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Hello Community!

SCN has evolved a lot over the past 11 years and will continue to grow and change to meet your needs in the future. As most of you know, the community will be transformed again in 2016 as we move toward an easier to use, more modern website that will include improved search with Search on HANA to make it easier to find the content you need, SAP Q&A with voting on answers to questions to ensure that the best answers get the most attention, SAP Blogs on an easier to use platform, and a new and improved reputation program that encourages quality contribution and appropriate community behaviors*.

Before we make these changes, we want to see how we are doing in the current environment. This is your chance to give us your feedback on what works well, what needs improving and what should be prioritized.  Please respond to this survey no later than November 15, 2015. Note that only the first 1500 responses will be collected and then we will close the survey. I challenge you to beat the November 15 date and respond now!

Note to SAP employees: Your feedback is also valuable, however this survey is for customers, partners and developers who do not work for SAP.  We will run a separate survey internally for you, so that you can share your thoughts. Please curb your enthusiasm until the internal survey is launched.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Kind regards,


* All communications related to the upcoming changes to community are listed here.

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  1. Ashok Babu Kumili

    Thank you Jeanne,

    I just completed the survey 🙂 .  Its a great idea to go ahead and give the Survey.

    I suggest all to participate at it is a 5 Star worth activity.


  2. AndakondaRamudu A

    Thank you Jeanne Carboni

    I  Completed the Survey ➕ ..

    Suggestion is: Increase Points for Correct Answer and Helpful Answer

                          2) Give More Topic Leaders for Each Topic (Because always Got Super Seniors Only ) 


  3. Yuksel AKCINAR

    Hello Jeanne,

    Thanks for the SCN community and the survey.

    I really like SCN website. Very helpful to us.

    I am looking forward to seeing the new and modern website.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Yuksel AKCINAR

  4. Former Member

    Not that anyone is reading this, but when are you finally getting rid of this Jive stuff? The whole SCN is still a cluttered mess, and you can’t find anything without Google. I’m not even trying to contribute anymore. The SDN wasn’t good, but this whole SCN thing is still totally unusable for me.

    The biggest problem is, Jive isn’t intuitive at all. The whole thing is a complete usability nightmare.

    1. Audrey Stevenson

      Hello Carsten,

      We do actually read users’ comments and value your and others’ opinions. For more information about the future direction of SCN and our shift to new platforms, please read and follow this document, which contains links to blogs about the new 1DX Community Experience.




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