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SAP CRM 7.0 – Transaction Launcher to Launch Third Party URLs

Calling a third party URL via Transaction Launcher with parameters in SAP CRM 7.0

Applies to:

SAP CRM 7.0 (Backend is SAP Utilities/ISU system)


This document describes how to launch a third party tool URL in a Pop Up screen from CRM WEB UI. I have also explained how to pass the URL parameters based on the conditions.

Author(s): Chetan S Kalaburgi

Company: Atos India Private Limited, Mumbai

Created on:    09/23/2015

Author Bio:

Chetan S Kalaburgi is a Senior SAP CRM technical consultant at Atos having 9+ years of experience in SAP CRM.


Table of Contents

  1. 1.       Introduction: 4
  2. 2.       Prerequisites: 5
  3. 3.       Requirement Summary. 5
  4. 4.       Solution. 6
  5. 4.1 Define the URL and Its parameters. 7
  6. 4.2 Configure Transaction Launcher 10
  7. 4.3 Define Navigation Bar profile. 15
  8. 4.4 Code to pass the URL parameters. 18
  9. 5.       PROS: 19
  10. 6.       CONS: 19
  11. 7.       CODE SNIPPETS: 19

1.  Introduction:

The purpose of this document

The purpose of this enhancement is to embed the GIS tool implemented by xyz client within the SAP CRM screen.
The following options will be available for the users to display In the GIS Tool:
Service Territory will be displayed.
Work Orders created for customers (open, pending and closed).

The CSR’s might require to find out the location of service or the service territory on the GIS map for the premise of the customer he Is working on in order to view the work orders.

CRM Work Center for GIS
Geographic Information System is an application used by XYZ client to view the connection object, work orders, weather alerts and radar, service territory/areas and payment location details on a virtual map.

The CSR might require viewing the details of Service Territory or work orders on the GIs map while being in call with the customer or performing background tasks.
The GIS application needs to be embedded in the SAP CRM application via a popup view. A separate GIS work center (SAP CRM menu option) will be provided in SAP CRM.

GIS workcenter.png

On clicking this menu option a popup window will be displayed. The GIS application will be displayed inside this popup view. The CSR is able to work on the CRM screen as well as the GIS application independently in the Main and the Popup window.

The CSR can select the different option available on GIS menu to change the map view.
The CSR can enter any address that he desires in the GIS address finder to point out in the map.


2.  Prerequisites:

  • SAP CRM 7.0

3.  Requirement Summary

Our scope in this development is that we need launch the GIS application in a pop screen when the user directly clicks on the GIS work center from the Navigation Bar. And if the user is confirming the Premise and then click on the GIS work center then the corresponding Connection Object number of that Premise should be passed as one of the URL parameter.

On clicking this menu option a popup window will be displayed. The GIS application will be displayed inside this popup view. The CSR is able to work on the CRM screen as well as the GIS application Independently In the Main and the Popup window. Refer to the screen shot below.

      GIS Pop up.png

4.  Solution

We have to perform the following configurations and coding to achieve the required solution.

  1. 1)      Define the URL and Its parameters
  2. 2)      Configure Transaction Launcher
  3. 3)      Define Navigation Bar profile to add a New work center for GIS
  4. 4)      Code to pass the URL parameter


4.1 Define the URL and Its parameters

  1. 1) SAP CRM : Transaction SPRO

Define URL and Parameters.png


  1. 2)      Give the description and enter the URL which is provided by the client to launch the third party tool  (Make a note of URL ID “ZGIS” because you need to enter this in the configure transaction launcher wizard )

                 Define URL.png

  1. 3)      Define the parameter

In this case we are creating the parameter CONNOBJ for the connection object.

                 Define Parameters.png

4.2 Configure Transaction Launcher

  1. 1)      SAP CRM : Transaction SPRO

  Configure TL.png

  1. 2)      Click continue

Configure TL 1.png

  1. 3)      Enter the Launch Transaction ID as you like (Make a note of this id because you need to maintain this while creating the Work Center)

Enter the appropriate component name: In my case it is IUICALL

Configure TL 2.png


  1. 4)      Enter meaningful description

Handler Class name (This Handler class will be created once we complete the wizard)

Check New Window checkbox

Configure TL 3.png

  1. 5)      Select Transaction Type : URL Transaction

Select the URL ID from the F4 help: ZGIS (We have created this in step 4.1.1)

Configure TL 4.png

  1. 6)      Select the Parameter : Connection Object

Configure TL 5.png

  1. 7)      Click continue

  Configure TL 6.png

  1. 8)      Click on Complete

       Configure TL 7.png                  

4.3 Define Navigation bar profile

We need to create a new work center GIS in the Navigation bar

Generally these configurations will be done by Functional consultants.

                        SAP CRM: Transaction SPRO


      Define Nav Bar prof.png

2)      Define Logical links

ZGIS_URL is the Launch Transaction ID which we created in step 4.1.2

Logical link ID has been entered same as Launch Transaction ID so that it is easy to remember. If you want you can enter different name for the Logical link ID.

Enter Title and description.

Define Logical links.png

3)      Define work center: Work Center ID Z_AW_GIS

Enter the Logical link ID: ZGIS_URL

Enter Title: This title you enter will be displayed on the Navigation Bar in WEB UI

Define workcenters.png

4)      Assign the newly created work center to the Navigation Bar profile.

Assign WC to NavBarprof.png


4.4 Code to pass the URL parameters

As per the requirement, if the user confirm the Premise and click on the GIS work center then the connection object number for the confirm premise should be send as URL parameter.

If the user click on the GIS work center without confirming the Premise then the default URL which is maintained for GIS will be called and GIS application should be launched.

We have written the code in the following method to pass the URL parameter

                code snippet.png

5.  PROS:

Using Transaction launcher the required functionality can be achieved without creating Z components.

6.  CONS:


I have given the screen shot of the code as I did not have access to copy the code from my SAP system. The code is very simple and I hope you will manage. This solution achieved via configuration which is very important and with minor code changes.

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