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Project creation in MTO

Hello All,

This is a document which Shows the actual Connection and Background Settings in generating a Project automatically during the Make to order process from sale order.

Make sure all the Settings are maintained before creation of a sale order

In case you have doubts in the SD customizing contact SD Consultant always.

But it is the reponsibility of both PS and SD Consultant to make sure the process Triggers Projects automatically.

I have tried my best to fit everything into one page. Do let me know if i have missed out anything

The Grey area indicates customization and the blue as transactional or master data

During the Project Trigger, it is important to maintain the Project coding mask with the same length as sale order

Every line item in sale order can Trigger a new WBS element if the SD/PS indicator is checked in the Project Definition of the template

In the MTO process, typically the Project is a the main Management tool for financials,Progress and logistics activities but in this Image i have justed mentioned the first part which is the creation of Project automatically from the Sale order

You can also customize in such a way that not every item in Sale order generates a WBS in the project

So ideally it is 1:1 mapping between Project and sale order

I will try to cover the next parts as and when i have more time

Assembly process.png


Any Feedback is  always appreciated



Assembly process.png
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