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Hi Folks,

We cannot just upgrade liveCache without considering SCM, because liveCache and SCM has very strict matrix/combination.

Here I will list how to check the matrix of liveCache(based on maxdb), LCA build and SCM. Because it is the prerequisite for a functional system. In other words, if the matrix is not right, then we can say the SCM +  liveCache is not supported.

We have below SCN direct document link for each SCM version,



SCM 7.0

SAP SCM 7.01

SCM 7.02

SCM 7.03

but below we can locate all the SCM version verify this matrix from central entry :

1. go to link below and find the left of this page:

SAP liveCache Technology


2. Then we can see major version of SCM. Here we just take SCM 7.0 for an example and click it you will see:


3. This is very basic information for the SCM 7.0. Here we are interested in SAP note 2074841, click the note, then we will see the matrix:


We can see the matrix for every SP level. Please note LiveCache build (second column) is downward compatible. Which means higher LiveCache build package works for the lower package. For example: “70.31 PL 001” can be used for all the listed SCM SP level. But “70.30 PL 001” cannot be used for

SCM 7.01 SP14

SCM 7.00 SP17

Best regards,


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  1. Former Member

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the document. And it was bit of pain earlier to find the right documents for LC Upgrade or SAP Max DB upgrade..So a good head start for who ever planning to Upgrade LC.

    Also would suggest if you can add up the  Release info notes to this one will be great



    1. James Zhang
      Post author

      Hi Ram,

      Thanks for your attention as well. 🙂

      Yes. It is difficult to find out right guide to upgrade LiveCache. In fact, in liveCache scenario we do not refer to any maxdb upgrade guide. We just need to follow up the liveCache build update note as shown in the last picture in the last column.

      Can you please let me know the details of “Release info” you mean?

      Best regards,


      1. Former Member

        Hi James,

        I was referring to Oss note something like this ones.

        2127659 – SAP liveCache 10.0 LCA Build 24

        1813440 – Recommended: SAP liveCache Version 7.9 following upgrade to SCM 7.02

        1248891 – Restrictions during SCM upgrade to SAP liveCache OneDB

        1529690 – Implementation of SAP liveCache Version 7.9

        1038709 – FAQ: SAP MaxDB/liveCache OneDB

        Hope This ones are relevant to document you have published.

        As some of this are refereed during Upgrades or Implementation of livecache.




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