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Already updated and released the New HR Authorizations TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE, which provide step-by-step solutions to a wide range of problems
that may occur in your work with the HR authorizations and some HR functionalities.

🙂 It is easy to follow!! Try it by yourself.

screen of the guide.gif

The link to the WIKI page is:

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    1. Matt Fraser

      Oops, yes, Colleen is right. This looks like a useful guide, but none of the Notes or KBAs are accessible to non-SAP employees. It should be an easy fix, though.

    2. Mercedes Soler Post author

      Hi Collen and Matt,

      Please check now. I’ve changed it.
      Let me know in case there is something else can change.

      Thank you for your update.

      Best regards

      1. Matt Fraser

        Nope, they still link to internal-only sites, so they don’t work. For instance, for Note 2142824 your hyperlink points to ““, but is not a public server, and so only SAP employees can reach it. The correct link should be ““. The same problem shows for all the other Notes/KBAs in that list.

        This is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem not only in SCN blogs and docs published by SAP employees, but in many Notes and KBAs themselves, where they have links to other Notes and KBAs. I — and others — have noticed that this seems to be more prevalent in recent years than in the past. What this tells me is that there isn’t sufficient internal training or communication about internal- and external-facing web servers for the SAP corporate network.




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