors to embed their specific content into a dedicated SAP Fiori Overview Page.

It’s fully responsive and features collapsible “columns” of cards that can scale all the way from large screens and desktop down to tablet or phone screen sizes.

The OVP is available as a controlled release from Nov/2015 both on Premise and on HANA Cloud Platform.

For more information, please visit SAP Fiori Overview Page.

— Raz

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  • Hello Raz,

    SAP Fiori OVP sounds great new approach esp.Card-Based info Visualization.

    SAP knows exactly, That what should be released and when..

    Thanks for share. 😏

    Best Regards,

    --Pavan G

    • Hi Punith,

      The OVP is essentially a Fiori application and as such it can be launched from the FLP Portal (EP).



  • Hi Raz

    I am having a little trouble getting started with this. Is there anywhere I can find a live demo and maybe some source code? Do you have a demo service that will work well for this?

    If you can point me at any tutorials etc. I would be greatfull.

    So far I have enabled the pluging in webide and experimentet with adding cards and such, but so far i just get a blank page when i try to run my project (as a Fiori Component).



    • Hi Olav,

      The OVP is not yet released. That's why much of the content you're looking for is still not available.

      The OVP will be available as a controlled release in the coming weeks.

      As part of its release we plan to provide additional information and documentation.

      please follow this SCN document as I plan to update it with the availability of new content.


      -- Raz

  • Hi Raz,

    Thanks for the info.
    I have come across this really cool feature from fiori guidelines newsletter a couple of fews ago. Tried with the OVP plugin, could'nt figure out a way to run it. Can someone provide some inputs on it.Capture.JPG

    • Hi Ramana,

      After you check the OVP plugin in the SAP Web IDE you need to click the "save" button at the bottom of the pane as well as refresh the browser.

      Once the plugin is enabled you can develop an OVP using its template/wizard (File > New > Project from template).

      The pre-requisites are

      • OData v2 service
      • Annotations
      • SAP UI5 1.32 in the runtime environment

      Please note that currently, on HCP, the SAP UI5 version is 1.30. You'll need to wait a bit until 1.32 is available in order to fully give it a try.

      -- Raz

      • Hi Raz,

        As you mentioned in your reply, cards on OVP need annotation.

        Do you have any examples or link talking about structure of annotation for each type of cards? I think cards is one kind of smart controls and smart controls rely on annotation heavily to show the data in it. Cheers.

        Kind Regards,


          • Hi Inbal,

            Thanks for your response and sharing the online help link, actually that's the content I referenced for creating cards in OVP, Right now, I am having problem to prepare annotation content for "List Card" and "Quick View Card". I have sent my questions to your email at and am very appreciated for your investigation and time. Cheers.

            Kind Regards,


  • Hello

    Do you have information regarding whether Overview Pages will be supported on native HANA XS? 

    We are currently using a Fiori launchpad on native HANA which is using SAPUI5 1.28.5.  I assume we can upgrade the SAPUI5 libs to 1.32, and I can probably copy the OVP code from the Web IDE down to the HANA repo, which might work.  Although I really want to be able to create the OVPs in HANA Studio.